MoviePlus X6 Reviews

MoviePlus X6 Reviews

576 people who bought this rated it 4.48 out of 5
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Name: Mr Gary Blocker
Location: Fort Worth
Date: 18 Jul 2015

I love the automatically added transitions between scenes. So, when I rough out a film it looks semi-finished.

Name: Mr Anthony Davis
Location: Detroit
Date: 13 Jul 2015

it is a great software and it is easy to use. I am still new to the video field and it has helped me a lot
Do you guys have a tutorial or video help to help me to learn more about how to use the product?

Name: Mr Mike Townsend
Location: Birmingham
Date: 1 Jun 2015

I've, so far, found the program easy to use and with satisfying results.

Name: Mr J Jackson
Location: Nottingham
Date: 11 May 2015

I mainly use MoviePlus to create slideshows from Holiday pictures and Movie clips which I burn to DVD. I also create DVD's from movies recorded on my digital movie camera. In both cases I find the program easy to use and get good results.

Name: Miss Lee Williams
Location: Treorchy
Date: 25 Apr 2015

This is a great product, easy and fun to use. I've only just started using it but I'm sure it's something I'll use over and over again.
It's great for making slide shows of still prints but also works well with movieclips, and it's easy to share the finished product to youtube or Face Book or burn to a DVD.
I'm a 57 year old grandmother so if I can use it anyone can!

Name: Dr Brian Pike
Location: Fareham
Date: 7 Apr 2015

I used to be a big user of Serif products, particularly PagePlus, buying the latest version as soon as it appeared. All this stopped when I think it was about version 8 appeared. I found it totally unusable due to a lack of instructions. I have never bought PagePlus since. So how does MoviePlus X6 fare in this respect?

I had been looking for a good video editor for about 3 years, ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 and found that my beloved Premiere Pro version would not run on it. I have tried a number of programs and found them all wanting in some respect. A fellow member of my video club produced some very good results with MoviePlus so I downloaded the free edition to give it a try.

I liked it, so much so that I decided to buy the full version. It is easy to use and pretty versatile although it will not use .flv files. It won't convert them either. I have to use a third party program. This is a shortcoming; other programs seem to manage. A number of MoviePlus features are very useful and seem to work well, but, typically with Serif, are not properly explained either in the accompanying book or in the program. Things are better than they were but there is still room for improvement. Tutorials on YouTube are useful but no substitute for a properly written FULL instruction manual.

Overall, though, I am not sorry I bought the product and look forward to exploring all the unexplained mysteries within the program, even though I should not have to do so.

Name: Mr Allan Thomson
Location: Dundee
Date: 5 Apr 2015

High-end video editing capabilites in a very inxepensive piece of software. I love using this software.

I had previously used X5 so the upgrade to X6 wasn't difficult to make as there are only a few minor differences in how some of the functions are accessed.

I have used X6 to produce DVD's for my local rugby club's annual dinner which was held in The Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh, a promotional video for my local rugby club and am currently working on promotional videos for a non-profit making organisation and the junior section of my local rugby club. I also use it on a weekly basis to edit our rugby match videos and create try clips and other highlight videos.

6 months ago I couldn't have told the difference between keyframes, video groups, opacity, masking etc., but thanks to the helpful tutorials provided by Serif and by studying the "QuickMovie" themes in depth, I am now comfortable using multiple video groups, masks, keyframe animations and much more that the software has to offer. I don't consider myself to be an expert but I have learned so much about video editing techniques including which ones to use depending on the end result I wish to achieve just by using the software and practicing with it. It's actually very easy to use and become proficient in the use of it in a very short time frame.

Brilliant product!

Name: Mr nigel hall
Location: peterborough
Date: 3 Apr 2015

a few issues such as slow when burning a movie to disc and some codecs such as flv cant be found even though on the computer

Name: Peter
Location: Chippenham
Date: 29 Mar 2015

Not had time to fully try it out but so far so good

Name: Mr Lawson Lewis
Location: Hull
Date: 10 Mar 2015

Having used MoviePlus X5 this is definitely an improvement. It allows you to do far more with regards the properties of your movie in respect of colour, textures, clarity and sound.
As a 71 year old it is not over complicated and quite easy to understand.
Having just purchased a new movie camera I am very pleased that I invested in the MoviePlus X6 package.

Name: Mr James Cocks
Location: Ottery St Mary
Date: 4 Feb 2015

Now on Movie version 6, overall very pleased as it is a comprehensive and sophisticated package. The StoryBoard lets you cobble together a pleasing movie very rapidly and the timeline allows in depth modification/enhancement. The resource manual plus the video tutorials are invaluable. The output to DVD is great being able to see your masterpiece on the TV.

Like all projects, you get out what you put in and the sophistication of the package is also its Achilles heel, particularly to occasional users such as myself, as it is easy to forget how to do many actions, requiring resort to the help functions. This is a mild criticism; the package is comprehensive and use breeds expertise (regrettably). The multiplicity of the tabs, menus, panes, toolbars etc. is daunting, and the ability to lose one and not know how to recover it does eat up time.

In a nutshell, I am persevering and standardising on the Serif approach.

Name: Mr John Gibbons
Location: swanage
Date: 2 Feb 2015

I have never edited videos before but then a relative asked me to do a film of their wedding, how could I refuse? My first port of call was Serif and glad I did. It was as easy as eating ice cream and the results were fantastic. Thank you Serif, I can't wait to try out all the other exciting projects that come with Movie Plus.

Name: Mr Peter Stafford
Location: Beddau
Date: 29 Jan 2015

This seems to be a good editing program, easy and intuitive.

Name: Mr Tony Davies
Location: Hove
Date: 24 Jan 2015

Having produced broadcast material for 20 years+ (and used a number of Pro editing suites over the years), I can say that Serif's MoviePlus family became a firm favourite of mine since MVPx3 onwards. The early days of digital movie making were dominated by hardware solutions that linked video processing power with an integrated software platform (ie, such as Avid / Matrox / Premiere etc) - and they were very good, at the time. However, as general purpose computers gained dual-core & quad-core processors at budget prices, the need for dedicated hardware + software solutions shrunk. Enter MoviePlus as a software-only solution. Why?
Form my personal perspective, "productivity". That's what I felt I gained with MoviePlus. The well designed Timeline, together with a User Interface which really seemed to make sense to me, meant I could spend more time on creative content, and less time on trying to figure out how to adjust a transition, or tweak a multi-track clip's in/out points - which often proved tricky with certain software, but dead easy with MoviePlus. For example, the way MoviePlus deals with Timeline "Ripple" in a variety of user-selectable ways is just delightful and intuitive.
I also enjoy the ability to easily separate a clip's audio component from its video, making multi-camera documentaries and interviews extremely easy to edit and maintain sync. Perfectly doable in other high-end edit suites, of course, but for me, much easier and less fiddly.

These days, MVPx6 running on a reasonable Core i7 Windows machine is all you need to produce 1080i/p HD programs. Even the inclusion of multiple tracks of composited CG effects is sufficiently pain-free to encourage creativity, and at a remarkably sensible price.
Well done Serif!

Name: Mr Peter Dorricott
Location: West Sussex
Date: 8 Jan 2015

This programme is easy to use and gives very good results. Many video formats convert automatically into useable files without fuss. I am very pleased with the results.

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