PhotoPlus Starter Edition Reviews

PhotoPlus Starter Edition Reviews

7 people who bought this rated it 4.57 out of 5
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7 people who bought this rated it 4.57 out of 5

Name: Miss dayse dantas
Location: joao pessoa
Date: 22 Apr 2012

muito bom

Name: Mr Corie Mattar
Location: Sacramento
Date: 12 Dec 2011

1.Price 2.User Friendly

This software will change your mind about being able to accomplish your projects. It tells you where to start. It tells you how long it will take for the lesson. It even has a question mark that you click on and then click on what button you need help with and it opens to the exact paragraph you need. Searching is now called finding.

My HP Windows 7 comes with photo software and I even upgraded. I couldn't stand it in the first place because it was frustrating. The upgrade was a waste of money.

The only reason I tried Serif was because it was free. I did not expect to like it let alone look forward to using it. It took about a week of really going over it to make sure and I bought the upgrade that I wanted the first day of using it.

Name: Mr Adam Scierski
Location: Katowice
Date: 29 Oct 2011

This is one of the best photo editing tools I've been using, definitely better than gimp and much easier in using than gimp. You have a lot of presets ready so you don't have to search or write your own scripts, just load the photo select effect and here you go. Editing/ post production is so fast with serif, of course you can create your own effect version if you want. this is must have app. I would like to buy your product one day, because it is even better and I much better than Photoshop Elements.

Location: Garnet Valley
Date: 28 Oct 2011

I've tried both Photoshop and PhotoPlus. Of the two PhotoPlus was hands down easier to use. PhotoPlus had all the features of Photoshop without the extremely high cost. I use this program daily. Everything I've looked for to manipulate my photos was here. I use PhotoPlus as a layout tool for my paintings. It's just the program I've been looking for!

Name: M. Waite
Location: Haarlem
Date: 28 Oct 2011

Photoplus is a powerful editing program which I prefer over Photoshop for many photo editing processes. It is extremely intuitive and is fantastic for editing portraits and repairing images. The 'how to' instructions and tutorials are great if you are new to the program or photo editing. Working with layer masks and other non destructive editing layers is easy in Photoplus and is great for complex edits and special effects. If you are looking for a powerful photo editing program that is easy to use and free, then the Photoplus Starter Edition is the best thing out there.

Name: Mrs Lynn Woodley
Location: Cork
Date: 27 Oct 2011

Easy to use and a good variety of tools to enhance your photos.

Name: Mr Marsh
Location: Calgary
Date: 27 Oct 2011

As a novice to photo shop software the free download is easy to use to perform basic tasks. I would like to see a slightly more powerful set of features released with the free version for I find that most of what I was wanting to try was turned off. I understand this and I do not have a work around for I typically don't download 30 day trials either.

In general I find the product very easy to use but
maybe I am not using the product properly but there are some things that are not intuitive.

Cropping a photo and opening it up in a new session takes too many steps and the open as a new file feature is there but is not on the initial menu when the section is copied.

The version I am working with also has features that are not blocked but just don't seem to work like the pens.

The one distortion feature tool that is available does not fill in the colours when sections stretched and tends to leave a blur instead of stretching the image.