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Customer Reviews

48 people who bought this rated it 4.65 out of 5


13 Sep 2015

“Easy to use, affordable yet very powerful. Thank you & looking forward to even better upgrades from Serif.”

Mr Clive K Lewis

13 Sep 2015

“Everything I need and have been looking for, all so very well done. In a word 'brilliant' . . . !!”

Ms Efren Perez

10 Sep 2015

“Fantastic program that in my opinion exceeds both Corel and Adobe. 5 1/2 stars!”

Mrs Hilary Knowles

8 Sep 2015

“Love this software ... intuitive and so easy to create amazing designs. Its tools have variable sensitivity which allows your touch to be delicate or strong. I am an artist creating in paint, inks and pencils. Here I have found another way to play with colour which I find so much more user friendly compared to its competitors!

The added bonus of its compatibility with the whole of the Serif suite makes creating using my photographic resources yet another art form and transferring all this to webpages ... well I'm blown away with the ease that the magic happens!”

Miss Azra Pandur

7 Sep 2015

“Serif DrawPlus 8 is an excellent program that is much better than previous versions.I am delighted with the new features such as a rostrum camera , replicate tool , flood tool and the final result is , whether it's a PDF , Flash , Video ... really what anyone could want.”

Prof G Givens

6 Sep 2015

“Love Serif Plus products compatibility and conversion. Icon buttons make projects a gentle breeze. Comparable to Canon Creative & Canon Creative Pro Software, repeat customer, Serif products are the best on the American market. Delivery was quick. Telephone customer service is easy and responsive, even for international customers. Overall, Great Product! Already, it has lead to successful impressions. Plan on using Serif products in writing detailed forensics reports. Looking forward to even more product design Assets and Tutorials. Recommended to any educational institution, business or person.”

Mr Stephen Suda
San Diego

23 Aug 2015

“I recently downloaded this program (DrawPlus X8) so I could make a logo for my company. Im not a graphic designer so I wasnt familiar with the some of the information displayed but this program makes it very easy to understand even for someone not familiar with the graphic design trade. So far Ive had some fun playing around with different logos. Im glad I chose the software program out of all the others available.


Mrs Jo Ashenden

21 Aug 2015

“Brilliant program...haven't had chance to look at it thoroughly yet, as disabled and it takes me time.

Have already registered the program and understand that I am entitled to free vector fills.”

Mrs Maureen Thompson

9 Aug 2015

“It has everything I need and so much more. I am still learning how to
use all the features and because I already have the Craft Artist and Page Plus x 8 makes it easier for me”

Mr Willam Howden

8 Aug 2015

“Having used Serif programs for a great number of years I trust the software great programs”

Mr Raymond Banbury

4 Aug 2015

“Find it to very easy to use and to work with”

Mr T Doran

30 Jul 2015


Mr Carlos Melo

21 Jul 2015

“So far the product delivers a great deal of features over a low price, which is a great help for the small time designers, (There´s plenty of us in countries where U$ 50 is like a week´s payment of minimun wage) The product is trustable, versatile and efficient, which are qualities that I usually look for, only in people. There´s only one flaw that I already found, and it is an important one. When you need to combine two separate lines together and then join the ending vertex to create one path only, the command for that operation joins the original initial and end points of the separate lines, creating thus two closed entities. I was hoping that that was fixed in the latest vertion, but still the same. For the rest of the features, great work and congratulations!, I am sticking and recommending Draw Plus, it is a piece of art, in fact I am going to link your page from mine.”

Mr Philip Ferrone

17 Jul 2015

“After working with the Adobe products for years, I was getting tired of the subscription software model and was looking for something that just worked.... no subscription and at a low price. So far, so good. I like the product, support and no subscription!!

Nice job! I even purchased your Affinity product for our Macs. Looking for that product to get even better.


Mr K King

13 Jul 2015

“Please be aware that I have only had this a few day now and have not read any manual. I can start by saying that as an owner of most of Serifs other software programs I already had an idea as to the layout of controls and interface and indeed it did match smoothly which in my opinion saves me time and a steep learning curve unlike some other programs where the layouts and tools seem to change with every release and with it costing a fraction of the price it is a winner in my book. when started you are greeted it the usual assistant page which gives you loads of choice as to the document you want to make and has templates for things like label, posters even large ones that require more than a sheet and even templates for the cad users to make 2d or 3d plans, also you have the ability to create stop frame or key frame animations. This is a compact program filled with tools to do all sorts of jobs with the minimum of skill required. That is some of the plus side off the coin so just to keep it real I must add this as a negative for me, I would like to see a larger selection of save and export styles handled, with it I could ditch both Corel and some adobe program.

That it from me, now I'm going to draw. Enjoy”

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