DrawPlus X6

Draw, design, edit and create

Use intuitive vector drawing tools, flexible shapes and natural media brushes to create bespoke designs, logos, technical drawings, animations and so much more. DrawPlus X6 is the perfect platform to express your creativity…

Customer Reviews

36 people who bought this rated it 4.61 out of 5

Mr Hosepipe

4 Feb 2014

“I use it.... I use PhotoPlus for some things and DrawPlus for others..
together they are awesome.... The more I learn the better results I get.. Well worth the money I spent.. I don't use everything but then theres no need YET... for some things..

Webplus is a mystery to me so far.. but I may need it in the future..


Mr Michael Turner

29 Jan 2014

“Best one ever.”

Mrs Mary Pirolo

27 Jan 2014

“Still trying to learn how to use the program. Have had it a few months now. I use it for magazine ads. Seems to be what I need so far. I give the program a 5 star.”

Mrs Maureen Liddell

27 Jan 2014

“I recieved this product as a christmas presen from my husband and I love it. I use it for my card making and making labels for them. I wish I'd had more time to actually use it but I can see it's going to be of great use. I wish I'd bought it ages ago and would recommend it to my friends and fellow crafters”

Dr Noel Worley

27 Jan 2014

“I have been using DrawPlus for around a month now and I am delighted with the results that I have been able to achieve. I have recommended the product to a friend because its ease of use and functionality.”

Mr Mike Ticehurst

27 Jan 2014

“Excellent program. A good upgrade that works. No bugs so far. Some good new features as well.”

North Wales

24 Jan 2014

“I had problems with an earlier version of DrawPlus (continually crashing on my Windows XP laptop) so I had hoped that upgrading to DPX6 would solve my problems. Sadly it is still very unstable on my machine.

When first used I didn't get past the splash screen before it crashed. I have managed to do a few simple tasks but the random crashes mean that I just cannot commit to undertaking more extensive projects.”

Serif Says:

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you've been having problems with DrawPlus.

This kind of instability is not the norm. Have you contacted our support team at all? They should be able to help. Contact details here:

Thanks - David

Mr Yehia Elaraby
DreamLand - 6th Of October

24 Jan 2014

“DrawPlus X6 is an excellent product, very powerful yet simple and easy to use.
The step bu step help and turorials are really amazing.
Thanks for the developers. Keep the good work up.”

Mr mike Squire

24 Jan 2014

“DPX6 was the product I was looking for - it was identified as being the best one for my work - after discussing the requirements with your extremely helpful technical sales person.
It is used with AutoCAD / Drawing Express to prepare plans for this work; especially PDF files.
The range of facilities also mean that very detailed pictures/diagrams can be produced in a format of exceptional high quality.
I would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.

Prof John Martin

20 Jan 2014

“I was initially concerned that my obsolete renderings in WindowsDraw6 would not be able to be transferred. To my great relief, they were and were, indeed enhanced. I am still getting accustomed to using the DrawPlus X6 program, but I have transferred and modified numerous drawings. Yes, DrawPlus X6 is intuitive and actually expands my rendering capabilities. I have already recommended it to other colleagues.

A few suggestions:
1. Include an instruction manual for the DrawPlus X6. The computer version is not as helpful, especially in using the 3D mode.
2. Expand the 3D mode to enable cylinders to be rendered in 3D.
3. Expand the 3D mode to enable the 3D rendering to depict a hollowed element, such as looking at the inside walls of a tube cut longitudinally.
4. Put updates from these and other suggestions in an uploadable form for current users of DrawPlus X6.

These suggestions were derived from my current experiences and, in my opinion, would expand the utility of the program.”

Mr Walter Quesada
Saddle Brook

18 Jan 2014

“Is the easiest, best I ever used... highly recommended”

Mrs sonja mcclung

18 Jan 2014

“I am very happy with this program, the value for price paid is excellent! I use this with my drawing tablet and once I got things configured correctly, its worked very well. It has a wide variety of fun brushes as well as an easy to use interface.”

Mr Roger Hill

16 Jan 2014

“I am finding it a little bit difficult to get my head around this programme. It seems to want to put in lines where I don't want lines, and shapes where I don't want shapes. However, its all probably down to my inexperience with this programme, and I'm sure I will eventually tame the gremlins and overcome the difficulties.”

Mrs jenia doljenko

5 Dec 2013

“very good product! i enjoy using it! a larg verayaty of functions!”

Mr Espen Kristiansen

1 Dec 2013

“I think it works more or less perfect for my use”

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