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107 people who bought this rated it 4.53 out of 5

Mr Jim Stephenson

8 Apr 2014

“A little heavy going at first. As with PhotoPlus6 I expected to operate it like MS Paint, but found the navigation a bit labyrinthine. It will get better.”

Mr John Simonetti

7 Apr 2014

“I find that DrawPlus X6 is a enjoyable and productive application.”

Elias Joudeh

7 Apr 2014

“Having used Photoshop and Illustrator for many years I found using DrawPlus initially different. However, the interface is quite intuitive and it did not take too long get the hang of it. Learning to use DrawPlus for someone has not used a drawing tool before is a simple process and the learning curve is not as steep as in other applications.
DrawPlus has a unique way of creating drawings and applying effects and the range of tools available is great.”

Mrs Olga Quinn

1 Apr 2014

“Very good. As an old Corel Draw user I am more than pleased with DrawPlus. It has everything I need.”

Mr Wade Shepherd

30 Mar 2014

“So far so good. Needs more clipart.”

Mr Michael Ogden

28 Mar 2014

“Very intuitive piece of software, and found it easy to upgrade from using X4 to X6, genius.”


26 Mar 2014

“As a novice I found the software to be very intuitive and easy to use.
The help, tutorials, and training videos are the best I've experienced compared to any software.”

Mr Jeff Rohrbaugh

19 Mar 2014

“This is my first purchase of a Serif product.. I have used other illustrating programs and find this to be just as good as the higher priced products. It is user friendly and I was able to catch on rather fast on how to use it. If I know anyone looking for a program,, I will highly recommend this to them.”

Mr Josef Michalcik

19 Mar 2014

“Your DrawPlus software is intuitive and easy to work on it. I appreciate the clarity, easy to use and the ability to quickly learn new things. The value of the product is very good.”

Mr David Sykes

17 Mar 2014

“What a great product works well along side WebPlus and Pictures and creations transfer with seamless effort great work how can you improve on this.”

Mr Michael Franke

17 Mar 2014

“I like the product but it is buggy and stability is a problem. Hangs or needs to be restarted a lot.”

Mr Eddie Walker

16 Mar 2014

“Yes this is up to serifs normal standard. I upgraded as I was hoping this would be a bit more CAD in operation but it isn't really what I was hoping for in that respect. But I will keep it as it is useful in many other ways over my older version”

Mr Peter Halman

13 Mar 2014

“User-friendly software ideal for my needs in preparing graphics for local voluntary organisations. The suite of 'how to' videos is excellent. I upgraded from the previous version and am pleased with my purchase.”

Mr Henry Brown
Elkton City

10 Mar 2014

“This program is easy to use as all the Serif programs I have. I have a Wacom tablet that makes feel like I'm drawing with paper and pen. I'm very happy with DrawPlus X6.”

Ms Denise Fletcher

9 Mar 2014

“so far i am enjoying the software. can't wait to really learn the program to it's fullest potential. I drive truck over the road and am hoping to make illustration my new career by writing and drawing.”

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