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Dale is a Product Marketing Manager responsible for shaping all the marketing for PagePlus and WebPlus, keeping up with what's going on in those markets and describing those products to people clearly to help make them even more popular.

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How to get your design ready for professional print shops

Here are a few extra tips that can round off your design job to make sure it’s ready for hassle-free printing at your professional print shop.

Designing for professional printing

Although you can easily and cheaply print at home, professional printing is required whenever you need the highest quality hard copies, to print on special materials, to make product packaging, or produce large format/large volume prints.

Add an animated sliding banner to your website

We're highlighting this great tutorial video that shows how to add and edit a slider in WebPlus X6

Publish your own eBook: Part 2

If you've written your eBook, and had it checked and edited, it's time to submit it to the world’s biggest eBook outlet - part 2 of our guide shows you how.

Self-publish your own eBook: part 1

Self-publishing is increasingly popular as it earns you higher royalty rates, can get you into more eBook stores, and of course gives you full control over the pricing and other aspects of the publishing process. Here’s the first part of our guide to getting your eBook on sale in the most popular stores on the planet.

Poster design tips for PagePlus

We've put together some of the most important poster design tips to help you create an effective poster using PagePlus

Please stop using word processors for signs, flyers and posters!

Word processors can be great for producing signs, flyers and posters but they are very limited in what they can do - sometimes it's better to use the right tool for the job from the start...

Adding new features to WebPlus: weather widget

This video shows how easy it is to add completely new features to your WebPlus site; fresh, dynamic features that don't yet exist within WebPlus itself

Making electronic PDF forms with PagePlus

Electronic PDF forms are downloadable, easy to complete, and convenient - here's how to make them in Serif PagePlus

Make your website more visible: Advertise!

This series looks at various ways of making your website more visible online - In part 7 we show you how advertising can help bring in visitors