PanoramaPlus X4

Digital Photo Stitching Made Easy

PanoramaPlus X4 is the powerful, easy-to-use photo stitching software that lets you create and share stunning panoramic pictures and virtual reality movies. PanoramaPlus X4’s automated stitching process makes it easy to create breathtaking landscapes – even if you’ve never done it before.

PanoramaPlus X4
User Rating: Customer rating:4.36Customer rating:4.36Customer rating:4.36Customer rating:4.36Customer rating:4.36
96 Reviews 

Customer Reviews

96 people who bought this rated it 4.36 out of 5

Mr John Akers

27 Dec 2014

“I have been using Panorama Plus X4 for over 1 year now and find that whenever i need a panoramic view, that i can count on this product to stitch the photos together perfectly.

Great product, Great Price and easy to use!”

Mr John Rostron

17 Sep 2014

“I downloaded the trial version of Serif PanoramaPlus X4 and it produced an excellent panorama, much better than Photoshop did. However it would not save in a larger size than the default of around 300pixels. I noted from the reviews that this should be possible in the full version, so I downloaded it.

I repeated the process on the same files, and found that the resulting panorama no better than the Photoshop version. To make matters worse, I could not export in a larger version than the default 1519 pixels, despite following the 'Resize' option.

I tried opening the original RAW files (Sony ARW) but, although they appeared in the files panel, it claimed not to be able to find any images in them. It worked with the JPEG versions.

When I tried to save the panorama JPG, I clicked on a previous version name and modified it. The program refused to save, thinking I wanted to overwrite the original that I clicked. I had to type in a new name from scratch.

I will have to revert to the free version (which I had uninstalled first), provided I do not need anything larger than around 3000 pixels.

I would give the trial version four stars, but this 'full' version only two!”

Mr Tim Dewitt

13 May 2013

“I work on a computer every day and use different software.
This is one of the easiest to learn.”

Mr Lawrence Saxton
San Bruno

8 May 2013

“This product is very easy to use. It stitches together panorama photos seamlessly.”

Mr Chistopher Riddy

6 May 2013

“I think that Panorama is excellent it is the best in the current market and it quite frankly gets the job done better than any other software on the market. I love it if I have any images of lets say a woodland then I can upload my images directly to it then I can press a button and if the images are compatible then it stiches them together "faultlessly". over all I think it is brilliant and it a great product for what little money you have to pay. I would give it 10/10 if you could.”

Mrs Belinda Gardner

16 Apr 2013

“Having never used a programme like this i was intrigued as to how it would work, and have to say i was very impressed.
You can select as many pictures as you like and the programme will generate a panoramic view from these, providing there is enough focal points for it to match.
I would most certainly recommend this to anyone looking to do this kind of thing from existing prints.”

Mr John Lemon

5 Apr 2013

“Once I got to grips with this I found it fantastic. My problem was I started with too complex a subject ( the whole panorama of the four walls of a room ) which didn't work at all well - changing to one wall each time and the effect was stunning. I find it well worth the money and just hope it gets upgraded soon.

One word of advice is to make sure your initial shots have a reasonable overlap then the merging appears to be faster and more accurate.”

Mr Hedi Haroon

4 Apr 2013

“One of the easiest stitching programs I have used”

Mr Charles Traupmann
San Pedro

1 Apr 2013

“After watching my daughter finely adjust her camera on a tripod to take a panoramic picture, I asked her what she was spending so much time doing. She stated that her photo editing software (a major brand) had to match the edges perfectly. As I started to giggle, she whacked me (as usual) for the burst of laughter that was about to erupt. "Wha..."
I finally replied, "Haven't you heard of PanoramaPlus X4", it's this simple. I pointed my camera at the beautiful scene and clicked away; all over the place.
Later at my house, she was shocked at the simplicity of grabbing photos and having a great pano produced. Of course it took her a while to come around, but she finally sent an email wanting the website for Serif to get that great pano software.”

Mr Stephen Butcher

18 Mar 2013

“The product seems to be very well thought out with a very easy to use graphics user interface.”

Mr David Arnold

18 Mar 2013

“I found the software very easy to set up and have produced several marvelous panorama shots with no effort at all. I can thoroughly recommend this programme to both young and old as it is so easy to use with startling results.”

Mr John Kane

26 Feb 2013

“Only recently got the program and tried it out on a couple of panorama shots that had previously been processed in the photomerge feature of Photoshop. Panorama Plus doesn't have the features that PS does, but having said that it works fine without them. I was very pleased with the results. Sometimes simplicity is best.”

Mr Carl Oberdorfer

5 Feb 2013

“I found it user friendly, easy to negotiate through steps to completed panorama. It was also easily incorporated into the PhotoPlus X4 editing software. How at times it required two attempts before the stitching process was able to recognize enough elements in the photos to move on to a completed panorama. Hope this was useful.”

Mr Jon Shapiro

29 Jan 2013

“I would go to 5 stars if the software could detect panorama sequences that were shot right to left and not just left to right”

Mr Henry Thompson

22 Jan 2013

“I've been using the product for a couple of months now.
For simple panoramic shots I don't think that it's got any advantages over the products I'd used which came with an old laptop and my Canon camera.
Although having said that it's sometimes produced results with less visible joins between shots than these other packages.
I think the feature which sells it for me is being able to stitch together a mosaic of shots into a single frame, the other packages I have don't offer that feature.
I think it's a product with great features but I'd like to see more control or at least visibility about what's going on when I'm starting the photo stitching process.
Also the other software which I've used seems to successfully produce results with higher resolutions.
When I've tried to increase the resolution of the finished panoramic picture with this software more often than not it fails to produce an output ending with an error message that it was not possible to render a picture in the resolution chosen.
Surely if this was the case I'd like the software to warm me before I'd waited all the time taken to process so I could reselect and different resolution then try again.
Overall a good product for the price but needs a little polish, feels sometimes a bit like it's a Beta version.”

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