Modern Web Design for All

WebPlus X8 empowers every pupil to create interactive multimedia sites for any device, with everything they need to dive into the world of web design. Students who are more advanced or interested in web design can now even convert objects to HTML fragments to work with code.

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Site Structure View

Site Structure View

Effective site navigation

Plan and build easy-to-navigate websites, with a new clear structure view to help students understand page relationships and rearrange their site.

Desktop or Mobile Sites

Desktop or Mobile Sites

Sites for any device

Export fit-for-purpose websites with desktop and mobile device detection to optimise the end user experience, while equipping pupils with industry-relevant skills.

New Feedback Forms

New Feedback Forms

Forms to a house style

A requirement in many courses, forms can now be tailored to house styles with background colours, graphic buttons, a date picker, booking forms and more.

Convert Objects to HTML

Convert Objects to HTML

Introduce coding

As well as viewing their sites’ HTML and CSS, students into coding can now convert objects to HTML fragments to add and edit code to images, forms and more.

Site & House Style Setup

Site & House Style Setup

Consistent web design

New site setup guides pupils through the essentials: page size, number of pages, colour scheme to their house style and a navbar, which they can customise later.

Button & Navbar Studio

Button & Navbar Studio

Dynamic web graphics

Create buttons from scratch, adding states and actions for working web-optimized buttons – even convert into a Navbar which links to pupil’s site structure.

More amazing web tools in WebPlus X8:

  • New Sliders, panels & pop-ups
  • New web icons
  • Site & content builder
  • Lightboxes
  • Site Map
  • Mouse interactivity
  • Google Maps with Streetview
  • Site & hyperlink checker
  • Insert Flash, video & audio
  • ALT tagging for usability
  • Image maps & rollovers
  • Flash photo galleries
  • Preview in different browsers
  • Podcasting and more…

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Evaluation copy is only available for Technology or Computing Coordinators in High Schools, Elementary Schools, Colleges or District Advisors. One copy per school as a single user license.

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