MoviePlus X6 Reviews

MoviePlus X6 Reviews

548 people who bought this rated it 4.47 out of 5
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359 people who bought this rated it 4.48 out of 5

Name: Mr Michael Rollings
Location: Bexleyheath
Date: 11 Sep 2014

I think this software is excellent. Having used Pinnacle Studio before I consider this to be far superior.

Name: Reverend Peter Adamson
Location: Richmond
Date: 27 Aug 2014

Great software, using the quote 'does what it says on the tin' realy means it with Movie Plus X6. The new features make it easy to edit video clips, using the pre-loaded title files also make any home movie look profesional, even my movies!

Video, still photos, cutting out, adding sound tracks, voice overs etc. You don't have to be an expert to produce quality home movies.
You could have spend a fortune on other software and not get the results you get with Movie Plus X6

Name: Andrew
Location: Worthing
Date: 21 Aug 2014

I have used PagePlus for years and as I have just got into YouTube I needed a video editing program, I downloaded may trials but all of them seemed difficult to use and expensive, in the end I thought why not give MoviePlus X6 a go, I'm so glad I did as the program is awesome and so easy to use, I highly recommend it to any budding YouTuber.

Name: Mr John Ayres
Location: Oldham
Date: 19 Aug 2014

Excellent - got up and running quickly without having to change my laptop (only 1.0 GHz) . Got 4 minute HD music videos done using my canon EOS 700D which would not have been possible on my current laptop without serifs proxy files. Sent back ADOBE Premiere Elements because it was unusable without thousands of pounds of hardware investment.
Has everything you need and is intuitive to use. Good help videos too. Could do with more though.
All in all - I'd recommend this to anyone - it does everything you'll ever need. And does it well!

Name: Mr Roger Casstles
Location: Knighton
Date: 9 Aug 2014

It's excellent software at the price. There's much to learn and the 'How to' section of the working page is very useful - more so than the book! I was tempted to spend almost ten pounds on the accompanying book - Movie Plus x6 Director's Guide - DO NOT BUY THIS - it is extremely disappointing. A software package such as Movie Plus x6 offers several layers of complexity and with experience the user has a really creative set of tools to make very professional looking - and sounding - videos. The book does little to help. The onboard 'How to' and online help are more useful - however, I would like to see more tuition given to Audio techniques - just as important as picture manipulation, but sadly lacking by comparison.

Name: Mr Mike Wardley
Location: Poulton-le-Fylde
Date: 28 Jul 2014

Fantastic programme which I have used on countless occasion to make movies for here and Canada (NTSC). Really ready for Moveplus X7 which is badly needed. Have even started enquiries about other Movie + Imaging programmes. I do keep asking and I am a great big Serif fan but with this programme we badly need an upgrade but still rate it great. Mike

Name: Mr M Jebb
Location: Yorkshire
Date: 7 Jul 2014

Quite impressed, although a little light on some features that I am used to with other products. I was very pleased indeed that I was able to combine footage filmed at different speeds without the "stutter" I was used to.

Name: Mr Ian Acocks
Location: Nottingham
Date: 3 Jun 2014

This is one really great programme. Despite the programme itself being both complex and heavily feature laden, the user end is incredibly easy and logical. I cannot stress how straightforward this is to use. The developers would appear to have done their homework well as far as field testing with both qualified and novice users. There is also at hand an excellent help menu covering virtually every aspect of the programme (some in video form).
This user friendly element is not however at the expense of quality, professionalism or performance as far as the product and the end result are concerned.
I really would like to bring in some negative aspects of the programme but I cannot find any worth mentioning except possibly I found it a little slow in burning DVDs.
MoviePlus X6 follows a similar format to other video production software virtually all of which is considerably pricier without notable additions. At full price MoviePlus X6 was good value for money but as it has now been superseded by a later version, at it's present retail price represents exceptional value for money

Name: Mr Chris Watts
Location: Dorset
Date: 31 May 2014

Mainly, it does what it says on the box. It is a great product.

Name: Mr Paul Compton
Location: Bedfordshire
Date: 8 May 2014

Fast and easy creation of videos. Drag and drop of imported files not quite as convenient as previous version

Name: Mr Gordon Axe
Location: Princes Risborough
Date: 21 Apr 2014

It has several features that help create professional looking presentations. I have used it with video and still photographs to great acclaim and I am only a casual user doing things for the local history group and village hall.

Name: Landon Justice
Location: Fletcher
Date: 21 Apr 2014

This is probably the best video editor on the market, for the money. I use it more than sony vegas, it has all of the functionality and is much simpler. I use the software several times in a week for my youtube channel (NEStalgicGames) and it is (for the most part) the only tool I use for an entire video. 5/5

Name: Mr paul Wallworth
Location: Lancashire
Date: 20 Apr 2014

Fantastic product, the effects are amazing and easy to edit. I have had no problem importing files from my DLSR.

Name: Mr Stephen Ackroyd
Location: Bexleyheath
Date: 19 Apr 2014

Great software for the price. Serif is good at producing quality software a ta low price and the movie software is in the same bracket. Packed full of useful features to edit movies inc changing to different formats

Name: Mr Brian Crowdie
Location: Pembrokeshire
Date: 15 Apr 2014

I have only used this so far to copy old Video Tapes from tape recorder to computer and to burn discs. very pleased with results but I am still struggling with editing, trimming, cutting etc. which will ,I hope, come with experience.

Have not yet used it for any other purpose yetr

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