MoviePlus X6 Reviews

MoviePlus X6 Reviews

625 people who bought this rated it 4.46 out of 5
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434 people who bought this rated it 4.48 out of 5

Name: Mr Gary Navin
Location: London
Date: 29 Apr 2016

Fairly easy to get to grips with, more video tutorials for the more technical side would be nice, i'd also like to have the ability to track objects without the need to add keyframes every time the object moves such as face blurring.

Name: Mr Jim Zimmerman
Location: W
Date: 27 Apr 2016

Works good. Would be nice if it could record the screen for software demos.

Name: Mr Mikeal Foy
Location: Knoxville
Date: 16 Apr 2016

I have used this MoviePlus to make personal DVD's for other peoples memories of a loved one that has passed on. Great Features to be able to add music and any photos or video clips.

Name: Rhys Beard
Location: Corby
Date: 15 Apr 2016

This software is brilliant for editing Videos up to 1080p in 60 Frames Per Second. The time it takes to render is also quick.

The only downside is that it take a while to learn how to use it unless you are taught, But Trial and error is the best way to learn things.

Would recommend to everyone.

Name: Mr Gerald Edwards
Location: Stourport-On-Severn
Date: 30 Mar 2016

It is very use to use and what I like particularly is the fact that it is intuitive. That means that I do not have to go wading through pages of instructions to do the simplest things.
The only drawback I find is that it is susceptible to blurring of fast movements. To get around this I usually export it to another format and then reintroduce that version to Movieplus again.

Name: Mr Steven Watson
Location: Cleveland
Date: 26 Mar 2016

the only suite I use and I am very pleased with it

Name: Mr Gordonserif McCulloch
Location: Ayr
Date: 22 Mar 2016

Excellent software. I like it.

Is it possible to add a volume control to the software, and could you make enlarging the viewing window more friendly. It is eitther to small of too big it wont fit. A finer tune would help.

Name: Mr Dave Hurley
Location: Blandford Forum
Date: 15 Mar 2016

I like the programme very much, it dose every thing I want it to do

Name: Mr Geoff Watson
Location: Carlisle
Date: 10 Mar 2016

Still getting used to this program but so far it ticks all the boxes. Just what you need for editing HD movies.

Name: Mr Dale Dieleman
Location: Hemet
Date: 18 Feb 2016

I had trouble learning this program but I find instructional videos to be a great help and I was able to find enough information to get me started. I would love to see an overview video that takes you through all the steps of making a home video.

In general I find Serif products to be intuitive but with MoviePlus X6 I had some trouble and was often scratching my head. Again, for me, one long instructional video or, maybe better yet, all the subjects of a long video done in a series of short videos.

I love the price.

Name: Mr David Lloyd
Location: St. Neots
Date: 6 Feb 2016

Very good product. I have used the Serif range of products since the beginning of time and they always provide exactly what is on the box. Good quality, good functionality, easy to use.

Name: Mr Dariusz Baczkiewicz
Location: Szczecin
Date: 6 Feb 2016

Good program. There is not enough ready teplates to use for this money. Ready teplates are nice but i do not know how to make most animations and Effects like picture in picture and more. Cant find any video tutorials and instructions - iMovie has four times more templates and a lot of instructions. For this moment this is sample program for me like Windows movie maker Because i do not know how to use its features and benefits.

Name: Mr Andy Lucas
Location: Burnley
Date: 5 Feb 2016

Had my first stab at using MoviePlus x6. Didn't take me long to knock out a good project for the wife to watch and enjoy.

Name: Mr Charles Mims
Location: San Antonio
Date: 24 Jan 2016

I have now purchased three copies of MoviePlus X6 as I work with several non-profit groups and this program has really helped produce good quality video, without getting a masters degree in Non Linear Editing. It just works. The only issue I have seen is with high end professional Codec that needs Adobe anyway. I use the next to highest level on my Canon HD camcorder and use Dolby Digital sound. I can mix in additional sound tracks from a multi track portable recorder. I still have not figured out how to do all the things MoviePlus does in other much more expensive programs. I am 68 and have been working with many of the Serif programs for many years and they work enough the same way you do not need a year long learning curve.

Name: Mr Frederick Ortiz
Location: Camden
Date: 21 Jan 2016

It's a fairly easy to use program, though there is a learning curve when it comes to figuring out where certain options are. But it has proven to be a useful tool with clips (the overlay of an image or a video over another is very useful). Not to mention being able to easily chop up a long video for certain clips with ease is incredible.

There are a couple of minor issues with certain imported video formats (mp4 in particular) where Serif plays the video faster than the audio.

But the positives out-weigh the negatives, hence why I'm giving this a 5-stars.

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