High-End DTP for All Subjects

Create professional-quality documents with a range of cross-curricular tools in PagePlus X8 – and not just for print. As well as brochures and posters, students can produce interactive documents like PDFs and eBooks for sharing on screen with the very latest technologies.

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Interactive PDFs

Interactive PDFs

Create multimedia eBooks

Export interactive PDFs with rollovers, streamed movies, Flash, QuickTime, sound clips, and forms – great for creating storybooks or sharing on newest mobile devices.

Easier DTP layout

Easier DTP Layout

Present work creatively

Get creative presenting work, even in core subjects, with quicker DTP layout and all the professional features needed to learn essential DTP skills used in industry.

Pre-flight checker

Pre-flight Checker

Error-free documents

Every student can ensure business-standard work with tools for proofreading and checking digital publishing compatibility for PDF, HTML, and eBook output.

PhotoLab & LogoStudio

PhotoLab & LogoStudio

Time to get creative

Powerful tools allow students to create, edit, and combine graphics to enhance DTP documents and coursework, without a separate photo editor or drawing package.

Microsoft compatible

Microsoft Compatible

Import Excel & Word files

Compatible with Microsoft Excel, Word 2007, and now Word 2010 docx files, PagePlus X8 enables students to quickly and clearly present research in all subjects.

Mail & Photo Merge

Mail & Photo Merge

Introduce business skills

Show workplace skills in PagePlus. Import data from plain text files, Excel, Outlook, Access or other databases to merge information for personalised letters and labels.

More DTP tools in PagePlus X8:

  • Import & edit PDFs
  • Password protect PDFs
  • PDF forms & slideshows
  • Commercial print settings
  • Tables & calendars
  • Mixed page orientations
  • Colour scheme designer
  • Multiple master pages
  • Text on a path
  • Image cutout
  • Professional typography
  • Layout guides
  • Photo frames
  • Multilingual spell check for MFL

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Evaluation copy is only available for Technology or Computing Coordinators in High Schools, Elementary Schools, Colleges or District Advisors. One copy per school as a single user license.

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