PhotoPlus X8

Perfect photos, every time

Perfect photos, every time

Faster, more intuitive and so easy to use — PhotoPlus X8 is here to give you everything you need to achieve stunning results. See what’s new in our latest photo editor and unleash the full potential of your photos.

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Crop smarter

Cropping is now even easier and more precise with the re-engineered Crop tool. It now provides live feedback as you change the size and position of the cropped area, and allows cropping to specific pixel sizes and aspect ratios too — achieving exactly the crop you need every time!

You can also use the new Trim Canvas tool to quickly and precisely trim your current image. If it’s on a transparent background; this new tool lets you instantly crop your document's canvas to the outer border of the object.

Great pictures, spectacular results

Creating the perfect portrait is easy with the new Surface Blur effect that removes blemishes and unwanted lines, smooths wrinkles, and evens-out skin tones without losing important detail. Perfect when combined with the intuitive Makeover Studio to remove common imperfections, whiten teeth and easily fix red-eye.

Revitalising old photos and enhancing low-light photos is also so easy using Surface Blur as it can remove noise and film grain from your images. When used together with the Clone tool to eliminate scratches, unwanted marks and creases, your precious memories will come back to life.

Colours that pop

There’s even more control over colours with the improved Hue, Saturation & Lightness adjustment. As most objects are likely to span several hues of the same colour, the new HSL Dropper tool allows you to add and subtract all the hues at the same time to change the object's appearance naturally.

You can also now match colours between two separate images or layers with the new Transfer Colour tool, perfect for keeping colours consistent throughout your photos.

Pinpoint precision

Achieving precise cut-outs has never been easier with the new Defringe tool that removes any unwanted pixels from around the edge of an object; especially useful when placed against a contrasting background on a new layer.

There are so many ways to cut out images too. The improved Background Eraser gives you more control, plus the Cutout Studio, Flood Eraser, and numerous selection tools give you everything you need to accurately find the areas you want to keep or dispose of.

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Faster, easier, more intuitive

New high DPI support means your workspace is clearer and easier to view on larger high-resolution screens.

See exactly what you’re working with using the new Information tab which shows a wealth of information about your current image, including colour information at your cursor location.

Work faster than ever before with so many improvements to the speed of your workflow, including quicker previews when applying effects.

All great images start with layers

Layers have been improved for more intuitive control over your photos. Easily add New Layers, and New Layer Groups, then combine and layer multiple images to transform your photography into anything you can imagine.

Add a stunning new visual dimension to your images and layers too with brand new blend modes such as Linear Burn and Linear Light.

Setting a superior standard

With added support for 16-bit plug-ins and an increased set of 16-bit built-in effects, your professional workflow has never been more complete. Easily import RAW photos from your DSLR camera, and enjoy 16-bit end-to-end editing and export. While other photo editing software may reduce the quality of your images, PhotoPlus maintains a professional quality throughout.

Intuitive printing options

Enjoy easier organisation of your growing image collection and quickly print different image sizes, multiple images over multiple pages and whole albums in just a couple of clicks, with a host of printing improvements.

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