Getting started with animation

What is animation? Like flip books, Disney movies and TV, it’s a way of creating the illusion of motion by displaying a series of still images, rapidly enough to fool the eye—or more accurately, the brain. Professional animators have developed a whole arsenal of techniques for character animation—rendering human (and animal) movement in a convincing way.

A clear distinction has to be made between two types of animation techniques, both possible from within DrawPlus, i.e.

DrawPlus lets you export Stopframe or Keyframe animations to a variety of different formats. For more details, review Exporting animations.

For now we'll look at how to set up both Stopframe or Keyframe animation within DrawPlus.

To begin a new Stopframe or Keyframe animation (from Startup Wizard):

  1. Start DrawPlus (or choose File>New>New from Startup Wizard... if it’s already running).

  2. Select Create>Stopframe Animation or Create>Keyframe Animation from the Startup Wizard.

  3. From Page Setup, review document types in the left-hand pane.

  4. Select a document type thumbnail from a category in the left-hand pane.

  5. (Optional) For custom settings, from the right-hand of the dialog, click a Paper or Animation properties setting and either choose a different drop-down list option or input new values to modify. Typically, you can change Width, Height, and Orientation settings in the Paper category.

  6. Click OK. The new document opens.

To begin a new Stopframe or Keyframe animation from scratch:

  1. Either:

  1. Select New>New Keyframe Animation from the File menu.

A new document window opens in the respective Animation mode.

To convert an existing drawing to either animation mode:

  1. Choose Convert to Stopframe Animation or Convert to Keyframe Animation from the File menu. You'll be prompted to save changes (if any) to your existing drawing.

  2. Select Yes to save your work, No to convert to an animation or Cancel to continue working on your current drawing.

To adjust the basic layout of your animation:

  1. Choose Page Setup from the context toolbar (shown with Pointer or Rotate Tool selected).
    - or -

    Page Setup... from the File menu.

  2. Adjust your settings as described above.

  3. Click OK.

  4. You can modify page characteristics such as page size and orientation from the Pages context toolbar.

To save an animation: