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Mrs M Field
Port Dover

31 Oct 2014

“Still learning the Draw Plus program. I am impressed with the tutorials - they are a big help.”

Mr Ron Cohen
North Little Rock

29 Oct 2014

“Nice product. I haven't used most of the features yet, but the ones that I have used were exactly what I needed.”

Mr Doug Wilkie

27 Oct 2014

“Love the program! Offers the same creative ability and more when compared to all of its competitors. Have used the two major competitors programs for years and find Draw plus as good if not better and far easier to use.”

Mr Sudip Chatterjee

25 Oct 2014

“I'm really satisfied with this product. At a fraction of the cost of some other products that charge a premium for their brand name it has all the functionalities and is much more user friendly and very versatile. Furthermore, the on-line video tutorials as well as the text based and context menu items with help, tips and guides are really value for money.
It is possible to produce professional quality Digi-Art with little effort and does not limit applying your imagination and is open to artistic imagination. I would most definitely recommend this for budding artists, schools and educational institutes.”

Mr Alan Bell

14 Oct 2014

“This is the first drawing programme I have tried and need it to do artwork, posters etc for my church and recording labels. Initially I found it tricky to use successfully but, taking into account my lack of touch and fine control, I tried again taking things much more slowly. I soon found how useful it is and the more I tried the better the results. I did try using a Wabcom tablet I have had for years but my lack of touch made it almost uncontrollable but, obviously, others will be successful as this is probably unique to me. It is worth every penny and I have found Serif are very willing to assist with problems.

Mr Robert Simpson

2 Oct 2014

“Very please with my drawing plus x6 having had great results with it highly recommended”

Mr Ed Seaman
Santa Barbara

1 Oct 2014

“It is more intuitive than Illustrator. Less is more in my case. The toolset gives me everything I need without the overwhelmingness of an Adobe product.”

Mr Wayne Russell Cobbler54
Bang Khonthi.

25 Sep 2014

“I originally was taught and attended college using AI and PS....etc.
I consider myself a novice with DP6 but am really enjoying the dramatic extension to my Designs skills, it has allowed....and more importantly, shows in my results and customer responses.
Still learning everyday.....was even thinking about a attending or asking if a Workshop was available.....but being based overseas...this would be difficult.
I have found it more intuitive, invaluable in my work, play and recommend it every chance I get.
I have found Serif to be a responsive and very customer based company.
I am having some 'round in circle problems' with registering but am sure they will be resolved soon.”

Mr Real G. Boucher
Maple Grove

20 Sep 2014

“This product is amazing. It comprises all you need to perform you graphic design and photo edition in one single software. It is very intuitive an has all what is needed except for one tool that I might did not found yet is a dot by dot selection tool that gives more precision and accuracy when drawing or erasing.

Above all a great 8.5 on 10 since there is always room for improvement!”

Mr Jeff Hedges

15 Sep 2014

“I wasn't sure that I would like this product but now having used it, I am really glad I bought it. It's really simple to use and comes with fantastic resources. Would thoroughly recommend this to anyone else.”

M. julien reynier

14 Sep 2014

“All Serif's products are easy to use and powerful.
As a game artist, I'm using drawplus for texturing my 3dmodels or creating 2d sprites & texture. My work is fastest, and results are awesome. Instead of spending 3 days on texturing a scene, in one day the same result is done.

Thanks to drawplus!”

Mr Steven Perlis

13 Sep 2014

“I've used Page Plus and Photo Plus and love them both. DrawPlus is new to me but the few small projects I've attempted have gone smoothly. I'm excited to learn this new program. It's always reassuring knowing that staff at Serif is there to help.”

Eugene Sauer

12 Sep 2014

“I'm a long time user of Corel and although DrawPlus has not become my primary program I use it more everyday. The effects and brushes are great and so easy to use. Exporting to Pdf was not sufficient in X5 but seems to be better in X6, that is the main reason I have not used it more. I do not see Serif becoming a competitor to Adobe and Corel however because they are too established. I believe there is a better way to market this product to take full advantage of it's capabilities on ease of use.”

London Barnet

11 Sep 2014

“I am just learning about draw plus x6 but i must say that every thing is lay-ed out very well and clear i have read the hole booklet (in side i spotted only one mistake a spelling error.).
It is a very big book and will keep you busy for some time i recommend doing this as their are some very good Technics and styling that you will benefit from.
I am now a fan of the draw plus range.

One happy costumer.

I am now re-reading the Drawplus x6 resource book and following the ''how too''.I did mark the spelling error but lost it i will report it as and when i find it. I am quite busy and it may take some time.

P.S Do not throw away any of the packageing as the code number will be on /in it some were”

Mr Robert Hodson

24 Aug 2014

“I've enjoyed using DrawPlus X6 very much; once I'd begun to get the hang of it I started designing several rough Layout plans for a multi-level model railway, which I must add was the main purpose I purchased the programme; The colour selection and line preferences helped to sort out the differing levels and use of arrows depicting the sections that are rising or declining whilst the wonderful Bezier devices helped sort out the return curves making the whole design thing an easy task and helped to create my perfect model railway design without making costly mistakes. (Using Draw Plus a design can be altered until the layout is brought to satisfaction and standard items can be saved for recall at any time).
However I have not yet got the hang of using the rulers or the scale setting sections, my greatest difficulty is understanding how to set the ratio to make my designed plan fit into a garden shed which is 160cm wide by 230cm long; I know this is due to my own ignorance, but at seventy years of age I must allow for a slower mind, I also know I shall soon overcome this small hurdle for it has to be said "It in no way detracts from yet another superb Serif Programme".”

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