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Dale is a Product Marketing Manager responsible for shaping all the marketing for PagePlus and WebPlus, keeping up with what's going on in those markets and describing those products to people clearly to help make them even more popular. He works closely with PR, creative designers, online, sales, and product development teams to better understand and promote Serif products. Dale has enjoyed engaging with Serif customers since 1997 and continues to stay in touch to help shape future releases. He has computer engineer, customer service & support management and technical authoring amongst earlier roles, now concentrating his broad tech knowledge on DTP and web publishing, with side interests in imaging and video.

He's a cheeky chap with a beard that magically reshapes itself while he sleeps. He has eclectic tastes that include fast motorbikes, loud music, books, gadgets, cinema, economics and current affairs, and advances in physics. He's a Germanophile, having spent half his childhood in Mönchengladbach, Germany (and the other half moving from place to place in England, Scotland, and Malta). He is easily transfixed by interesting curry recipes, he has tinnitus from too many gigs and festivals, and like a strange sort of candy cane Dale has words running through his cross-section reading 'Not suitable for vegetarians'.

Dale Cook

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