Inspire pupils with exciting techniques seen in films and TV in MoviePlus X6. Pupils can try the latest special effects and green screening using new advanced tools, while expressing ideas creatively in digital media.

Video File Converter.

Complete compatibility

Pupils can now convert video files (or even whole folders) into a different video format with the new Converter. To help pupils choose the most appropriate format, on selecting a file they can see a description of what it’s typically used for, and devices they’re compatible with.

Ideal if pupils want to quickly convert video files to the compressed MP4 format or QuickTime® to upload to the web or view on a tablet.

Lighting Effects.

Professional post-production

Good lighting transforms a video into a professional film. With new lighting effects, pupils can enhance exposure, contrast, shadows and highlights to create atmosphere and learn techniques used in industry.

And by combining keyframes with lighting effects, pupils can even change lighting properties throughout a clip – ideal when balancing out wildly varied exposure levels in a scene.

Stabilise Video

Quickly reduce camera shake

When students capture footage using handheld cameras, results can sometimes look wobbly. Students can now remove camera shake in just one click, for smoother professional quality clips they can then edit further.

Directly import from almost any source into MoviePlus, including HD videos and narration which pupils can edit in the audio timeline for the perfect synchronized soundtrack.


Improve the quality of footage

Even poor quality clips can be transformed in MoviePlus. New correction tools allow pupils to smooth out grainy footage, boost colour vibrancy and sharpen out of focus shots for crystal clear, professional films.

Want to vary camera shots in a scene? Pupils can crop a video to reframe the clip, or use Pan & Zoom to focus in on important parts of the story.

Green Screening & Colour Pass Effect.

Popular industry techniques

You can introduce pupils to modern skills used in industry in MoviePlus. Using the Colour Pass effect, pupils can quickly convert videos to greyscale and restore a selected colour – perfect to draw the eye for professional stylized videos.

Save on set locations and create incredible scenes with green screening in MoviePlus. Simply capture clips in front of a green backdrop, import and superimpose on another background.

Export for Mobile Devices.

Work with the latest technologies

Ideal for creative Computing projects across a range of devices, pupils can export final movies to playback on a range of tablets, iPad®, iPhone® and Android® smartphones.

And with advanced audio editing, pupils can even record and edit podcasts which they can export as standard audio formats, such as mp3.

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