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Customer Reviews

48 people who bought this rated it 4.65 out of 5

Mr Sunil Raju

20 Jan 2016

“I just had a great customer service experience with Adam in the U.S. customer service department.

This is my first experience calling Serif, and I was impressed with how my questions were handled.

Thanks, Adam!


Mr G Kimball

6 Jan 2016

“Just getting started with some features I have not used in earlier versions. Looking good so far :-)”

Mrs Deborah Boydton
Pleasant Hill

31 Dec 2015

“Love it. So easy to create your own designs. Sherif DrawPlus X8 is the best draw program I have ever used.”

Mr Roger Smith

21 Dec 2015

“I just loaded Drawplus X8 and I was reading the right hand side of the screen, when I noticed that there was an addition allowing me to either put a fuzzy edge on my selected image or bezel.
I was very happy to see this, but it's since disappeared?
How do I bring it back?

Within a document, I tried to insert an image in the usual way, but it wouldn't let me, whereas I have been doing this with X6 ?
The images it wouldn't let in were pdf's?
That's it so far.”

Mr John White

16 Dec 2015

“I'm really still getting to grips with what DrawPlus X8 can do, but, up to now, I'm enjoying it and quite impressed. The simple animation, learned from one of Serif's excellent video tutorials, is very easy to accomplish and gives hours of fun, if that's the kind of thing you fancy doing. I've also successfully recreated a couple of other non-animation projects seen in the many video tutorials available online.
The vector art is a little beyond my capabilities at the moment but I can see that it has great possibilities and will become easier with practice.
I had similar difficulties learning MoviePlus X6 but, having now learned a great deal more about it, I consider it an excellent program.
I would also praise Serif's technical support. I had trouble downloading the program and technical support got back to me very quickly with a solution, although I had already discovered that the download problem was at my end.
DrawPlus X8 is a great program which may well turn out to be excellent if enough time is spent learning it. There are many positive reviews on the web and I think they are well deserved.”

Mr Steve Hall
Nr Preston

13 Dec 2015

“i was used to Autocad, but your product gives me what i want in a much simpler way.”


6 Dec 2015

“I can't really write much about this product at the moment because I have not really had a good chance of using it but I have had a good look through it and It is a good program and it is a good alternative then some of the more expensive programmes”

Mr Sheku Koroma
El Sobrante

29 Nov 2015

“I really like the improvements that is on Draw Plus 8. It's like everything is plug and play.”

Mr Ed Steeds

6 Nov 2015

“Great software - easy to get started and the exported SVG files work well with our other applications unlike our previous Drawing application.”


5 Nov 2015

“I really like DrawPlus, it's very comparably to Illustrator - it has at least most of the features I require. It's also great value too.

One thing I'd wish they'd add is a method to convert the path/stroke to an outline, this is really important for sending to printers or to other software. Illustrator has had this feature forever and Inkscape too.

A darker UI would be nice, it would help reduce eyestrain and make it clearer to see images on the artboard. Even a darker canvas would be better!

All in all though, great software, I could almost use DrawPlus full-time.”

Mr John Ashcroft
Burton on Trent

30 Oct 2015

“Didn't take long to get to grips with this software as there is plenty of help with tutorials etc. It has everything I need and more. A great piece of software”

Mr Jack Hawkins

25 Oct 2015

“1. Product excellent

2. Service poor - when registering product was told I would receive free map vectors . Nothing has happened still waiting.”

Serif Says:

Thanks for your feedback Mr Hawkins. Please contact us, and we'll get this sorted for you:

Mr Prem Tamang

20 Oct 2015

“Very easy to use and loads of things we can do with this software. I am happy what I bought fm the Serif.”

Mr sangseok seo

20 Oct 2015

“it's a excellent tool for drawing ,making logo .
this version is very easy to use .
comparing other graphic tool, it has reasonable price, various function.
thank you for your efforts.”

Mr Karl Stutz

26 Sep 2015

“Has fulfilled most all of my needs in graphic design & art. Serif is the great alternative to the much more expensive "name" software. Serif is my "name" software.”

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