WebPlus X8 gives you both powerful design tools needed to create high-end websites and new coding options to stretch more able students.

Live Site Checker

Error free websites

To test for dead links that could otherwise lose marks, pupils can now see site issues they need to fix on screen as they work, so they can thoroughly test and make necessary changes in a single click before publishing.

With full site proofing tools, including a spellcheck, Image optimizer and Download Time Estimator, pupils can test for slow download speeds and reduce file sizes to ensure content is appropriate for the web.

Audio Jukebox & multimedia

Play that funky music

Pupils can add a cool new audio player to their site compatible with the latest formats, including multiple tracks, playlists and customisable skins.

With multimedia tools in WebPlus X8, pupils can easily combine audio, video, images, animation and interactive content made in other applications – ideal for creative KS3 Computing projects.

Custom CSS & HTML5

Introduce coding

WebPlus X8 makes it easier to introduce the complexities of code. Custom coding is more pupil-friendly than ever before, with advanced HTML5 and CSS editing for greater control over designs.

As well as viewing their sites’ HTML and CSS, students can now convert any object to HTML fragments to add and edit code to images, forms and more.

Create web widgets

For exciting interactive websites

Every pupil can create and incorporate interactive widgets into their site in WebPlus X8, including photo galleries, pop-ups, feedback forms, podcasts, booking forms and more. Pupils can create widgets from scratch or use templates which they can customise to their house style.

To push the creativity of high achieving students, they can now even take their widget and export it as HTML and script, ready to import into a hand coded HTML file.

Site Structure View

For clear site navigation

A key part of any good site, students can achieve clear navigation in WebPlus X8. With the ability to view all pages graphically in a site plan, students can see how pages link to ensure usability, and even take a screenshot to evidence good directory structure.

And as all Navigation bars link to their site structure, pupils can easily rearrange pages without effecting user navigation.

Websites go mobile.

HTML5 sites for desktop, mobile & iPads

Introduce students to real world web design skills, with intuitive layout to create both desktop and mobile sites. Pupils can even set up mobile device detection on their site to consider their end user.

Compatible with all the latest formats including MP4 and QuickTime®, WebPlus X8 enables pupils to add video and multimedia to their site which they can view and test on any device.

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