MoviePlus X6

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Edit your videos with MoviePlus X6. Its powerful, yet easy-to-use, editing tools and studio-quality effects help you to create stunning movies in minutes. Burn HD videos to Blu-ray Disc or DVD, or upload your movies to the web and share them with friends, family, or the world…

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Customer Reviews

373 people who bought this rated it 4.5 out of 5

Mr Peter Dorricott
West Sussex

8 Jan 2015

“This programme is easy to use and gives very good results. Many video formats convert automatically into useable files without fuss. I am very pleased with the results.”

Dr Michael Selwood

8 Jan 2015

“A very flexible and well thought out programme in which the needs of the user have been well determined. It is full of opportunities even without all the preset effects. There are few limitations, some of which can be found under community discussions. Exploration is needed to find some things but that is no deficiency, is it! A thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

Mr Paul Charnock
St Marys

5 Dec 2014

“This is probably the third programme I have used over a number of years and yes all have no doubt improved but I find Movie Plus the easiest to work with. I also use a photo tool, not by Serif, which is too amearicanised and even the 'dummies' guide is difficult to understand. So if you find Movie Plus a useful tool, easy to use and productive, then try both Movie and Photo packages. Well happy.”

Mr Jason Hall
Leamington Spa

3 Dec 2014

“I've used MoviePlus x6 for a few projects already and it's been a great tool for me. My main use has been developing pre-vis shorts combining captured footage and concept art for a games project I'm working on and it's been a great help. It's allowed me to show my team what I want from the final edited movie.

Good stuff!”

Mr John Warrener

2 Dec 2014

“Got a good deal direct from Serif on upgrading from X5 (which I was also happy with) and this software does everything I need for my holiday and special occasions videos. There's lots of features that I've still to investigate but for me the most important factor is that the software doesn't crash! This may sound like an obvious requirement but I've used a couple of other movie editor programs which constantly "fell over"; MoviePlus seems to happily accept everything i throw at it.

Adding stills and sound is a snap; many different tracks can be incorporated (video, audio, overlays, etc) and being able to convert videos to NTSC as well as PAL allows me to send home videos to relatives abroad. MoviePlus X6 - at last, movie editing software that's worth the money!!”

Mr Glynn Trow

24 Nov 2014

“Very impressive movie maker. Wish I had taken the plunge and bought it earlier. It fits in so well with PagePlus, which I also use, so the menus and features are easy to access and use.”

Mrs sanndra dew

18 Nov 2014

“First time using serif and very pleased with it.”

Mr David Wood

11 Nov 2014

“MoviePlusX6 is very user friendly and well designed. As a complete beginner to editing videos I started with trepidation. The tutorials were short and simple to follow. I contacted Serif once and had a brief friendly chat with an expert. There is still a lot to learn - but I feel confident that there will always be help at hand. The software is competitively priced in a market full of more expensive options.
Thank you Serif.”

Mr Kevin Tibbetts

7 Nov 2014

“I really am delighted with this software. I looked at Cyberlink and other competitors but Serifs MoviePlusX6 was easier to use and intuitive. That is important. When editing you want to have your attention on the movie and not be frustrated by the software. The free version is OK but the paid for version is noticeably better, as you would expect. Apart from ease of use I like the way you can modify parameters like opacity or tweak the audio, (including add reverb). I noticed some reviews were critical of its features but I have been very impressed and not found anything lacking. It works fine with the AVCHD files from my Panasonic GX7 too. The transitions look very professional. Keyframes to modify parameters are useful and it is easy to extend clips, cut them or do slow motions. It does everything I want and more, A genuine bargain, good value for money.”

Mr Brian Boyden

2 Nov 2014

“This is an extensive programme which enables the user to turn out professional movies. However, do not be put off by this. It is extremely easy to use and it is quite possible to produce a quality movie from all those holiday clips using just a fraction of the programme's ability. This really is a first class product.”

Mr Michael Foster
Stockton on Tees

31 Oct 2014

“The easiest video editing package I have used. There is no need to be an expert and the results are very good.”

Mr Alan Bell

14 Oct 2014

“Up to now I have used Adobe Premier to edit my videos but I have found it can be rather unstable at times especially shutting down without much warning. I had a previous version of MoviePlus but realised on contacting Serif that I needed the latest version which I bought. I have found it very easy to use, once I stopped trying to use it like Adobe. The programme is easy to use and I look forward to trying more of the options available. I need a proframme which is easy to use, and produces good DVDs fairly quickly because I cannot use a computer for more than a few minutes at a time due to disabilities. MoviePlus does this and more. A great buy!!!!”

Mr Vladimir Dimov
Sofia, Bulgaria

23 Sep 2014

“I've always was bothered by fact almost all video editors with good support and features requires paid license... Those I've found thought Internet are having at leas one of these cons listed below:

1. The video editor is with a shareware license and is possible to get free only an trial (with lot of features disabled, watermark on output or time limit of use without paid registration);
2. The video editor has only Linux / MacOS versions but NOT an Windows one;
3. The video editor is freeware but is discontinued and is abandoned since least 3-4 years and don't have versions for newer Windows OS (for example latest version is only for Windows 2000 / Windows XP but there isn't a any newer version released and compatible with Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8;
4. The video editor's system requirements says it work only on 64-bit Windows (can't use it on a 32-bit Windows OS because it's unsupported) and / or it will work only on CPU with least Quad-Core CPU (aka that video editor just won't work on PCs with Single-Core / Dual-Core / Triple-Core CPU at all).

However, I've searched for a good free editor (because I don't have money to pay for a shareware video editor) and yesterday I've found the free version of MoviePlus (MoviePlus Starter Edition) here and made a registration to download it. It was impressive as features - editing, effects, adding a text... Some of features inside MoviePlus Starter Edition although requires upgrade to MoviePlus X6 to become available for use... I now have good free editor! The only freeware editors I've used before are Windows Movie Maker (slightly old), Pinnacle Studio (but many people have an issues with it), Windows Movie Maker Live (also have problems, I now just can't install it on my Windows 7 because the installation fails for some reason)...

MoviePlus Starter Edition - Pros & Cons

Pros: lightweight; many good effects for a free video editor; adding text and subtitles; excellent encoding for text and filenames for languages different than Latin (I'm tried using a Cyrillic and text appeared correctly and worked fine);

Cons: cannot make DVD menu or save edited video on DVD / Blu-ray disc (even making a normal for home use requires upgrade); watermark over video when applying most effects and Text / Credits; can't import and edit any video type with MoviePlus Starter Edition except AVI / MOV / WMV; pop-up for the upgrade when exit.

Although I have a few suggestion for the free version - MoviePlus Starter Edition:

1. Some of the effects add an watermark over the video clip on its upper left corner and it is slightly large. It is possible to remove that watermark (or to least reduce its size if you're still want it to be present on videos made with MoviePlus Starter Edition)?
2. MoviePlus Starter Edition can export / import only MOV / AVI / WMV video formats, all other video formats requires upgrade to the paid version MoviePlus X6. I think it really NEED TO REMOVE the restriction for importing and editing those two video formats: mp4 and 3gp! Reason? The .mp4 might be the format used by many cameras. The .3gp video format is the one used for recording video by many Android smartphones.

I'm Bulgarian so sorry this my English isn't native. The only thing I don't like is only the full version can edit 3gp, so I can't edit my videos recorded by my Android phone in any way (it is HTC Wildfire S)... As average, your free MoviePlus Starter Edition is fine as features for me.”

Mr Peter M Adamson

16 Sep 2014

“What I like first about Movie Plus 6 is the transition from plus 5 was easy with only minimal view and layout changes so I didn't have to go through a new learning process which is my criticism of other companies software when upgraded. Secondly Movie plus 5 didn't convert my Canon film files (Canon's mpeg4) and I had to pre-do this whereas Movie Plus 6 converts these files straight away - For me a massive improvement saving me a lot of time when uploading direct from the Camcorder.
The layout improvements are very good once a few sessions have taken place and I can see the benefits of the new layout.
I have regularly recommended Serif products to friends and have every confidence in using them in the future.
I have 4 movie making programs and Serif is first choice everytime. Some of these other programs cost much more and with no added benefits so I have only updated Movie Plus in recent times.
The ability to layer clips with no limit is an outstanding feature and this opens up a whole range of creativity and fun.It is also a very intuitive program for those who don't like reading manuals but if you have to read up, the Directors guide is very well written in straight talking language.
Great program -keep up the good work Serif.”

Mr Michael Rollings

11 Sep 2014

“I think this software is excellent. Having used Pinnacle Studio before I consider this to be far superior.”

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