Edit PDF Files with PagePlus and DrawPlus

Edit PDF Files with PagePlus and DrawPlusPDF is the most popular file format for sharing and printing all types of documents; from presentations, to legal documents and advertisements, to information sheets.

PDFs are the most compact file format, and have the ability to retain the original formatting across many different readers. But what if you need to update a PDF and don’t have the original source-file?

Adobe’s Acrobat Standard and Pro edition allow you to do this, but are very expensive. PagePlus and DrawPlus are a low cost alternative that have the ability make simple updates, such as fixing typos and reordering pages, as well as more substantial layout changes, adding in paragraphs and graphics, replacing images and much more.

There’s no need spend time searching for original files, or re-creating them from scratch when you have PagePlus and DrawPlus.

Edit your PDF files in PagePlus

It’s easy to edit your PDF files using PagePlus, our powerful desktop publishing software. Simply open the PDF file within PagePlus, and edit it as if it was a PagePlus document.

You can edit text, replace objects, change layouts, resize and recolour – there’s even an option to enhance photos within the document!

Our latest version of PagePlus (X8), also allows you to insert a PDF as an image, which keeps all the graphics, text and layout as the creator intended. This is particularly useful if you need to place someone else’s adverts in your publications and want to keep layouts intact.

If you’re creating an ebook, PagePlus X8 fully supports the EPUB format (up to version 3) if you’d prefer to use this format over PDF. Read more about the advantages of EPUB.

Edit PDF Files with PagePlus

Edit your PDF files in DrawPlus

DrawPlus isn’t just your average drawing program; it’s a full creative studio that allows you to also edit PDF files.

Simply import the file, then crop, edit and resize images within the document and add a whole host of stunning effects, drawings and graphic elements to create a visually stunning PDF for yourself or your business.

Edit PDF Files with DrawPlus

To find out more information on PagePlus and DrawPlus, visit Serif.com.