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Edit your videos with MoviePlus X6. Its powerful, yet easy-to-use, editing tools and studio-quality effects help you to create stunning movies in minutes. Burn HD videos to Blu-ray Disc or DVD, or upload your movies to the web and share them with friends, family, or the world…

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Was $79.99
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Customer Reviews

401 people who bought this rated it 4.48 out of 5

Ferenc Mucsi

27 Sep 2015

“I was already using Serif software before I needed a video editor, so when the time came I did not have to think much. I choose MoviePlus and was not disappointed. It is and excellent program! It's easy to use and can do much more than what I need. I would be happy if new versions would come out. I just can not find another program that works like this.”


16 Sep 2015

“I have to say for the price this has to be one of the best video editing software's I've come around to see and use on the market. The user interface is clean and very clear to navigate around, easy to use customize-able exports settings and goog quality support for 1080p at 60fps quite nicely.Easy to create transition and is quite a versatile piece of software for little projects as well as some larger projects to some extent.

However there are some negatives,
The software is only 32-bit which means it can only use a maximum of 3GB of memory which can make some long videos slow down when exporting and take longer, have had a few problems with their codec registration as new codecs are sometimes not read and have to be changed as well as it has no GPU render support as well as the help information is not very useful.

Overall a good piece of software but with some features that are absent could really benefit this software a lot.”

Mr Asif Saba

8 Sep 2015

“This is a fantastic product. You can do so much with it. Anyone who wants to edit movies will not be disappointed with this product. You can burn your movie directly to disk or save it to burn it later. I have only had the program for a couple of months. I have only burned to disk a couple of camcorder movies. You can make complete DVDs using this software. I have not fully used the program yet but what I have used is great.”

Mr James Nathaniel Holland
Santa Cruz de Leon Cortes, CR

7 Sep 2015

“MoviePlus is a very stable program and rarely crashes. Like most Serif products its tools and way of editing is logical and well-thought out. Tutorials are excellent, like usual for Serif. I found manipulating the keyframes much easier and exact than other programs

However...please, please, Serif put more attention to making this more of a professional program and less for family albums.

You are charging the same price as the other movie software and have considerably less filters, less transitions, and less overlays than them.

I almost was going to ask for a refund, but because of DrawPlus4 and because Movieplus rarely crashes, the keyframes, I have hopes that you will beef up Movieplus and give us a free update in the future.”

Mr John Darby

4 Sep 2015

“I have upgraded to MP X6 from MP X5. All my work is done on AVCHD sources and I have found X6 easier to use on several fronts. It is faster to edit, the new layout of properties information (eg effects) is very convenient, a much improved interface, and I welcome the ease of writing my finished video to file. So far I haven't written BluRay videos to disc, but I look forward to doing that. As a side issue, I installed MP X6 as the first piece of software after installing Windows 10, and I experienced more difficulty in getting the latter to perform well than I did with X6!”

Mr thomas caldwell
east kilbride

27 Aug 2015

“I have used a number of Serif product software's. Movie X6 I feel is going good. I had a little trouble when I changed to windows 10 but they were resolved quickly. It picks up my media no problem and the tools are fairly easy to use and it would not take long to learn. I have no hesitation to say I enjoy this software and would recommend it to anyone.”

Mr Paul Bartlett

24 Aug 2015

“This editing program is relatively easy to use and at the same time provides all the features necessary for producing a very professional movie.
The two improvements I would like to see are (1) provision for exporting 1080/50 progressive HD footage to Blu-ray at top quality and (2) the ability to export to discs that already have movie files on them. (At present each new project exported must be to a new, blank disc.)
Other than those two points, MoviePlus X6 is excellent.”

Mr Stephen Brent

24 Aug 2015

“Have been using moview plus to edit 6 hours of video from a holiday in Canada. The files are between 9 and 12 gb each but all handled flawlessly. Ive only used text boxes so far of the special features but they are straightforward. One thing i like is that the time line editting is very intuitive. It works how you expect it to. The editing tools are easy to use and cutting and moving scenes around is simple. Also because the original is not touched you can easily expand a trimmed section again if you want. Overall very impressed with the product and looking forward to using the more advanced features.
There are not any negatives so far except that as with all serif products you are asked to register eachtime time you open it. This may become annoying enough to make me phone the sales team, but it hasn't yet.”

Mr. Derek Smith
Burgess Hill

12 Aug 2015

“I've used Serif software for some years, having Draw, Web and Page plus in their current forms for my small publishing company. I've not had any significant problems.

I've used a video editing package from another software supplier from their version 5, about 15 years ago, to 17 about 3 years ago, but I was irritated to find this last had a number of bugs despite its £90 price. These were not sorted and the advice was to opt for version 18.

As I've started using online video for search engine optimisation I needed something a bit more stable and received an offer for Move Plus X6 that I could not refuse. I thought I'd give it a go, and if it turned out inadequate but stable, I'd use it until I could afford something better. (The publishing industry is not all Harry Potter you know.)

I was stunned. It is every bit as good as my previous software, including multiple video tracks. Its picture in picture is easy to use and the interface is quite user friendly, which is a higher accolade than for the prosumer one I used before.

There is a smaller selection of fades and wipes, but then I hardly used these in the past and there's more than sufficient for my needs. One or two things take a little longer, but not significantly so.

On top of that, it accepts VOB files.

I also video my son's rugby matches for their coach. With 24 matches a season, editing takes time. The quick movie is a blessing. Click and forget.

For features, usability and stability, even in Win10, I would give it a rating of four stars, but when value for money comes into it, it has to be five.

Well done, Serif. A cracking bit of software for a cracking price.”

Mr Randy Browning
Lake Point

6 Aug 2015

“Been around for over two years, and I jumped to CS6, but want to come back. Still lacks some needed features, but with my Hero 4 Session I am putting out more videos, and even GoPro Studio has a few improved features.

As soon as they dump 7 on the market I'm in. 6 is easy to use after a short curve.

Started with Serif with V1 of WebPlus and now up to 8. PhotoPlus and DrawPlus.”

Mr Harold Carter

29 Jul 2015

“This editor is quick, easy and fun. I have Premiere Pro CS6 and I prefer
MoviePlus X6 unless I need to use a special Plug-in. I was amazed by the speed and quick learning curve. Great product at a great price.”

Mr L Moss

21 Jul 2015

“It may be powerful but in my opinion it's not easy to use. Perhaps it's an age thing (I'm 74). Although I've had movieplus for years I've never
really used it a lot, which is probably why I've never come to terms with it. The only other fault I find is the frequency with which Serif upgrade it.
I also fine some of the Tutorials a bit technical and difficult to follow. (Age thing again?)

To be fair I would think that anyone who needs to use the programme a
lot would appreciate it a lot more than I do.”

Mr Gary Blocker
Fort Worth

18 Jul 2015

“I love the automatically added transitions between scenes. So, when I rough out a film it looks semi-finished.”

Mr Anthony Davis

13 Jul 2015

“it is a great software and it is easy to use. I am still new to the video field and it has helped me a lot
Do you guys have a tutorial or video help to help me to learn more about how to use the product?”

Mr Robert Stirling

5 Jul 2015

“simple to use software with good documentation and good technical backup with plenty of examples. upgraded from movieplus x5. fantastic product”

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