Cropping photos

CraftArtist includes the Crop Tool for cropping items and photos on the page. The Crop context toolbar also provides a Rule of Thirds grid to help you with your photo composition.

Cropping a photo

  1. Select a photo and then on the Standard toolbar, click the  Crop Tool.

  2. Click and drag an edge or corner handle towards the centre of the photo.

Cropping a photo to a drawn preset shape is a great way to give your photo extra appeal. You can also morph your preset shape into various positions before cropping for complete flexibility.

To crop a photo to a shape:

  1. Use the  Select tool to create a multiple selection containing the items to be clipped.

  2. On the Arrange tab, click the down arrow to expand the  Crop flyout.

  3. To clip the bottom photo to the outline of the top shape, click Clip to Top Item.

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Using the Rule of Thirds

  1. Select your photo and click the  Crop Tool.

  2. On the Crop context toolbar, click  Show/Hide Thirds Grid.

  3. A 3 x 3 grid is superimposed on top of the photo.


  4. Drag an edge handle to crop the photo. The grid repositions itself on release.


  5. To zoom into or out of the image, use the Zoom tools displayed to the right of the photo.


Click and drag on the cropped photo to pan the image.

For best results, aim to position your main subject of interest at a point where any two gridlines intersect.

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