Design professional-quality documents and present work creatively in PagePlus X8. As well as printed brochures and posters, pupils can produce interactive PDFs and eBooks for sharing on the latest mobile devices.

Professional text handling

Introduce modern DTP skills

With quicker DTP layout your pupils have fast access to the tools they need, so they can focus on design principles to deliver documents with a high level of skill. And for a clean professional finish, the new baseline grid helps pupils ensure all text is aligned across columns, even when font sizes vary.

Pupils’ can use PagePlus X8 to present work in any subject, from standard layout such as justifying text, to high-end design tools to flow text along a path.

Complete PDF editing

Professional print and eBooks

Not only can pupils create, save and fully edit PDF files, they can also now insert a PDF as an image to keep the original layout intact – ideal if pupils are combining publications, such as an advert within a magazine.

Publish PDFs with commercial print settings for D&T projects; including bleed, crop marks and CMYK. Pupils can even create eBooks or interactive PDFs with rollovers, streamed movies, Flash°, QuickTime™, sound clips and forms.

Full photo editing

Repurpose digital artefacts

Pupils don’t need to leave PagePlus when they have to edit photos in their publication. The updated PhotoLab provides key tools to repurpose digital artefacts, such as to boost colour, vibrancy and clarity, with a new Clone tool to remove scratches or marks from photos. But for more in depth editing, pupils can even link directly to an external program, such as PhotoPlus.

Pre-publish Checker

Error-free documents

Before presenting final work, pupils can use the pre-flight checker and proofreading to correct layout issues or spelling mistakes which could otherwise lose marks. Pupils can even keep the preflight checker open while working on a document, so they can see and fix any issues as they occur.

Microsoft™ Compatible

Import from Excel, Word & Access

Compatible with Microsoft Excel, Word 2007, and Word 2010 docx files, PagePlus X8 enables students to quickly and clearly present research in all subjects. They can also import data from plain text files, Excel, Outlook, Access or other databases to Mail merge information for personalised letters and labels.

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