Colour Schemes

 5-15 min


When designing your publications, one of the most important factors to consider is colour. It sets the mood, sends a message and gets attention. But how do you select a colour palette that’s right for your publication? In the first of the colour schemes tutorials, we’ll introduce you to WebPlus colour schemes.

In the first section of this tutorial, we’ll apply scheme colours to individual elements on a page. We’ll then show you how you can edit and modify scheme colours.

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to:

Let’s begin...

  1. On the File menu, click Startup Wizard.

  2. In the Create section, click Use Design Template.

  1. In the dialog:

Changing the scheme colour

This site has been designed to use colour schemes. Let's look at this now by choosing a different scheme.

To apply a colour scheme:

  1. On the Swatches tab click the button (next to the colour swatches).

    The Colour Scheme Designer opens. In the Scheme Manager pane, you'll see an assortment of named schemes, each consisting of twelve basic colours. The colour scheme that is currently applied is highlighted in the Scheme Manager pane and displayed on the right.

  2. On the Colour Schemes tab, click to select Scheme 2 and then click Load.

    All schemed objects within the publication update with the new colours.

  3. Select Scheme 3, click Load and click OK to exit the dialog.

  4. If you take a look at our pro design templates, you’ll notice that these are also designed to use colour schemes so that you can change the look and feel quickly and easily.

Applying scheme colours to objects

The scheme colours work much like a paint-by-numbers system, where various regions and elements of a page layout are coded with numbers. In each scheme, a specific colour is assigned to each number. You can change or even apply a colour scheme at any point during the design process, but it's best practice to scheme your objects from the start. This gives you the most flexibility if you decide to change the look and feel of a publication.

To apply a scheme colour to an object:

  1. On the Tools toolbar, on the  QuickShape flyout, click the Quick Petal and draw a large shape on the page.

  2. Click to display the Swatches tab.

    At the bottom of the tab, below the colour swatches, you’ll see that twelve scheme colours appear as numbered swatches.

  3. Ensure that the shape is selected and on the Swatches tab, click the Fill button and then click the scheme colour you want to apply to the shape’s fill.

  1. Now apply a different colour scheme to the publication. WebPlus applies the new scheme colours to the shape.

    On the Swatches tab, notice that the colour scheme swatches have been replaced with the new scheme colours.

    You can also apply scheme colours to text in the same way.

As you can see, when you create new elements in any publication, you can extend a colour scheme to your layout elements using the process just described.

You'll need to spend some time working out which colour combinations look best, but the mechanics of the process are simple.

 Don't forget to save your work!

Modifying colour schemes

If you've tried various colour schemes but haven't found one that's quite right for your document, you can modify any of the colours in an existing scheme to create a new one.

To modify a colour scheme:

  1. On the Swatches tab click the button (next to the colour swatches).

  2. In the Colour Scheme Designer dialog, the current scheme colours are displayed.

    Each of the twelve scheme colours has its own drop-down list, showing available colours.

  3. To set or change a scheme colour, simply click the button to expand the drop-down list, and then select a new colour.

  4. (Optional) If the drop-down palette doesn’t contain the colour you want to use, click More Colours to display the Colour Selector.

    In the Colour Selector dialog, various controls allow you to choose a colour to apply or mix your own custom colours.

  1. When you have modified your scheme, click OK to apply it to your publication.

Saving a new scheme

When you save your document, its current colour scheme is saved with the publication. However, if you want to use the scheme in other publications, you need to save it to the application. (To learn how to create and modify your colour schemes, see the tutorial, Colour Schemes II.)

To save a scheme (application):

  1. On the Swatches tab click the button and in the dialog, ensure that the Colour Schemes tab is displayed. Notice that the current document scheme colours are displayed.

  2. To create a new scheme, click Save As and type in a new name and click OK.

    - or -

    To overwrite an existing scheme, click to select it and then, click Save.

  3. The scheme library is updated to reflect the changes. If you have created a new scheme, it will appear at the bottom of the Application list.

In future, you will be able to load your saved scheme from within any project.