Create a wide range of professional standard documents in PagePlus X9 - from printed brochures and leaflets, to interactive PDF’s and eBooks for sharing on the latest mobile devices

Intelligent layout tools

For a clean, professional finish

When presenting work in any subject, the layout is key. The Baseline Grid feature will ensure all text is correctly aligned across different columns and frames, even if font sizes vary. Intuitive guides, snapping and rulers will also aid consistency throughout the design process making sure every box, paragraph and image is perfectly in line.

QR codes

Added interactivity to documents

Students can create their own QR codes from scratch and add them to any document for added interactivity. They can be used to guide the reader to a specific website, online videos, contact us forms, articles and so much more - a great way to be able to access information quickly and easily.

PDF capabilities

Create, save and edit professional quality PDF files

Publish finished documents in the latest industry standard PDF/X4 and PDF/X5 formats with commercial print settings or share work electronically as interactive PDF’s. Students can also insert a PDF as an image, ideal for combining publications, such as placing an advert in a newsletter or magazine.

Add DrawPlus designs

New levels of compatibility

Students can now place a saved DrawPlus X8 project file directly on their PagePlus X9 document, they can even convert them to objects for further modification. This convenient additional compatibility removes the need to export the design from DrawPlus X8 as a PNG, JPG or SVG, therefore maintaining the highest possible quality to the design.


Repurpose digital artefacts

Students don’t have to leave PagePlus X9 when they have to edit photos in their publication. The PhotoLab and Cutout Studio provide key tools to repurpose digital artefacts, including adjustment filters, effect filters and retouching tools. But for more in depth editing, students can link directly to an external program such as PhotoPlus.

Microsoft compatible

Import from Excel, Word and Access

Compatible with Microsoft Excel, Word 2007 and Word docx, PagePlus X9 enables students to quickly and clearly present research in all subjects. They can also import data from plain text files, Excel, Outlook, Access or other databases to Mail merge information for personalised letters and labels.

Export options

Publish work in the latest file formats

As well as the fantastic PDF capabilities, PagePlus X9 exports in every appropriate file format to enable students to present work for print and on the web. In addition to which, PagePlus X9 also supports Google’s new WebP files, EPS export and ePub files for creating eBooks.

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