DrawPlus Designer Brushes Collection

A range of authentic and artistic brushes

DrawPlus Designer Brushes Collection

Add a great selection of stylish effects to your designing tool kit with these fantastic Designer Brushes for DrawPlus. Use artistic, decorative and texture brushes to embellish artwork, enhance posters and invitations with celebration brushes, and invoke a feeling of nature with outdoor and wildlife brushes.

DrawPlus Designer Brushes Collection Sample Brushes 1
DrawPlus Designer Brushes Collection Sample Brushes 2
  • Abstract
  • Artist
  • Celebrations
  • Christmas
  • Decorative
  • Outdoors
  • Texture
  • Wildlife

Whether you’re creating party invitations, greeting cards or promoting your business or hobby, this bumper collection of 100 brushes will help your designs stand out from the crowd.

System Requirements

Windows–based PC with DVD drive and mouse
Microsoft Windows® 8, 7,Vista (all 32 or 64-bit), XP SP3 (32 bit operating system)
Serif DrawPlus® X6 (not compatible with previous versions)


Pressure-sensitive graphics tablet

Other notes:

To enjoy the full benefits of brushes and their textures, your computer should have a processor that supports SSE. SSE2 is supported by almost all processors sold since 2003
Brushes will be installed in DrawPlus X6’s Brushes Tab