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Customer Reviews

55 people who bought this rated it 4.55 out of 5

Mrs Maureen Thompson

9 Aug 2015

“It has everything I need and so much more. I am still learning how to
use all the features and because I already have the Craft Artist and Page Plus x 8 makes it easier for me”

Mr Willam Howden

8 Aug 2015

“Having used Serif programs for a great number of years I trust the software great programs”

Mr Raymond Banbury

4 Aug 2015

“Find it to very easy to use and to work with”

Mr T Doran

30 Jul 2015


Mr Carlos Melo

21 Jul 2015

“So far the product delivers a great deal of features over a low price, which is a great help for the small time designers, (There´s plenty of us in countries where U$ 50 is like a week´s payment of minimun wage) The product is trustable, versatile and efficient, which are qualities that I usually look for, only in people. There´s only one flaw that I already found, and it is an important one. When you need to combine two separate lines together and then join the ending vertex to create one path only, the command for that operation joins the original initial and end points of the separate lines, creating thus two closed entities. I was hoping that that was fixed in the latest vertion, but still the same. For the rest of the features, great work and congratulations!, I am sticking and recommending Draw Plus, it is a piece of art, in fact I am going to link your page from mine.”

Mr Philip Ferrone

17 Jul 2015

“After working with the Adobe products for years, I was getting tired of the subscription software model and was looking for something that just worked.... no subscription and at a low price. So far, so good. I like the product, support and no subscription!!

Nice job! I even purchased your Affinity product for our Macs. Looking for that product to get even better.


Mr K King

13 Jul 2015

“Please be aware that I have only had this a few day now and have not read any manual. I can start by saying that as an owner of most of Serifs other software programs I already had an idea as to the layout of controls and interface and indeed it did match smoothly which in my opinion saves me time and a steep learning curve unlike some other programs where the layouts and tools seem to change with every release and with it costing a fraction of the price it is a winner in my book. when started you are greeted it the usual assistant page which gives you loads of choice as to the document you want to make and has templates for things like label, posters even large ones that require more than a sheet and even templates for the cad users to make 2d or 3d plans, also you have the ability to create stop frame or key frame animations. This is a compact program filled with tools to do all sorts of jobs with the minimum of skill required. That is some of the plus side off the coin so just to keep it real I must add this as a negative for me, I would like to see a larger selection of save and export styles handled, with it I could ditch both Corel and some adobe program.

That it from me, now I'm going to draw. Enjoy”

Mr. Robert Donona

10 Jul 2015

“DrawPlus 8 is great since I use it for making greeting cards, one thing it lacks is the character map function, which would be beneficial for adding accented characters, swashes, alternates and other characters not accessible from the keyboard.

One great feature is that an artist can export vector drawings into EPS format as well as import various formats as well.

Some of the other new features I checked out are great as well.”

Mrs Jay Lamanna

9 Jul 2015

“Very user friendly, great used in conjunction with the other Serif packages. Most of the capabilities of Illustrator but far easier to use.”

Mr Wendall Bagwell
Blue Ridge

6 Jul 2015

“Drawplus I find is an excellent program for working with vector images. The cutout studio is one of the best I have seen for removal of backgrounds you want to change.”

Ms MaryLou White

3 Jul 2015

“I have a forum for DrawPlus at [link removed]. We currently have 19 people who just started using DrawPlus a month ago (5/27/2015) and we all LOVE it! It is so easy to navigate and so user friendly. Most of us were former PhotoImpact users since before the turn of the century but that program was sadly, discontinued. We have looked for some time for a "replacement" for that program and now, we've finally found it!

I am somewhat dismayed at the lack of third-party tutorials though. Why is that? Yes, there are quite a few by Serif but those are all teaching tools. Nothing to show you how to actually create something useable.

You can identify all the parts of a vehicle and know what each part does but without actual hands-on experience, you still cannot drive the car.

This is where DrawPlus falls short, the lack of tutorials that lead you through creating useable graphics. It's not the fault of the program, It has the tools and after seeing some of the entries in the last contest, we know that it's possible to create awesome graphics with DrawPlus.

No complaints to date with DrawPlus - it's fun to use and even without much experience, you can make pretty flowers and spirals!”

Dr Peter Olsen

29 Jun 2015

“Impressed with Draw Plus it has some very good features, however, I am disappointed that the files are not directly compatible with Page Plus files as I was lead to believe. You have to export the files in a different format ie., PDF.”

Mr John Rodgers
St. Neots

17 Jun 2015

“I'm blown away with the new features and I'd recommend the software to anybody who need to graphic illustration. The new b-spline feature is an excellent feature for my cartoon and illustration work.I often work out an initial sketch in pencil or blue pencil and I can scan that into the lower layer and then trace over making an ink layer with my graphics tablet using the the new tools make this much easier.”

Mr Eugene S. Conlin

12 Jun 2015

“Easy to use. Vector and flood fills are excellent.”

Mr Harold Lloyd

6 Jun 2015

“Actually, I have not had sufficient time to really get into the Draw Plus X8, although I have run a couple of the tutorials. So far, it looks really great. The one aspect I am most concerned with in regard to it's value to me is the fact that vector art, or some of the vector art material is included. I am in the Advertising Specialty as a Sales Representative and have wanted to do something with helping my customers develop their logos, etc. This industry is devoted to Adobe Illustrator art and all that is involved with art programs, transfers, etc. So, the ability to use and work with vector art are nearly essential to do a good job in my area of operation.”

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