Serif and Windows 8

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Windows 8 Compatible LogoWindows 8 was released recently, and we just want to let you know that all of our latest software titles are completely compatible with it.

That means you can install:

on Windows 8.

All our current Free Starter Editions are also fully compatible, as well as some of our older titles.

We’ve made a complete list for you over on the Serif Support site.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section.

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  • None

    Windows 8 RT Compatible ?

    • Mark Mauloni

      No, none of our software is compatible with Windows RT, but they are compatible with he Windows 8 desktop versions.

  • Wissam Jindy

    Hi there.
    I have a Webplus X5.
    Is there any download to make it compatible with Windows 8?
    Do I need to Buy Entirely the X6 Version?

    • Mark Mauloni

      Hi Wissam,
      As long as you have the latest patch for WebPlus X5, you’ll be fine. It’s completely compatible with Windows 8.

  • Franberry2place

    We have just bought a laptop with Windows 8 on.  My version of Photoplusx4 and PanoramaPlusx4 are not listed as compatible with windows 8.  Does this mean that I will not be able to use my new laptop for editing my photos and will have to use my much slower PC for these tasks?

    • Mark Mauloni

      Hi Franberry2place,
      Not at all. Actually, in the complete list (link in the article above) it says PanoramaPlus X4 and PhotoPlus X4 have passed certification, which means they are both compatible with Windows 8.

      Install them on your new laptop and get editing!

  • Michele

    I’m considering buying a new Windo 8 computer upgrading from Visa.

    Before I pay and download WebPlus X6 onto my old computer, I need to know that I can put it onto my new system, without repurchasing?


    • Mark Mauloni

      Hi Michele,
      You can certainly put WebPlus X6 on your new system with out having to buy the software again.
      Kind regards,