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Topaz Clean

Enhance the textures and edges of your photos

Topaz Clean

Topaz Clean is a powerful smoothing and edge stylization plug-in that simplifies advanced techniques typically used for creating smooth, flawless skin, allowing you to quickly and easily reduce or remove the depth of detail within images, while maintaining important structural detail and enhancing edges.

Apply creative edge effects that add extra punch to your photos. Topaz Clean’s unique edge detection and smoothing functions give you the ability to generate some amazing effects. With just a few clicks, you can selectively control the appearance and intensity of detail in your photographs – or eliminate them all together.

  • Clean portraits and skin without losing structural detail
  • Adjust depth and intensity of image texture and details
  • Selectively remove undesired details or defects
  • Enhance well-defined edges and lines
  • Create over-sharpened and stylised effects

Topaz Clean is completely compatible with PhotoPlus X5 so you can seamlessly use editing and enhancing tools from both programs. Unlock more photo editing power today!

Licence information

  • One-user licence

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