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Mr Jorge Costa

1 Jul 2014

“Fantastic software! Very powerfull and easy to use! And the price is just unbelievable!”

Miss Tania Yager

23 Jun 2014

“I'm glad I found DrawPlus. I used to use Adobe products but they have become too expensive.

I started with DrawPlus5 and found it was an exceptional piece of software and certainly comparable to Adobe's Illustrator. The only thing that let me down was that I was using it on Vista Service Pack 1 which meant I was limited to using all its wonderful functions. Yet I was still producing excellent work!

Once I upgraded my operating system I immediately went for DrawPlus6. Now I can begin to use it's amazing range of tools and create the professional images I'll be using for ebooks and videos.

I'm still learning a heck of a lot and experimenting with its infinite potential. It's going to be an ongoing thing.

I'd never go back to Adobe products now that I've found DrawPlus6.

For me DrawPlus6 has been a life saver as I need to crank out professional looking illustrations and images. I give it a star rating if it existed of 10 out of 5.”

Mr Jan Sandell

22 Jun 2014

“DrawPlus X6 is very easy and intuitive to use. I recommend this program to anyone interested in this type of computer software.”

Mr Svein Ernstsen

16 Jun 2014

“I love this software”

Mrs Deborah Burgess

16 Jun 2014

“Draw Plus x6 is a fabulous product and at great price! As a hobbyist user, Draw Plus x6 has a world of exciting 'goodies' to explore taking my hobbies to new levels. Great job Serif.”

Mr Radek M.
Tarnowskie Gory, Silesia

10 Jun 2014

“Serif DrawPlus X5 is a very good program for vector graphics on par and to some extent exceeding Corel Draw. If I were to honestly compare the two programs, I would say that Serif DrawPlus is a better choice rather than Corel Draw, both for beginners and for less demanding professionals. It is more intuitive, predictable, has more features and is more powerful than indicating its price. I worked on Corel Draw and I know its good and bad sides, Serif has fewer bad ones. I am an experienced graphic designer and Serif pleasantly surprised me, now I mainly work on it.”

Mrs Pamela Senecal

4 Jun 2014

“I've worked in Corel for years and have learned it fairly well, enough to do what I need to anyway. I like DrawPlus as it has other features which Corel doesn't, that I really like. It's going to take some time to learn all its features and to use it to its fullest potential, but I do like this program.

I especially like the different ways you can make text look and how you can change the "shape" of an image. I discovered the "roughing" tool (forgot it's name exactly). I get the feeling that a lot of what I do will be made easier to do in DrawPlus.

There are still a couple things I've had to go to a different photo editing program for however, as I haven't achieved the exact look I needed for certain projects.”

Ms Nancy Jenuwine
Sterling Heights

19 May 2014

“This version includes nice enhancements over the Draw Plus X4. I liked the addition of stencils, the presets on perspective, and the shape builder tool. Now I feel I can be even more creative!”

Ms Marjorie Roberts

14 May 2014

“I just got access to Flash and Edge Animate at work. I needed a simple animation. What did I use? DrawPlus. 10 times easier.”

Mr Tom Ek

13 May 2014

“It is a greate program, we use it a lot.”

Dr David Cockeram

30 Apr 2014

“As with all Serif's updates, DrawPlus X6 builds on the good features incorporated in previous versions rather than re-inventing the wheel. I find that the programme boots up more quickly than before, so the efficiency drive works for me. I also appreciate the new tools provided.
I am thankful too that it will accept work I produced quite a few versions ago, especially as I often re-use elements of previous drawings.
All-in-all, does it well for me!”

Ms Sherry Sabatine

30 Apr 2014

“Still learning and having so much fun. Easy to learn and so much that I can create.”

Mr Chad Steponik

24 Apr 2014

“I have been using DrawPlus X6 for only a few days. Normally, I would rather use the software over a longer period of time before posting a review, but I have to admit that I am so impressed I decided to write my review now.

I am a user who has tried all of the professional design and desktop publishing programs as well as their open-source equivalents. As both an enthusiast and a consultant to small businesses, I am also a user who is somewhere between an amateur and a professional designer at a large design firm. For my user profile, DrawPlus X6 is fantastic.

Its features are versatile and powerful, the program works extremely well, with great fluidity, on my less-than-supercomputer setup, the learning materials explain the features well and are as comprehensive as one could hope for, and the program itself is easy to use with a reasonable learning curve. No other program that I have used features all of those characteristics to the same degree as DrawPlus X6. In brief, with other programs my creativity felt a bit inhibited, as if I had to fight the software a bit to get what I wanted, but with DrawPlus X6, I feel completely free to create with a minimum of hassle and work-arounds.

When also factoring in the very reasonable price, DrawPlus X6 is, for all who feel they could use it, an excellent value that is very easy to recommend to others. In fact, I am very seriously considering converting my workspace to other Serif products as a result.”

Mr Terry Collins
Milton Keynes

17 Apr 2014

“A great inprovement on X5 and easy to use with plenty of extras”

Miss Sarah Teal

10 Apr 2014

“finding it easy to use like the newsletters with information but I struggle with joining shapes to be able to fill and getting smooth lines sometimes.”

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