Support Policies

Serif’s responsibilities

  • Exercise best efforts to resolve incidents submitted by our customers
  • Document and record each incident and its resolution
  • Track the timeframe an incident remains open and escalate when required

Customer responsibilities

  • Perform problem determination and diagnostic activities as may be suggested by Serif Technical Support staff, promptly and completely
  • Perform problem resolution activities as suggested by Serif

Definitions of support

Serif breaks down the technical support we provide into four different areas:

  • Installation Support should you encounter a problem installing your software
  • Product Issue Support should you encounter a legitimate problem with the software itself (i.e. it’s not performing as it should)
  • Product Help for customers seeking advice or instructions on how to do things within our software, such as using specific tools or completing specific tasks
  • Document Consultation for when a very high level of help is necessary on a specific project you are working on. This includes our technical experts working on your document for you

Definition of a Fully Supported Product

A Fully Supported Product is defined as:

  • A current version of software published by Serif
  • The immediate predecessor of a current version of software published by Serif, but only for three months following the launch date of the current version

Click here for a comprehensive list of Fully Supported Products.

For Non – Fully Supported Products we recommend that you access our extensive online support resources which include our community forums and knowledgebase.

Installation and Product Issue support

This level of support is provided free of charge for all Fully Supported Products.

For earlier versions or free software this type of support is provided free of charge within 90 days of purchase or download, or 90 days from registration if not purchased directly from Serif.

For 3rd Party software purchased directly from Serif we will also provide installation support within 90 days of purchase. For any non-installation help or queries, support is provided by the developer of the 3rd Party item.

Product help

This level of support is only provided for Fully Supported Products

To make the most of your new software, any individual who has purchased a Fully Supported Product from Serif or a recognised retailer or distributor will receive two free support credits for product help which can be used whilst the program is still defined as a Fully Supported Product.

Once these two free credits have been used we recommend that you utilise our extensive online community forums and knowledgebase. However should you prefer to contact us direct, additional support credits can be purchased at a rate of £9.99 per incident.

Definition of a Product Help Incident

Serif defines a Product Help Incident as a request for help or guidance with one specific aspect of a product e.g. use of a particular feature or assistance with a specific task. A single support incident may involve multiple phone calls and emails. Customers are eligible for a refund on incidents purchased for product issues and installation queries relating to Fully Supported Products.

Document consultation

This is only provided on Fully Supported Products and is charged at a rate of £49.95 per document.

Serif Web Resources

We will answer any technical queries about Serif Web Resources as long as you own a copy of WebPlus that is Fully Supported.

We will not provide any additional services, like retrieving your SQL file from our database

Response time

Defined as the length of time between when a call or e-mail message is received and logged by Serif’s Technical Support Services, and when a Serif technician contacts or responds to the customer. Although we cannot always guarantee response times, a combination of incident severity or urgency level is used in part to prioritize incidents. Serif Support Services endeavour always to respond to customer inquiries in a timely and efficient manner. In general, Serif Technical Services will reply to you within 2 business days.

Reporting on incidents

Please ensure that you provide the following information when reporting an incident with Serif Support staff:

  • Your Name and applicable contact information (phone number or e-mail address)
  • Your account number or order number (or if you did not purchase direct from Serif your full address including postcode)
  • Company Name (if applicable)
  • A complete description of the problem, issue, or error message

Contacting Serif support

Customers can contact our support department by using our online support form.


Support options reflect Serif’s current support policies and do not constitute a warranty for support. Your agreement with Serif for the use of your Serif product or products is governed by the end user license agreement accompanying the purchased product. Serif reserves the right at any time to change its Support options and policies without notice to the end user.