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Customer Reviews

166 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.52 out of 5

Mr Frank Olivares
Salt Lake City

4 Dec 2014

“I've used Serif products for over 10 years and they just keep getting better and better over time and DrawPlus X6 is no exception. Great product, very user-friendly and new features.”

Mr Ian Nuttall

2 Dec 2014

“I tried the trial version, with no expectations of the product, BUT, how wrong I was. I have since purchased Serif Draw X6 Pro and have never looked back.
I did not know the limitless computations of line vectors, shapes, curves etc and the fabulous end product as good as a normal photographs and in most cases a better and superior end result.
It is so addictive to learn more and more as you can integrate Serif Draw with your photographs and videos. I wish i had more spare time.
The Help and knowledge base is endless, thorough and very easy to follow. Well done the Serif team”

Mr. Bill Coombes

30 Nov 2014

“An excellent program and does everything I want it too. I produce drawings for a series of books and have used other graphic programs in the past but have always returned to DrawPlus as it is easy to use with an excellent help feature. I would suggest buying the DrawPlus x6 Resources Guide as it really helps with understanding how the program works and has some very good examples for you to try.
I would certainly recommend the program to anyone wishing to produce any types of graphics.”

Mr Graham Wood

28 Nov 2014

“I upgraded from Drawplus X5 and find the new product just as easy to use - on the whole that is. As always with new software, there are one or two things that I find a bit 'non-intuitive', but that could be just me.

Overall, a good product and good value.”

Mr Brian Halm

24 Nov 2014

“Been in the graphic design business for 45 years (started before computers but kept up with technology). This is a terrific program, especially for the price. Favorably compares with AI with a little photoshop thrown in for good measure. The installation was quick and seamless. I downloadeed the free version to try it out and by the end of the day purchased the full version. Highly reccommend.”

Mrs Kristin Weeldreyer

22 Nov 2014

“I have been a professional commercial graphic artist for 20 years, working in Adobe products for the entirety of my career (and before Adobe In-Design, Quark Xpress - I'm dating myself). Over the years, I've upgraded many times, and each time it's a HUGE investment. At the same time the economy became shakey, I needed to upgrade (a $6,000 investment), and wasn't confident I would have enough business to justify it. So, I bought Serif DrawPlus as a cheap option to get me through until the economy picked up. I have never gone back to Illustrator. I was very surprised by how much illustration I could do in this program! It isn't Illustrator, but it does 97% of what I need, and for the price it's an all-out POWERHOUSE! Plus, I love the FREE tutorials! Adobe charges over $100 for its users to learn how to use new features. Ridiculous!”

Mr William Petersen

21 Nov 2014

“I am use to Adobe Illustrator and they have gone crazy with their rental. I am getting use to Draw Plus and am impressed with what I have done so far. I am looking forward to getting into more sophisticated use. So far. I love it!”

Mr Norman Koch

19 Nov 2014

“I and my daughter both use it for school work and we both like it. It is easier to use than DrawPlus X6. Its major use is in the creation of art on school tests and other class documents. Her students also enjoy it.”

Mr J Allen

17 Nov 2014

“Very good, easy to use, what more can i say”

Mr David Cross
East Tuddenham

11 Nov 2014

“Very good graphics programme but the hints/help guides could be clearer.”

Mr lior tamir
kyriat mochkin

9 Nov 2014

“easy using software”

Ms Heather Maclean
Halifax Region

4 Nov 2014

“I use a few Serif products; PagePlus, PhotoPlus, and DrawPlus. I like them for different reasons and use them for a variety of purposes. Sometimes I have them interact. When I first discovered that aspect it made me gasp! It was a EUREKA moment.
I'm especially pleased with DrawPlus 6 because of the brushes. I can make frames and borders look fabulous. I suspect most people use this product for online publications, but I do not. I use them for the hard copy print media. DrawPlus has helped me with the programs I design for funerals (Hey!... someone has to make them.) It's also a good program if I want an advertisement to have a softer look from some others. I can fancy the ad with a specific style which helps it stand out from other ads.
I'd be lost without my SERIF products.”

Mrs M Field
Port Dover

31 Oct 2014

“Still learning the Draw Plus program. I am impressed with the tutorials - they are a big help.”

Mr Ron Cohen
North Little Rock

29 Oct 2014

“Nice product. I haven't used most of the features yet, but the ones that I have used were exactly what I needed.”

Mr Doug Wilkie

27 Oct 2014

“Love the program! Offers the same creative ability and more when compared to all of its competitors. Have used the two major competitors programs for years and find Draw plus as good if not better and far easier to use.”

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