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Edit your videos with MoviePlus X6. Its powerful, yet easy-to-use, editing tools and studio-quality effects help you to create stunning movies in minutes. Burn HD videos to Blu-ray Disc or DVD, or upload your movies to the web and share them with friends, family, or the world…

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Customer Reviews

315 people who bought this rated it 4.45 out of 5

Mr John Flatt

26 Jan 2014

“A very intuitive, easy-to-use video-editing program. I have used others but this is by far the most versatile.”

Mr P Burns

25 Jan 2014

“In the short time that I have been able to use the movie X6 I find that when I go the full screen preview the whole screen freezes and nothing works. The only way is to switch off the computer at the mains and then restart the computer from scratch. I have been in touch with the technical support and despite a rather length discussion they have been unable solve this problem at all. I am very unhappy about this situation to say the least and would kindly request that a representative of the technical support dept. contact me and sort this problem once and for all”

Serif Says:

Hi there,

Sorry to here you've been having problems with MoviePlus.

I am passing your details and your comments on to our support team who should be in touch with you soon.

Thanks - David

Mr Michael Harfield

15 Jan 2014

“Although I had not yet used the software, I recently needed to split some large AVI files and was amazed how quickly I could do it. In little over an hour the job was done and cut to disc, and that was with no experience of MoviePlus X6. I have all the Serif products and keep them up to date, and the reason is simple; Serif make their software really user friendly. The UI being standardized makes navigation familiar and the extent of video support should mean there is little reason for tech support. But even there, Serif do their best. Even though I have more expensive programs, it's hard to beat the ease of production provided by excellent UI and help files. I 100% endorse Serif for the beginner to the expert, There's certainly no beating their price range, so I urge you to give them a try, remember, they have a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.”

Mr Stuart Hillier

13 Jan 2014

“Having used MoviePlus X5 for some time I bought X6 on the recommendation of a video club colleague. I also have other editing programmes and what I find with both Serif versions is they tend to hang quite often during basic editing and I find I have to wait anything up to a minute before I can continue to edit. This does not happen with other editing programmes. One problem I have always had with both MoviePlus programmes is downloading HD(1220x1080) footage via Firewire most options in the capture window are greyed out (an explanation would be useful) including scene selection and the scene detection in the trim window is only a random detection and not at every different scene. Nobody including those helpful people on your forum site have no idea why this is so. The Serif programmers need to resolve these problems.

Kind Regards
Stuart Hillier”

Mr Derek Barber

13 Jan 2014

“Not very "user friendly" and cumbersome to use. Program regularly freezes and crashes. Have now abandoned it as it is more trouble than it's worth. Looking for a different program from elsewhere.”

Mr Ian Sturt
Newton Abbot

13 Jan 2014

“Good but not great for occasional users because it is not intuitive.

The media import is OK but why combine video and audio in a separate import section? Why not have an import button on the timeline that imports media relevant to that timeline?

Volume adjustment is well hidden and not exactly clear to us novices what adjusting the db level numbers will do and why you can do it in two seemingly unrelated places.

Things I wanted to use but couldn't find.
a) An easy way to apply a variety of transitions to a whole movie. It is easy to change one and easy to change all to the same thing but laborious to incorporate a variety of transitions.

b) A way to create a clip for each section of a holiday and then to burn a DVD for the whole holiday. As far as I can find you can only burn a DVD within MoviePlus for a single clip with chapters and if you import the set of clips you have already created and use them as chapters it re-renders them the resulting quality goes through the floor.

What seems to be missing is a simple DVD authoring option, something a lot of people want now Microsoft have taken theirs out of Windows 8.

The software may do these things but if they can't be found they may as well not be there, and within a reasonable amount of time I couldn't find them. The beauty of most Serif software is that despite being very powerful you can pick it up occasionally and find your way around the bits you need very easily. In my opinion MoviePlus is different in that you need to invest significant time in working out how to do things before you can achieve anything. It is undoubtedly very powerful, but to me it achieves it at the expense of providing ease of use for the people who just want to create a holiday video occasionally.”

Mr Andrew Cook

20 Dec 2013

“MoviePlusX6 has exceeded my expectations. Easy learning curve. Just so easy to do transitions and build up multi video and audio tracks. The best software I have ever bought.”

Mr A Norris

8 Dec 2013

“Looks very comprehensive, but not had time to evaluate properly yet.”

Mr Stephen Allerton

2 Dec 2013

“Serif Movie Plus X 6
I've really enjoyed using this video editing software. I was able to better my video making by understanding how to crop the video and zoom in for the first time, allowing me to make a video with a screen within a screen for the first time. I've been wanting to achieve that effect for ages. Again a great product. Thanks to Serif.”

Mr Jeff Freestone

2 Dec 2013

“As a professional video editor/producer I was looking for a viable alternative to Premier Pro.
Moviplus seemed to offer most if not all of the facilities available with Adobe PP. I felt the UI was not quite there when com paired to PP, although a part of this May very we'll have been my familiarity with PP.
I didn't go through the complete process of editing a complete video (mine tend to be around the1 - 2 hour mark) and producing a DVD / BluRay although all the facilities seemed to be there. The logging and meta data seemed as good as PP, and data sorting seemed quicker. The primary issues I had with MP was the amateur offer of make a movie without editing this would immediately raise questions in the minds of clients, and the changing of media names to a seemingly 'computer type' series of numbers. Not helpful when trying to decide what files should be archived.”

Mr David Rochford

1 Dec 2013

“Extremely simple to use, within a few minutes I'd loaded my own video and was adding overlays and was fading scenes and pictures in and out. Whether MoviePlus has enough features to create a 15-minute feature or a 5-minute band video, I'll find out!”

Mr Michael Tapp
St Day

23 Nov 2013

“I am still practicing but like what I have done”

Mr Mick Fulton

16 Nov 2013

“It is a fun and easy piece of software that has suited my needs and I would gladly place a stamp of approval on it if only the petulance that is taking place between the os I'm using (Win 8.1) and MoviePlus and thus not allowing me to burn my work to disc etc. Hopefully the problem can be resovled but until then MoviePlus remains tucked away in my draw.”

Serif Says:

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you've had issues with burning to disc. Have you contacted our support team? We'd love the chance to investigate what's causing this.

Contact details here:

Cheers - David

Mr Rick Ladds

11 Nov 2013

“As an editor it's very good - but frustratingly no use for importing data from a VHS recorder. It works fine with cameras, but not VHS. To have to use a free program to get the film off the VHS into avi and then import into MoviePlus is very annoying!”

Ms Mary Chua

7 Nov 2013

“It's a great product, value for money, easy to use.
One small concern, MoviePlus X6 cannot run photo files with Chinese filenames but has got no problem with music files with Chinese filenames. Wonder why is that so??”

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