Serif Launches MoviePlus X6 – the HD Video Editor for Creating Great Home Movies to Share

March 05, 2012 – A powerful yet easy-to-use HD movie editor has today launched for individuals wanting to create and share high-quality videos of special moments like family holidays, weddings and a baby’s first steps. MoviePlus X6, the latest version from award-winning creative software developer Serif, allows entry-level users and enthusiasts to create movies faster and easier than ever before – whether the footage has been captured on a camcorder, DSLR or compact camera, smart phone or other pocket recording device.

“More and more people of all ages and abilities, particularly parents, hobbyists and students, are creating movies to share with friends and family,” says Gary Bates, Managing Director at Serif. “And much of this is due to the increased availability of devices capable of recording video such as the iPhone®, BlackBerry® and Android smartphones. In fact, research released by The NPD Group* shows that 35% of video is captured on a mobile phone, compared with 34% on a camera and 27% on a camcorder.”

MoviePlus X6 includes QuickMovie Studio, a new feature for quickly and easily creating movies in an instant. Users simply select from one of 20 professionally-designed themes, perfect for weddings, birthdays and more, and import their own videos and photos. Each theme contains customisable titles and credits plus matching transitions and effects. Music can be added too – users can select their own or choose from a library of tracks in the program.

“You don’t need to have video editing experience to use QuickMovie Studio, or own a top of the range PC or laptop to edit footage. It’s quick and easy to import video clips and photos, personalise elements and choose background music. Exporting your polished movie is simple too – whether you want to playback your movie on popular hardware devices or upload onto social networking sites.”

Other new features in MoviePlus X6 include the Video File Converter for easily converting video files, or batches of files, from one format to another and a re-designed Properties pane for a faster workflow. New colour and lighting adjustments allow users to adjust white balance, vibrancy, exposure, shadows and clarity to their movie clips and still images. Further creative effects can be applied using the new 3D Adjustment Tool – users can flip, reverse, and spin their movies along any axis. The new version also allows users to upload their work directly to Facebook.

MoviePlus’ legacy features will continue to impress users who want to make stunning movies in minutes and, with the program’s improved UI, it’s now even easier to use. Videos can be imported from anywhere (MoviePlus is compatible with all popular video file types) and edited using the program’s two editing modes. Storyboard mode is an easy-to-use workspace for beginners wanting to produce simple projects and slideshows, while Timeline mode offers advanced control and precision, allowing more experienced users to arrange media over unlimited tracks.

For those who want to put their creativity into action, there are over 200 studio-quality effects and transitions to make something truly personalised and unique. Finished videos can be burned to DVD, AVCHD DVD or Blu-ray Disc, complete with a personalised menu, and there are export pre-sets for popular gadgets including iPod, iPad and Android devices. Users can upload movies directly to YouTube, and Facebook.

MoviePlus X6 is compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP and retails at £61.27 (inc. VAT). It is available from Serif at and from major retailers including Amazon and PC World. Existing MoviePlus users should contact 0800 376 7070 for further information on upgrade pricing.


For more information, contact Clare Homer at Serif at or on 0115 914 9042. Follow @Serif_Clare on Twitter.

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New and improved features of MoviePlus X6 include:

  • New: QuickMovie Studio – Create movies quickly and easily in MoviePlus’ QuickMovie Studio. Choose from 20 professionally designed themes, suitable for birthdays, weddings, Christmas and more, and import your own video files and images. Each theme contains a customisable title sequence and credits plus effects and transitions.
  • New: Video File Converter – Convert video files, or batches of files, from one format to another easily without having to use the Timeline or Storyboard modes.
  • New: Adjustments – Adjust colour and lighting, including while balance, vibrancy, exposure, shadows, and clarity on your movie segments and still images.
  • New: 3D Adjustment – Flip, reverse, and spin your movies along any axis using the new 3D adjustment to create amazing effects.
  • New: AVCHD Progressive Export – Export AVCHD at 1080p and 50fps, compressed enough to fit your movies on an SD card to play on your full HD TV.
  • New: Upload to Facebook – Share your movies with friends and family instantly. In one click, you can upload your finished video straight to Facebook.
  • Improved: Properties Pane – Use the redesigned Properties pane, which allows you to manage and apply adjustments to create complex projects more easily.
  • Improved: Export Presets – Export your movies with the right playback settings for iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Android, and more, easily with the new export presets.
  • Improved: Text Tool – Add text to your video projects easily using the improved text tool. Inserting and editing text is as easy as typing a letter.
  • Improved: Menu Designer Text Styles – Design a movie menu using artistic text and customisable styles to match, or be distinct from, the text in your video project.

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