Your Serif Product Key

Many Serif products now require you to enter a special code, or “Product Key” before you are able to use your software. The Product Key is a security and anti-piracy measure that verifies that your software is genuine.

Locating your Serif Product Key

Whenever you purchase a Serif product, you will be supplied with a Product Key with your software – please ensure that you keep your Product Key in a secure location, as it may be required in the future if you wish to reinstall your software.

For physical product purchases (CDs, DVDs), your Product Key will usually be located on the invoice that you receive with your order, alternatively it might be located on the packaging (a brightly coloured sticker on the DVD case or CD sleeve) or on the front of the product disc. If you have purchased a downloadable product online, your Product Key will be emailed to you with your order confirmation. For all physical and downloadable products ordered directly from Serif, your Product Key will also be available from the “My Account” section of this site.

Entering your Serif Product Key

During the installation of your Serif product, you will be reqested to enter your Product Key before you are able to use your software. Your Serif Product Key will be a 25 character combination of letters and numbers and needs to be entered exactly as displayed in order to function correctly. The key will be in the format shown below:

(“A” below denotes a letter, “X” denotes either a letter or a number and “0” denotes a number)


Please take care when entering the code as if you enter any characters incorrectly it will not function and you will be unable to use your software.

If you have not received a Product Key with your order and your software is requesting one during installation, or if you have problems entering your key, please visit the Support section of our website.