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O&O CleverCache 7 Professional

Ensure maximum performance from your PC.

O&O CleverCache 7 Professional

O&O CleverCache can help to overcome inefficient memory management from Windows. This clever program gives you complete control over your PC's memory resources, allowing you to configure the software to your needs and automatically optimise file cache.

Caching and my operating system

Caching accelerates the Windows operating system. When files are read, they are transferred from the hard disk to the main memory. This is because accessing data stored in the main memory is a lot faster than accessing data stored on a hard disk. The operating system is responsible for transferring those files between the hard disk and the main memory, optimally balancing this process for peak performance.

Unfortunately, the cache management of Windows is not always balanced correctly leading to inconvenient program and applications freezes. Often, higher performance can only be restored by rebooting your PC, which empties its file cache.

How does O&O CleverCache help?

O&O CleverCache ensures that the file cache is reset while your computer is running. It will let you maintain maximum levels of performance on your computer with just a few clicks of your mouse, with no new start up required! Simply install O&O CleverCache and let it take care of your computer's memory management! Tests by O&O have shown that a system can run up to twice as fast with O&O CleverCache.

Main features of CleverCache:

  • Automatic PC optimisation
  • Accelerates your system when you're performing multiple or complicated tasks.
  • Automatically updates the configuration settings.
  • Much faster response times by reducing the file cache of programmes running in the background.

Ensure optimum PC performance with O&O CleverCache.

System requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP (all Editions)
  • Minimum requirements of the respective operating system
  • 50 MB free disk space
  • 32-bit/64-bit support

Licence information

  • One-user licence