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Hannah loves taking lots of photos and has in the region of 200 squillion of them slowing her PC down right now, but uses them wisely to illustrate her photography articles that she writes for the Serif blog.

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Fun photo editing in PhotoPlus

Are you tired of correcting red-eye, altering contrast, cropping, and straightening, and just want to have some FUN with photo editing? Here’s a project that will only take you a few minutes to complete, get those creative juices flowing.

Is a compact camera right for you?

There are hundreds of cameras on the market, but should you buy a compact camera, or is something else right for you?

How to create a Tilt Shift effect in PhotoPlus X6

Tilt shift is really popular for producing faux miniaturised pictures, and PhotoPlus X6 has a brand new tilt shift effect to help you produce these images in a couple of easy steps.

How to create a breathtaking panorama photograph

Producing a panoramic photograph is a great way to capture vast scenes like this, and it couldn’t be easier than when you use our PanoramaPlus software. Here are the steps you need to take to create an impressive panorama.

Retro Image Creation in PhotoPlus X5

Learn how to create funky, retro images using the tools available in PhotoPlus

Macro Photography for Beginners

If you’re sitting at home reading this, chances are there’s a studio, complete with small and perfectly formed (but sometimes flighty) models in your back garden, just waiting to be photographed and they can make great subjects for macro photographs.

How to crop and straighten your photos

How to crop and straighten your photos

5 ways to improve your holiday photos with PhotoPlus

If your holiday snaps didn’t turn out quite as you’d hoped, don’t worry! We’ve put together our top five tips for improving your holiday photos later using a photo editing package like PhotoPlus.

How to create a multiplicity image in PhotoPlus X5

Ever wished you could be in more than one place at the same time? Well now you can!

How to take great photos of your pet

Taking photos of your pets can be a fun, but sometimes exasperating chore! Follow our tips on photographing pets for ideas on how to capture their best side.