Create attention-grabbing text with DrawPlus

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Whether you want to design a logo or add headline grabbing text to a document, DrawPlus can be used to create stand out text.  In this, part one of two, I show you some simple but effective techniques to try.


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  • Diane

    So helpful! When will part 2 be available

    • Marketing Dragon

      this is excellent i can’t wait for more video tutorials !!

  • Diane

    Specifically interested in how to add a dash overlay to text as in this example. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

    • SerifSimon

      Thanks for your feedback, Diane. Next video will be posted within the next couple of weeks.
      As for how to create a dash overlay, try:

      1) Use the artistic text tool to add words to a page
      2) Choose desired font
      3) Use the pen tool to draw lines and curves by tracing the outline of each
      letter (through the centre)
      4) Select each line/curve and change to ‘dashed line’ from DrawPlus’ Line Tab.

      Hope this works for you.