Organizing photos

AlbumPlus Organizer SE is Serif's powerful photo management application that can be used alongside PhotoPlus. From your collection of photos you can create your own named photo albums and perform a range of management and searching operations. For more information, see Managing your photos and Searching for photos.

More importantly, when used with PhotoPlus, AlbumPlus Organizer SE acts as an album-based "front end" to PhotoPlus, from which you can open your photo and perform photo editing seamlessly. The photo will remain locked in AlbumPlus Organizer SE (and unavailable to edit) until you close it in PhotoPlus.

To launch AlbumPlus Organizer SE:

  1. Display PhotoPlus's Startup Wizard.

  2. Select Go to My Album. AlbumPlus Organizer SE is launched as a separate application but working in conjunction with PhotoPlus.

To add photos to your album, please review the Getting Started sub-book (following this topic).

To open a photo for editing in PhotoPlus:

  1. Select the photo thumbnail in any mode.

  2. Either: