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Customer Reviews

48 people who bought this rated it 4.65 out of 5

Mr. Robert Donona

10 Jul 2015

“DrawPlus 8 is great since I use it for making greeting cards, one thing it lacks is the character map function, which would be beneficial for adding accented characters, swashes, alternates and other characters not accessible from the keyboard.

One great feature is that an artist can export vector drawings into EPS format as well as import various formats as well.

Some of the other new features I checked out are great as well.”

Mrs Jay Lamanna

9 Jul 2015

“Very user friendly, great used in conjunction with the other Serif packages. Most of the capabilities of Illustrator but far easier to use.”

Mr Wendall Bagwell
Blue Ridge

6 Jul 2015

“Drawplus I find is an excellent program for working with vector images. The cutout studio is one of the best I have seen for removal of backgrounds you want to change.”

Ms MaryLou White

3 Jul 2015

“I have a forum for DrawPlus at [link removed]. We currently have 19 people who just started using DrawPlus a month ago (5/27/2015) and we all LOVE it! It is so easy to navigate and so user friendly. Most of us were former PhotoImpact users since before the turn of the century but that program was sadly, discontinued. We have looked for some time for a "replacement" for that program and now, we've finally found it!

I am somewhat dismayed at the lack of third-party tutorials though. Why is that? Yes, there are quite a few by Serif but those are all teaching tools. Nothing to show you how to actually create something useable.

You can identify all the parts of a vehicle and know what each part does but without actual hands-on experience, you still cannot drive the car.

This is where DrawPlus falls short, the lack of tutorials that lead you through creating useable graphics. It's not the fault of the program, It has the tools and after seeing some of the entries in the last contest, we know that it's possible to create awesome graphics with DrawPlus.

No complaints to date with DrawPlus - it's fun to use and even without much experience, you can make pretty flowers and spirals!”

Dr Peter Olsen

29 Jun 2015

“Impressed with Draw Plus it has some very good features, however, I am disappointed that the files are not directly compatible with Page Plus files as I was lead to believe. You have to export the files in a different format ie., PDF.”

Mr John Rodgers
St. Neots

17 Jun 2015

“I'm blown away with the new features and I'd recommend the software to anybody who need to graphic illustration. The new b-spline feature is an excellent feature for my cartoon and illustration work.I often work out an initial sketch in pencil or blue pencil and I can scan that into the lower layer and then trace over making an ink layer with my graphics tablet using the the new tools make this much easier.”

Mr Eugene S. Conlin

12 Jun 2015

“Easy to use. Vector and flood fills are excellent.”

Mr Harold Lloyd

6 Jun 2015

“Actually, I have not had sufficient time to really get into the Draw Plus X8, although I have run a couple of the tutorials. So far, it looks really great. The one aspect I am most concerned with in regard to it's value to me is the fact that vector art, or some of the vector art material is included. I am in the Advertising Specialty as a Sales Representative and have wanted to do something with helping my customers develop their logos, etc. This industry is devoted to Adobe Illustrator art and all that is involved with art programs, transfers, etc. So, the ability to use and work with vector art are nearly essential to do a good job in my area of operation.”

Mr George Hammer

5 Jun 2015

“I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to drawing programs but I have found most of the drawing tools very easy to understand and use. When I apply effects, I am especially happy with the preview option.”

Mr Graeme-Lisa Houston
West Linton

5 Jun 2015

“Intuitive, feature rich, it's a fantastic product and does more than I could ever need. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Miss Iris McDonald

4 Jun 2015

“I love it so far thank you . A natural progression and explained simply to the point . I can't get enough .”

Mr Daniel Fellinger
Angeles City

4 Jun 2015

Its a great Software, 5 Star product !!!!!

But i can't find any Registration Key to register my product !!!!!!!!!!!!”

Mr David Bulger

1 Jun 2015

“I have given Draw plus X8 4 stars as I am a new user moving from Draw Plus X6. I am still learning the various things you can do with X8 but from what I have seen so far it looks very good. I hope this will compliment the Page Plus X8 I use.”

Mr Michael Dutton
Stockton-on-Tees Cleveland

26 May 2015

“Have been asked to register DrawPlus X8. This has already been done ( several days ago), Thus your system has not been correctly updated. Will do so once again some time tomorrow.



23 May 2015

“Serif undoubtedly produces some of the best software for your money.

I believe I have every one of their products. Serif softwares are extremely intuitive. They appear on the surface to be simple and straightforward, but don't be fooled, they can handle your most demanding tasks.

I recently upgraded to Serif DrawPlus X8. I am working on logo designs and various original art for a website I'm building (with WebPlus X8, of course).

Out of all the graphics softwares on my computer including Adobe Illustrator, I gravitate again and again for my DrawPlus. It's ease of use for advanced results is the lure. The options available for type and shapes are limitless. It is very impressive, very intuitive, very fun, and a very good value.”

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