CraftArtist 2

The perfect software for crafting on your computer

The second version of our award winning crafting software is here! CraftArtist 2 Professional is brimming with amazing new features for you to get crafting with! It’s easier than ever to make cards, scrapbooks, invitations, photobooks, party crafts and more on your computer…

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3D Decoupage Tool

New: 3D Decoupage Tool

Use the 3D Decoupage tool to instantly convert embellishments, photos and more into a beautiful stacked image. You can even edit the style of your decoupage to give it a different shape or central point.

Punches tab

New: Punches Tab

The brand new Punches tab is packed full of every type of punch you could want! You’ll find shapes, flowers, Steampunk designs, birds, frames and more! Simply drag a punch onto your object or material and click ‘Punch’.

Generate palette from image

New: Generate palette from image

A fantastic new feature – pick a favorite photograph and CraftArtist will create a color palette to match it! Allows you to coordinate your design with your photo for fantastic results!

Stamp Mode

New: Stamp Mode

The fabulous new Stamp Mode makes crafting on your computer easy. Select any object and with one click, you can create a stamp from it! Especially effective when you resize, recolor and rotate the stamp while using it.

Graphic Styles

New: Graphic Styles

The filter effects you might know from CraftArtist 1 have had a makeover! There are now over 450 graphic styles, and each one can be applied to embellishments, images and other graphics with one click.

Colour Picker

Improved: Color Picker

The Color Picker in CraftArtist has always been a handy tool, but now, it’s incredible! Not only can you pick any color from your design, you can now choose from four different picking modes.

Multi-level Solo Mode

New: Multi-level Solo Mode

Fans of Solo Mode for working on intricate designs will love this new tool. Not only can you isolate a part of your design to work on, you can now isolate further within that area of your design!

64-Bit Version

New: 64-Bit Version

Utilize the full power of your computer with the 64-Bit version of CraftArtist 2 Professional. For those with a 64-Bit Operating System, this will allow your computer to use all of its available memory.

Print Preview

Improved: Print Preview

We have completely redesigned the Print Preview so it now gives you an accurate picture of what will come out of your printer. Great for when you’re printing double-page documents.