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Customer Reviews

169 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.48 out of 5

Mr Joel Rabe
Otis Orchards

16 Jun 2015

“I am still a rather new user to drawplus x6 however so far I am finding it to be a fantastic tool I have been trying a few other programs out with my Wacom drawing tablet ad to find one tat even comes close to the ridiculously priced Illustrator, DrawPlus x6 has so much more value and support. Thank you from the struggling artist's out here.”


24 May 2015

“If you are a professional designer stay way clear of the DrawPlus. It has been nothing but a struggle from day one and has some of the most infuriating work flow I've ever experienced in propriety graphic software.

Trying to edit imported EPS's has been a nightmare and I've often been left having to use Inkscape to do most of the heavy lifting and exporting through DrawPlus for CYMK, which appears to be it's only useful function.

As a amateur package it is passable, however Inkscape is easily on par so anyone looking for an entry level package that doesn't need CYMK support would be better off going down that route. As a professional package it's the worst I've come across and it's sister package PhotoPlus is equally as bad. You have been warned.”

Mr Paul Dowthwaite

23 Mar 2015

“Great intuitive software, does what it says on the box, and more.”

Mr Hugh Leyshon

16 Mar 2015

“I find it a good drawing program but I still learning all the features”

Miss Nicola Richards

12 Mar 2015

“I really like Serif Draw plus particularly the tutoirals and help features. I was able to produce to cool stuff quite quickly after purchasing the software. I do wish however that there were more "extra's" and "freebies" available out there. A lot of what I find is only compatible with illustrator however, I feel Serif Draw plus is good value for money.”

Mrs Mariska Castleden
Milton Keynes

9 Mar 2015

“Good product. Difficult to get going at first - everything looks strange, but it's definitely worth every penny. My product labels look professional and customers love it. Job well done Serif DrawPlus X6 - definitely worth it. Thank you.”

Mr. William Koehne

28 Feb 2015

“Exporting images in 6 leaves a shadow line. I cannot find a forum or where to go to figure this out. I also will not buy a product again with out the paper manual.

I have gone back to using version 5 since I have the book, it works well without a shadow drop and have found no advantage in the upgrade.”

Mr Greg Freebold
West Palm Beach

23 Feb 2015

“Great product - very easy to use! We had illustrator before and it is definitely more user friendly. We love it here at Safe Home Pest Control!”

Mr Edwin Lee

17 Feb 2015

“Draw Plus 6 is an amazingly easy to use and produces drawings that my friends see as quite intricate. "we didn't know you could draw like that!"

I love it.”

Mr Fred Graham

10 Feb 2015

“Thus far I have not utilised all of the functions but those which I have used seem easy to use and provide excellent functionality”

Ms Vicky Hammack

8 Feb 2015

“I found drawplus to be extremely easy to use.”

Mrs Victoria Day
Myrtle Creek

8 Feb 2015

“I LOVE this software! I am an artist and jewelry designer and have used Adobe Elements for years. DrawPlus X6 is amazing - MUCH EASIER AND MORE POWERFUL and the value is incredible. I have just begun to explore its capabilities and I am thrilled with the results I'm getting.”

Mr matthew weidman
Washington C.H.

30 Jan 2015

“I have try ed out several other software. This is the best out of the three that I have tried. Very user friendly. Thank you keep up the good work. Matt”

Mr Geoff Smith

25 Jan 2015

“I have been using this software and I very happy with it
Have been using the Export to jpeg facility and have got down to learning how to use this most excellent Draw plus X6 software good value for money for all of the drawing and desktop publishing.
The applications available for producing top quality posters etc etc
are down to the imagination and vision of the user
I must add the program is so easy to use.”

Mr Richard Taylor

16 Jan 2015

“Excellent easy to use have not used to full potential yet but soon will”

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