Creative Crafting on Screen

Pupils are inspired to have fun and learn professional image-editing and crafting techniques in CraftArtist. High-definition embellishments make it easy to create photo collages, comic books, scrapbooks, greeting cards and much more – perfect for DT, Textiles, and Art departments.

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Stencil Art

Stencil Art

Creative cut-outs

Paint over ready-made stencils or easily create a stencil from scratch, a great way to experiment before printmaking in Art & Design.

HD photo objects

HD Photo Objects

Realistic collages

Layer decorative items for photo-quality collages including buttons, ribbons, sequins, beads, and shells. Scan in items for truly unique artwork.

Scissor cuts

Scissor Cuts

Textiles in a snip

Cut, slice, rip, and tear paper or fabrics to experiment with texture and patterns. Even change the colour of materials for swatches or mood boards.

Artistic brushes

Artistic Brushes

Paint, draw, sew

Add flair to work and explore mark-making with an array of digital media including acrylics, pastels, stitches, airbrushes, glitter, confetti and more.

Creative text

Creative Text

High-end typography

Pupils can easily create decorative typographic designs with drag-and-drop lettering and text frames – perfect for stylish posters or comic books.

Photo editing

Photo Editing

Creative power

Enhance, cut out, and blend imported photos into exciting composite images. Frame photos for an imaginative and engaging way for pupils to present work.

CraftArtist is perfect for:

  • Textiles & collages
  • Art & Design
  • Comic books
  • Packaging
  • Scrapbooks
  • Greeting cards
  • Photo albums
  • Mood boards
  • Poster design
  • CD & DVD covers
  • Presenting & sharing work
  • Collaborative learning

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