With accessible and powerful features, PhotoPlus X8 will allow your students to creatively communicate ideas and learn key digital literacy skills for the classroom and beyond.

Image cut out options

Pinpoint precision

Cutting out intricate images accurately can be tricky. The smart selection tool allows students to cut out even the most intricate parts of photo with a high degree of precision, ready to then layer on another background to create a composite image.

The new Defringe tool can also remove any unwanted pixels from around the edge of an object, this is particularly useful when placed against a contrasting background on a new layer.

Surface blur effect and repair tools

Revitalise and enhance photos

There’s a wide range of tools available to correct photos in PhotoPlus X8. The new Surface Blur effect can be used to quickly remove blemishes, wrinkles and even out skin tones without losing important detail.

And when used along side the Clone Tool, a good shot can be transformed to a great shot by removing unwanted objects for a precise and natural looking result. Improvements can be checked anytime by viewing before and after shots and no matter how much editing is done, their steps can always be retraced.

Cropping images

Undo and redo crops at any time

Cropping images has never been easier or more precise. The re-engineered Crop tool in PhotoPlus X8 now provides live feedback as the size and position of the crop changes. Students can undo, redo or alter a crop at any point, allowing them to change their mind and experiment throughout the editing process.

For images with a transparent background students can instantly crop the border of the object with the Trim Canvas tool.

Outstanding colours

Hue/Saturation/Lightness adjustments

The improved HSL dropper tool in PhotoPlus X8 gives students even more control over the colours in their image - adjustments can be made to all the hues of an object at the same time to alter the appearance of the image naturally. The Hue/Saturation/Lightness adjustment tool also allows students to alter these components independently for superior control.

Crystal clear images

Correct out of focus photos

When students have captured photos using a phone or digital camera, results can sometimes look a bit blurry. PhotoPlus X8 can be used to quickly sharpen an out of focus image without losing detail, resulting in a clear professional image that can be edited further.

And with noise reduction, photos that are speckled from low light conditions can be restored, while preserving all the essential details.

Artistic effects

A brush with creativity

Every student can express their creativity with the Artistic effects at their disposal in PhotoPlus X8. Instantly transform any image into a retro comic book style poster, fine art painting, or black and white studio style photograph. More able students can create their own masterpieces using the huge range of editable brushes, erasers and special effects.

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