More versatile than ever, DrawPlus X8 opens up huge possibilities for creative technology in school, with powerful vector tools to introduce skills in design, animation, sprite creation, multimedia and now even presentations!

Rostrum camera

A new spin on presentations

Pupils can now create stand-out interactive presentations or slideshows, with the ability to pan, zoom and spin between slides. To create smooth transitions, pupils simply move the camera position on their graphic to make the next slide. They can even reveal layers as transitions, embed video, and set timings and interactivity to control their presentation.

To save final work, pupils can export as a Flash file, AVI or QuickTime movie – ideal to import into a video editing package, embed into a website or even view on an iPad.

Powerful new line drawing

Ideal for CAD and laser cutters

Even pupils new to vector drawing can create intricate graphics in DrawPlus X8. With a wide range of advanced new tools and greater accuracy to output lines for professional print, DrawPlus is perfect for CAD drawings and artwork for laser cutters in D&T.

Making shapes from lines is easy too, as they now simply lock together! Whether it’s creating logos, posters, packaging or flow charts – DrawPlus X8 has all the high-end tools you’d expect from a professional illustration package.

New artistic brushes

Great for Art & Design

An exciting way to combine traditional artistic media with digital art, DrawPlus gives your pupils a new set of brushes to express ideas creatively. Experiment with new charcoal, pen and sponge brush effects which are great for blurring, smudging, sharpening and erasing parts of designs to produce perfect digital artwork.

Draw it, fill it

Flood fill shapes – even incomplete ones

To save time colouring in shapes, the new Flood fill tool allows pupils to accurately fill an object or collection of lines in just a few clicks. It’s perfect when scanning in a pencil sketch or even editing CAD designs (eg. DXF/DWG) for high quality D&T projects.

Replicate & Pattern fill tool

Quickly create vector patterns

Duplicate and rotate shapes or even groups of objects in just one click using the new Replicate tool. Perfect for designing repeat screen print patterns for Textiles, posters, flyers, greetings cards and more. Pupils can now even create their own custom pattern fills such as cross hatching, to fill shapes – ideal for technical drawings or maps in Geography.

Sprite creation & templates

Bring creativity to coding projects

With sample sprite sheets and powerful new drawing in DrawPlus X8, there are no limits on pupils’ creativity to build characters, sprites and backgrounds, which they can save as an image or Animated GIF to import into Scratch and code an original game.

Pupils can also transform drawings into animations, with sound, video and interactivity. And to introduce code, pupils can even edit pre-defined Action Scripts to define movement, or even write their own.

Save for print, web or mobile

Share in the latest formats

To present work in an appropriate format, pupils can save work in all the standard file types you’d expect, including PDF, SVG, CAD/CAM, Animated GIF, AVI and Flash. Even save animations as QuickTime to view them on mobile devices.

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