Newsletter Competition November 2012

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This month’s winner is Graham Veitch with this atmospheric black and white picture.

We really like this picture but, unfortunately, we don’t know much about it – Graham hasn’t replied to our emails! :) Graham, if you’re out there, please get in touch. There is a prize waiting for you!

Do you recognise this street? If you think you know where it is, tell us in the comments. There will be a prize for the first person who can correctly identify it (if we can get get conformation from Graham, that is).


Graham has emailed us! (And the competition for guessing the street is off.)

The street is in Rovinj, on the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia. The picture was taken about 6am on a Panasonic Lumix FZ45 at f 3.6 with an exposure of 1/160. Graham took a couple of shots. One without the cyclist, who nearly knocked Graham over as he turned around, and then this one with the cyclist in it.

The picture was originally in colour, but Graham converted it to black and white in PhotoPlus, and tweaked the brightness and contrast also.

Graham wins a Serif software title of his choice.

If you would like to enter the competition, simply send us anything you’ve created using Serif software. It might be a flyer, a website, or an illustration. Send your entries to Don’t forget to include a bit of info about your creation. We love to hear what tools and features you’ve used.

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    Beautiful Shot.  Congratulations to Graham.

    M. Clune

  • Michael Kimber

    As an ex photograhic judge I compliment Graham Veitch for this beatiful image, and for his perceptiveness in presenting it as a monochrome picture.
    If I was being ‘picky’ I might suggest that the cyclist might have been better placed a little nearer, or a little further away. But only if I was being ‘picky’.
    Michael Kimber

  • Ralph Cambridge

    I would like to cordially disagree with Michael Kimber about the position of the cyclist. Any further away and the cyclist will start to be lost amongst the door and window frames in the distance. Any nearer and he will look “cluttered” next to the cafe furniture. I think Graham Veitch has captured this shot at just the right moment – it’s a great picture and a worthy winner.