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Hannah is the Product Marketing Manager for PhotoPlus and MoviePlus, which gives her a brilliant excuse to indulge in her passions of photography and movies. It's Hannah's job to make sure these products are communicated in an exciting and easy to understand way so Serif customers will want to invest in the latest versions of this amazing software!

Hannah loves taking lots of photos and has in the region of 200 squillion of them slowing her PC down right now, but uses them wisely to illustrate her photography articles that she writes for the Serif blog.

A lover of cake and other hip-widening sustenance, Hannah will promise to 'smash it up' at karaoke and be completely rubbish at flat-pack assembly - making her a bit of a girl which she counteracts with an unexpected talent for pool.

Hailing from Leicester, she is, of course, a fan of Englebert Humperdink, Shawoddywoddy and Rosemary Connelly. Hannah had an unhealthy obsession with Geoff Capes in the 80s, which led to her snapping her Grandmother's stick around her neck after watching Britain's Strongest Man at the age of 7.

With the Geoff Capes thing now safely in the past, Hannah enjoys sunshine, campervans, beer gardens, and French and Saunders. In that order.

Hannah Tomlinson

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