International Schools

Inspiring Creativity in Every Student

Accessible to all abilities
Serif graphics software will meet the demands of a diverse international classroom and creative curriculum – while preparing students with real-world skills.

Powerful graphics tools
Every student can create outstanding work using Serif. With powerful, accessible tools for vector drawing, digital video, Flash® animations, web design, DTP and photo editing – Serif is ideal for high-end artistic projects, yearbooks, presenting ideas across the curriculum and collaborative learning.

I have used Serif at school across many curriculum areas in the UK for years. One of the first things I did when I began teaching in the UAE was to purchase Serif to ensure an accessible creative approach to delivery of ICT and DT.

David Jones, British International School, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Flexible resources for International schools
Serif software is supported by comprehensive FREE resources for British curriculum KS3/4 and the US K-12 programme of study.

Serif’s materials can be easily adapted into your own lesson plans to help raise standards in every subject using ICT, including the International Baccalaureate®, iGCSE and Diploma Programme Computer Science Course.

Request FREE evaluation copy
Evaluation copy is only available to Heads of ICT in International schools, one copy per school as a single user licence.