MoviePlus X6

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Edit your videos with MoviePlus X6. Its powerful, yet easy-to-use, editing tools and studio-quality effects help you to create stunning movies in minutes. Burn HD videos to Blu-ray Disc or DVD, or upload your movies to the web and share them with friends, family, or the world…

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Customer Reviews

413 people who bought this rated it 4.48 out of 5

Mr mohammed Jangir

18 Nov 2015

“Very user friendly the support staff are very helpfull.
the outcome of my movie was very good. Would recommend to anybody who does editing”

Mr F Sparkes

14 Nov 2015

“I have only just started to MoviePlus X6 but so far have found it intuitive to use and I am enjoying it. There is more than I will probably use but it is nice to know it is there if I feel adventurous.
Great piece of software”


5 Nov 2015

“MoviePlus X6 was a bit of a surprise, I've used Sony Vegas Movie Studio for years, but have been having having issues with it trying to import me latest Canon camera files in.

I tried a few other typical contenders, even Adobe, but I was impressed with MoviePlus having the right amount of features I needed.

For most movie editing a good timeline for editing, speedy UI, simple drag n' drop, plus simple to use import and export of video formats is a must. Movie Plus has it all and a few extras.

One thing I'd love to see changed is the theme, for movie editing these days you'd expect a darker interface. But apart from that, great value, I got it very cheap. Check it out!”

Mr Norman Moore
romford rm53rt

4 Nov 2015

“I am new to this product but so far it is fine. I would like to use quick movie with option of music added or not.
another subject do you have a movie player programme I have windows 10 which does not include one.”

Mr Bob Almond
Ferndown, Dorset

2 Nov 2015

“Very easy to use, and does the job well. Intuitive controls, and runs with good speed. You'll need a big screen, though!”

Mr Delsaux Henry

26 Oct 2015

“Great product,

had the free version and now purchased X6
thank you very pleased”

Mr Steve Nyitray

22 Oct 2015

“I think the software is great BUT I can not find how to convert AVI Files
If you can help that would be great
Thanks Steve”

Mr David Brown

5 Oct 2015

“I am finding this version of Movie Plus a lot better to use then the previous versions. It doesn't seem to be as cumbersome when editing your movies whether it be, cutting, changing background colours, adding transitions and/or text, audio effects, video effects, whatever you are doing to your video, X6 makes it a lot easier, and I have not yet tapped into all that X6 has to offer.”

Mr Joel Ellzey

2 Oct 2015

“I have enjoyed using MoviePlus X6. I actually prefer it to Adobe, but then I am an amateur, so what do I know. I thought it was kind of nasty at first. I am one who only resorts to reading instructions as a last resort. So, the old " I wonder what this button does" took me a while to get it going. I have come to really like the program, but there is a learning curve that goes with it. Because there are so many features in MoviePlus X6, it just takes some time to learn how to use it effectively. I have used it with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, and I have had no problems other than my ignorance. It does require patience when burning a video DVD, but video files are large and most DVD burners are slow, so this is just one of life's inconveniences. I would heartily recommend it to anyone serious about editing or creating Videos. I do not think it would be a satisfactory program for anyone wanting to sit down and immediately start making professional videos without taking a little time to learn how to use it. In summary, I have gone from zero to making semi professional videos with it. I like it, and if I can learn to use it, anyone can. I like all of Serif's products. I have owned all kinds of expensive software, and for my money Serif offers the best value for that money.”

Mr Patrick Limacher

2 Oct 2015

“A comprehensive and useful product that allows usage from the simplest and easiest of tasks through to quite complex applications dependant on the users ability.
Although when reviewing, particularly scrolling text, can appear quite clunky once completed and transferred into mp4 or other similar formats this clunkiness disappears and smooth scrolling takes over.
Like a lot of products of this nature it takes a long time to become completely proficient in its use but once mastered the many differing applications and methods make it very versatile and useful.
Its one drawback is that when being used it does not give any indication of the file size and if one is getting to the limit of either the maximum size of film or the limits of the computer memory. This does create the potential for a great deal of work being lost because of an unknown limit.”

Mr John Brown

1 Oct 2015

“Initially I was reluctant to switch from Adobe Premier Elements based upon past experience with different Video Editing Software. Until that is, I installed the Windows 10 update, and found that my Premier Pro had compatibility problems, minor but annoying. In desperation I purchased Serif Movie Plus and could not be more pleased with the product. Ease of use and with a range of effects, etc. making it, in my view very good value for money. Totally on a par with Premier Elements, with smoother functionality if anything. I am fully converted and have no reason to reinstall Premier Elements even though the original Windows 10 glitch that I was experiencing has been fixed.”

Mr John London

30 Sep 2015

“This is a remarkably easy program to use. Prior to this I was using Microsoft's Movie Maker but wanted to make some color adjustments. This program did it wonderfully! I love the filters that are available, and the ease of trimming my video. A terrific program!”

Ferenc Mucsi

27 Sep 2015

“I was already using Serif software before I needed a video editor, so when the time came I did not have to think much. I choose MoviePlus and was not disappointed. It is and excellent program! It's easy to use and can do much more than what I need. I would be happy if new versions would come out. I just can not find another program that works like this.”


16 Sep 2015

“I have to say for the price this has to be one of the best video editing software's I've come around to see and use on the market. The user interface is clean and very clear to navigate around, easy to use customize-able exports settings and goog quality support for 1080p at 60fps quite nicely.Easy to create transition and is quite a versatile piece of software for little projects as well as some larger projects to some extent.

However there are some negatives,
The software is only 32-bit which means it can only use a maximum of 3GB of memory which can make some long videos slow down when exporting and take longer, have had a few problems with their codec registration as new codecs are sometimes not read and have to be changed as well as it has no GPU render support as well as the help information is not very useful.

Overall a good piece of software but with some features that are absent could really benefit this software a lot.”

Mr Asif Saba

8 Sep 2015

“This is a fantastic product. You can do so much with it. Anyone who wants to edit movies will not be disappointed with this product. You can burn your movie directly to disk or save it to burn it later. I have only had the program for a couple of months. I have only burned to disk a couple of camcorder movies. You can make complete DVDs using this software. I have not fully used the program yet but what I have used is great.”

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