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Mr Robert Hodson

24 Aug 2014

“I've enjoyed using DrawPlus X6 very much; once I'd begun to get the hang of it I started designing several rough Layout plans for a multi-level model railway, which I must add was the main purpose I purchased the programme; The colour selection and line preferences helped to sort out the differing levels and use of arrows depicting the sections that are rising or declining whilst the wonderful Bezier devices helped sort out the return curves making the whole design thing an easy task and helped to create my perfect model railway design without making costly mistakes. (Using Draw Plus a design can be altered until the layout is brought to satisfaction and standard items can be saved for recall at any time).
However I have not yet got the hang of using the rulers or the scale setting sections, my greatest difficulty is understanding how to set the ratio to make my designed plan fit into a garden shed which is 160cm wide by 230cm long; I know this is due to my own ignorance, but at seventy years of age I must allow for a slower mind, I also know I shall soon overcome this small hurdle for it has to be said "It in no way detracts from yet another superb Serif Programme".”

Mr Clifton Beecher

23 Aug 2014

“I tried several other software programs to build a logo for our church, but i could never get it right. After buying Serif Drawplus X6 i had my logo done within an hour.
Thanks! It is very easy to use.”

Mr tony Wright

23 Aug 2014

“great product, but it would be nice to draw a straight line in scale drawing by just entering lenght and it seems that i can only save work under dpp or dpx which no other programs can open. it would be nice if i could open work in cs5 ie save as gif or jpg for instance.

please let me know what you think”

Dr Guy Watson

16 Aug 2014

“serif does most of what Adobe Illustrator does as well and for far less. I found the Auto trace a bit tricky in that to get a realistic looking photo traced you needed to Flatten, Resample and Minimum Area . kAfter this the "vectorizing gave you an excellent vector version of a raster phot.”

Ms Kovács Mária

12 Aug 2014

“Wery usefull and easy to use. The DrawPlus professional and fun too. I like the brushes, and like to make brushes :)

Great application!”

Mr Andy Critchell

11 Aug 2014

“Why pay a fortune for an excellent drawing program when you can get an equally excellent one for a fraction of the price. I am very happy with Serif DrawPlus X6 & you will be too.”

Mr Scott Theiss

8 Aug 2014

“I am surprised by what this program can do. I was looking for other options for our employees with the intent to save money on a Illustrator type of program.
DrawPlus X6 has meet all of our needs.”

Mr Robert Endl

4 Aug 2014

“I am new to drawing software, this is making for a longer learning curve. Also, I can't compare it to similar programs. I am doing only simple things at present, making new drawings and editing imported pictures for my website.
Very useful and powerful for what I am doing. Usually, if I can think of something, the program can do it.
Some quirks (even bugs?). The color swap tool has no green slider. When I wanted to change a green fill to red on an imported drawing I had to find another way. Text sometimes changes to curves for no apparent reason. Some photo effects don't work as well as other programs. The noise filter is useless (see paint.net). On the other hand, the variety is impressive. A despeckle (sp?) function would be nice.
All in all, a very good program at a good price. Keep working on it.”

Daniel Williams

4 Aug 2014

“Great product, love the ease of use. Great for the Artwork I need to generate.
Thanks for your online help also.

Take care.”

Mr rob juda
den bosch

2 Aug 2014

“its a great program for hobyists and profs. Its full of features that only found in DrawPlus. And easy to use 1 Its worth any penny (euro)..”

Mr John Court

18 Jul 2014

“For general graphics the package is simple and easy to use. One of the main reasons for buying the package is for the flash and stop motion animations which I am having a little more difficulty getting to grips with but this may be due to the fact that up to now I have been using Adobe Flash. Adobe has priced itself out of the market for any non commercial user.

I hope to be using the package to teach fellow retirees about graphics and animation. I have tried using Gimp for this but that is let down by its Home screen and it is not as easy or intuitive as some of the many graphics packages that I have used including Serif DrawPlus X6.”

Mr Ernest Winn
North Ferriby

13 Jul 2014

“It works - what more can I say?”

Mr Allan Ginman
Newton Poppleford

12 Jul 2014

“The best drawing package I've ever used. I have used CorelDraw at work for three years. When we decided to start a teaching resources business we thought we'd use cheaper software. We bought Drawplus, Webplus, Pageplus and Photoplus. Best decision we ever made! Drawplus produces some terrific images and allow me to make our original clipart and designs look really great. I started off with Drawplus but soon updated to Drawplus 6. Well worth the money!”

Mr Terence Woods

3 Jul 2014

“First attempts to make a plaque worked very well and proved quite easy. Could do with more keyboard shortcuts other than Ctrl O.
Manipulating shapes required some practice
Having added a shape or picture, the only way I could delete it was use 'cut'.”

Mr Michael Didcock

3 Jul 2014

“Not used everything available as yet but what I have used was easy. I would recommend drawplus to any one that wants to create brilliant drawings. This package also works well with my drawing pad.”

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