PanoramaPlus X4

Digital Photo Stitching Made Easy

PanoramaPlus X4 is the powerful, easy-to-use photo stitching software that lets you create and share stunning panoramic pictures and virtual reality movies. PanoramaPlus X4’s automated stitching process makes it easy to create breathtaking landscapes – even if you’ve never done it before.

PanoramaPlus X4
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PanoramaPlus X4 System Specs

Minimum Requirements

Compatible with Windows 8
  • Pentium PC with DVD/CD drive and mouse
  • Microsoft Windows® 7, Vista, or XP (32-bit) operating system
  • 128MB RAM* (256MB recommended)
  • 125MB free hard disk space* (recommended install)
  • 800 x 600 monitor resolution

* Additional disk resources and memory are required when editing large and/or complex documents

Optional Requirements

  • Windows-compatible printer
  • Scanner
  • Digital camera and/or video camera
  • Internet account and connection required for uploading and software auto update
  • To export a panorama as an Apple QuickTime® virtual reality (VR) movie, you require QuickTime version 6 or above. If you do not already have this program installed, you can choose to install it during the PanoramaPlus installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Windows does PanoramaPlus X4 work with? Does it work with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows?
Yes! You can install and use PanoramaPlus X4 on 32- or 64-bit editions of Windows 8, 7, and Vista, and on 32-bit editions of Microsoft Windows XP.
Do I need a powerful processor and lots of RAM to use PanoramaPlus X4?
No, if your computer already runs Windows, you’ll likely be able to run PanoramaPlus X4 just fine.
What photos can I stitch together into panoramas?
Landscape shots, buildings, anything, indoors or outdoors, with photos that overlap vertically or horizontally. Supported images include all the popular formats – JPG, PNG, RAW and many others. You can optionally attach a scanner or camera to your computer to source images from those devices.
Can I turn panoramic video into beautiful panoramic images?
Yes! If you pan your camera while recording video to capture a large scene, PanoramaPlus X4 can automatically grab frames to make into panoramic images. Lots of popular video types are supported and they’re as easy to stitch as photos – just add the video and in one click it’ll be a seamless image.
What editing can I do in PanoramaPlus?
The stitching, blending and colour correction is all handled automatically, but you can choose to crop and straighten. Cropping includes suggested sizes, so all you need to do for best results is save, share or print the image. If you have Serif PhotoPlus installed, you can send your panorama straight there for further editing.
How can I share my panorama with other people?
You can upload panoramas straight to Facebook or Flickr, send the panorama as an email, export as a file for distributing yourself or publishing online, save as a VR movie for sharing online, or you can print your panoramas. You can print in full glory on large format printers or tile the large image across multiple sheets using regular printers.
What file formats can I save my panorama as?
You can save your panorama as a still image in popular formats including JPG, PNG and TIFF, you can save your panorama as a virtual reality movie (QuickTime VR Movie) that can be panned around and scrolled interactively on the web.
What kind of videos and other content can I add?
You can capture video directly from most cameras, including tape-base models, file-based cameras, and through video capture cards. You can also import saved video in a range of formats including MP4, AVI, MPG, M2TS, WMV, MOV and others. You can add audio in popular formats like MP3 and WAV, directly from a CD, or record narration. Also include pictures like JPGs and PNGs with transparency. If your system supports a new common file standard, you can add it to MoviePlus X6’s import list.
Can I use MoviePlus X6 happily on one monitor? Or on my dual-monitor setup?
Yes, you can customise the screen layout so that your favourite controls are on display all the time, or hidden when you don’t need them, and you can place some parts of MoviePlus, e.g. the live preview, on a second screen to give you a more professional workspace.
How far can I take video editing with MoviePlus X6?
MoviePlus X6 is easy to use yet supports unlimited tracks, groups of tracks, groups within groups, key frames, masks, professional adjustments, blend modes and lots of other advanced features. It also sports professional-level video processing for deinterlacing and speed or zoom changes, so it can achieve an incredible range of styles and effects at very high quality!