Fun photo editing in PhotoPlus

Fun photo editing in PhotoPlusAre you tired of correcting red-eye, altering contrast, cropping, and straightening, and just want to have some FUN with photo editing? Here’s a project that will only take you a few minutes to complete, get those creative juices flowing, and may open you up to new techniques that you can use in other projects.

We’re going to show you how to make this monstrous fruit that bites back!

You’ll need to download the following files first: Apple.spp | Lion.spp

Step 1

Open the Apple.spp file in PhotoPlus. This will be your background image, so do a Save as and name your project. I called mine Applelion.spp.

Step 2

Open the Lion.spp file. We are going to extract the mouth of this yawning lion, so click on the Smart Selection Brush and select the gaping mouth of the lion, including the black gum area, so it looks like this:

Once you’re happy with the selection, click on Refine Border. PhotoPlus will then analyse the area around your selection, picking up any detail it thinks you might want to include. Next, click Extract on the context toolbar, above the image. The background will disappear and you’ll be left with this lovely big lion’s mouth!

You may notice the extraction has brought bits of fur or other parts you don’t want. If this is the case, simply click on the Eraser tool in the toolbar and delete them.

Once you’ve tidied-up your extraction, you’ll need to flip your image – in this case it will work better facing in the opposite direction. So go to the main menu and select Image>Flip horizontally>Image. Now, your mouth will be facing to the left.

Step 3

Time to put your extracted teeth (pardon the pun) onto your apple. Go to Edit>Copy, then switch to the apple.spp file and go to Edit>Paste as new layer. Your mouth will appear in the top left corner of the image by default and, with the Move tool selected, you can drag it around the image and place it where you want to. For this tutorial, place it on the left hand side of the apple, like this:

Now we need to re-size and tilt the mouth slightly, so select the Deform tool and, whilst holding the shift key down to preserve scale, grab a corner and pull it out to enlarge. You can tilt the mouth by hovering above the nodes. When you see a two-way curved arrow, click and move in a clockwise direction. You want to aim for about this size and position, where the top and bottom of the mouth just touch the edge of the apple:

Step 4

Now we need to lose the part of the apple between the jaws. To do this, select the background layer that shows the apple, select the Eraser tool, and make sure your background colour is set to white in the colour tab. Then, brush the apple away with the strokes. You can now blend the two items by reducing the eraser opacity down to 15% and erasing the hard edge of the mouth, like this:

When you’re happy with the blending, alter the contrast using curves to finish off your image.

Try out different fruits or vegetables, even different jaws!

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