Video Editing that Captures Imagination

Capture and create exciting videos in MoviePlus X6 using the latest industry-relevant formats. Easier editing and new high-end tools engage students to communicate ideas, whatever the subject, while learning real-world ICT skills.

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Video File Converter

Video File Converter

Complete compatibility

Students share work by converting any number of files into the latest video formats, including MPEG-4, QuickTime®, and formats compatible with popular devices.

Export for Mobile Devices

Export for Mobile Devices

Work with latest technologies

Students learn modern video-sharing methods by creating highest-quality work for playback on devices such as Android® smartphone, iPad® and iPhone®.

Lighting Effects

Lighting Effects

Professional post-production

Good lighting transforms clips to a professional standard. Students can enhance exposure, shadows, and highlights, and learn techniques used in industry.



Quickly correct footage

Sharpen fuzzy clips, boost colour vibrancy, and improve the quality of grainy videos with easy-to-use correction tools for crystal clear, professional footage.

Stabilise  Video

Stabilise Video

Reduce camera shake

Footage captured using handheld cameras sometimes looks wobbly. Students can remove camera shake in one click for smooth clips, which they can then edit further.

Green Screen & Colour Pass

Green Screen & Colour Pass

Popular industry effects

Introduce students to skills used in industry. The new Colour Pass effect allows students to convert videos to greyscale and restore a selected colour for stylised videos.

Other great features in MoviePlus X6:

  • Export to HD DVD & MPEG-4
  • HD camcorder support
  • Pan & zoom
  • Unlimited video & audio tracks
  • Music & narration tracks
  • Slow-motion & reverse video
  • Storyboard & Timeline mode
  • 3D transforms
  • Audio editing
  • Split screening
  • Multi-trimming & splitting
  • Transitions, effects, titles and more…

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Evaluation copy is only available for Technology or Computing Coordinators in High Schools, Elementary Schools, Colleges or District Advisors. One copy per school as a single user license.

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