PhotoPlus X6 Resource Guide

Take Your Photo Editing Skills to the Next Level

PhotoPlus X6 Resource Guide
PhotoPlus X6 Resource Guide

Expand your photo editing skills with the must-have PhotoPlus X6 Resource Guide. Over 200 pages of easy-to-follow tutorials, techniques and projects will help you get really stuck in to the programs powerful features.

This comprehensive guide covers everything from performing basic fixes like cropping, straightening and resizing, to editing raw images, applying digital makeup to portraits and working with professional-level features including layers, masks and filters.

Need a little inspiration? Then look no further! The Creative Showcase chapter provides beautifully illustrated examples of how your photos could look with brush, filter and artistic effects applied. And simple step-by-step tutorials tell you exactly how to recreate the effects yourself.

If you want to be inspired and take your editing skills to the next level, this Resource Guide is an absolute must!


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