CraftArtist 2

The perfect software for crafting on your computer

The second version of our award winning crafting software is here! CraftArtist 2 Professional is brimming with amazing new features for you to get crafting with! It’s easier than ever to make cards, scrapbooks, invitations, photobooks, party crafts and more on your computer…

£19.99 (inc VAT)
£19.99 (inc VAT)
User Rating: Customer rating:4.18Customer rating:4.18Customer rating:4.18Customer rating:4.18Customer rating:4.18
11 Reviews 

Customer Reviews

11 people who bought this rated it 4.18 out of 5

Mrs Marilyn Hesslewood

28 Jul 2016

“I love this program and use it all the time, alongside Photoshop, Inkscape and Sure Cuts a Lot. Everything I do craftwise is always designed on this software first and I like the way you can design backgrounds/materials particularly, from scratch. Most of the time I have no problems, however, the program always crashes when I use some of the punches and sometimes for what seems like no reason whatsoever. Wish Serif would fix these problems as they can be time-consuming and very annoying.”

Mrs Lorina Palano

2 May 2016

“I love this program...I love to print pages, then add traditional scrapbooking with it. I love to just experiment and try different things, it's so much fun. I love the kits too. Just so relaxing and a great stress reliever.”

Ms Sue Flynn
Buena Park

8 Mar 2016

“I LOVE this program. Serif CraftArtist 2 program allows me to enhance and create scrapbook pages for digital (or printing) scrapbooks. It is so easy and has some many creative ways to use it... Can't recommend it enough!”

Mrs kerry crookes
Dronfield, Derbyshire

18 Dec 2015

“I make cards to order so they always need to be personal and individual, craft artist has allowed me to achieve this many times over now and I couldn't get the professional results I do without it, you will not be disappointed in purchasing this product.”

Mr Ludovic Rousset

18 Dec 2015

“This the best and the worst product I have ever bought. It has such a huge potential and great creative tools. I feel creative and confident to design amazing things easily with Craft Artist 2! Unfortunately it does not work. It crashes a lot, wasting time and energy. It is such a *frustrating* software! There are many faults that make CraftArtist unusable. The brushes disappear, it is slow and just crashes suddenly or freezes until you have to force it to shut down. There has been no update for over two years. This wonderful product is just left by Serif to die. A shame!”


24 May 2014

“After having dipped my toe into digital cardmaking using a paint program I thought I'd go further and get a dedicated piece of software to try to get better results. I looked around to see what was available and most opinions I read rated Craft Artist 2 very highly so that's what I opted for. After just an hour or so of using it I'm absolutely blown away by all the things it can do and how easy it makes it. Even things that you'd think would be complicated, such as adding stitching, creating punched elements, shadows, cropping or recolouring items, are a breeze and the results are nothing short of excellent. Great value at twice the price!”

Mrs Alison Wade

23 Sep 2013

“After seeing Craft Artist demonstrated on Create & Craft a couple of years ago, I had to buy it - and when CA2 was released, I was very happy to upgrade. I am now learning the 'other' photo editing/digital crafting software (you know the one - it is more expensive and very popular in the US !!), but CA2 is the one software I return to again and again, especially when I need to design a quick card. It is fast and simple to use, but packed with great features (many of which I have not used yet). The digikits associated with it, through Daisy Trail, are fantastic - and I would recommend it to everyone, whether a crafter or not. It is not just for cards and scrapbooking. Use it for menus, website/FB headers, business cards, leaflets, posters, invites .....”

big g

20 Nov 2012

“When it works its great but it continually crashes.”

Mrs Pat Philbrick

12 Nov 2012

“I used CraftArtist 1 for a while but moved to 2 when I received an offer I couldn't refuse. I know the phrase 'If it's too good to be true then it's not true' but Serif belies this is a huge way. I use several of the Serif products because they're so easy and affordable but CraftArtist 2 Professional is by far my favourite. Great & thanks.”

Mrs sheila budgen

19 Sep 2012

“The program is great and I sit and use it a lot, but when I go off the program I can not get back on it for a long time”

Mrs Phyllis Nelson

17 Sep 2012

“My passion is making greetings cards and what started out as a hobby has now turned into a small business which helps to pay for my "crafty needs" In the 9 years I have been doing this I have used loads of different software...that is until SERIF came along and I tried Digital Scrap Artist 1 then 2. I thought this software was brilliant and was happy to progress with SERIF onto CraftArtist Professional 1 When I heard that they were bringing out a newer version in CraftArtist Professional 2 I wondered how could they possibly better software that was perfect. Well boy have they bettered it! I'm blown away by the new things it can do and want to thank the SERIF team a million times over for this phenomenal software which I can't praise highly enough. It is so easy to use and if they had to cost this software on what it does the price would be well out of my reach. I have several of SERIF's fantastic products and would highly recommend them to anyone. Once again...Thank You SERIF”