How to design an Easter egg in DrawPlus

Okay, it might not be as tasty as the chocolate variety but if you’re planning to send cards this Easter or organise a hunt for the kids, you’ll want to draw an Easter egg that looks every bit as good the real thing! Follow this easy tutorial to draw an egg that will make even the Easter bunny jealous!

Modify an Elipse QuickShape to draw an outline of an eggDraw a circle with the Quick Ellipse QuickShape.

Then, with the shape selected, click on Tools (in the menu bar) and select 'Convert to curves.'

Next, choose the Node Tool. Use it to select and drag the circle's top node upwards until you have the basic outline of an egg.

Add ribbon around the eggTo draw the egg's ribbon, use the Quick Rectangle QuickShape to create two rectangles and position them over the egg so that they cross in the middle.

To give the appearance of the ribbon wrapping around the egg, position the ribbon so it overlaps the yellow-filled area and finish by converting the rectangles to curves and repositioning the nodes at the ends to give a more rounded appearance.

Easter Egg 15To add a reflection, draw two QuickShape ellipses.

Click on the Shape Builder Tool then join the shapes together by clicking and dragging a path through both shapes.

To add shading, use the Quick Moon QuickShape to draw an adjustable moon, convert it to curves, and use the Node Tool to tweak its nodes so there is more of a curve.

Use the Colour Tab's opacity slider to reduce the opacity of both the reflection and shadow.

Create a bow by drawing a Quick Tear QuickShape. Convert it to curves and customise its appearance by adjusting its node handles. Draw a smaller tear and position it at the bottom of the larger one to create shadow.

Follow a similar process for the ribbon but use a Quick Wave QuickShape as the base. Create the forked end by drawing a triangle and using the Subtract button on the Arrange Tab to punch out the shape (make sure you have both objects selected first).

Once you're happy with the appearance of the bow and ribbon, create a copy of both elements and use the 'Flip Horizontal' button on the Main Toolbar. Group left and right sections together to create one object and position it at the centre of the egg.

Finish by drawing a square at the centre of the ribbon and by rounding its corners with the sliding handles that control corner radius.

Easter Egg 16As a finishing touch, give the egg a shadow by drawing a QuickShape Ellipse and using the Fill Tool to apply a gradient.

Final note

If you’ve decided to follow this tutorial or drawn an egg using another method, attach it to a comment at the bottom of this post – we might feature the best entries in a future Serif newsletter. And if we’re feeling particularly generous, even award a prize!

Have a great Easter from all at Serif!

  1. March 24, 2013
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