PagePlus X7 Resource Guide

The perfect guide to PagePlus X7

PagePlus X7 Resource Guide
PagePlus X7 Resource Guide

With over 200 full-color pages of easy-to-follow tutorials and examples, the Resource Guide is the perfect PagePlus X7 companion for beginners and advanced designers alike. It doesn't matter if you're looking to promote your business, club or just shout about your hobbies; follow detailed instructions that guide you through the fantastic resources PagePlus X7 has to offer and learn a new skill as you complete each tutorial.

Enjoy three detailed chapters…

PagePlus Features

Detailed tutorials cover creating logos, using artistic text tools, drawing detailed charts and graphs, and adding finishing touches to your designs with stunning color schemes.


Learn great design techniques for a range of publishing projects when designing your own books and eBooks.

The Creative Showcase

Discover beautiful examples of what you can achieve using our range of preset templates, layouts, assets and object styles.

Expand your publishing skills with the handy and easy-to-follow Resource Guide for PagePlus X7.