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322 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.58 out of 5

Mr Tom Payne

27 Feb 2013

“found the curved text difficuld to follow but made it inthe end by accident”

Mrs Sylvia Dyer
South Gloucestershire

27 Feb 2013

“This has to be one of the best programs I've purchased. Not only was it easy and quick to learn, within days I have mastered many of its functions enabling me to create exciting and innovative book covers for my publishing business and yet only just touched the surface of what it can do. Brilliant! Far easier than other programs I've tried. I'm so glad I purchased it.”

Mr Robert Godfrey

27 Feb 2013

“I have been using Draw Plus for a little while now. I can honestly say that I love the program. My design time for vector graphics, banners, and animated banners cut in half. The learning curve is very low on this software. I was trained and started out with the Adobe commercial software for the same tasks. The learning curve is very steep with those programs, and even with years of using these programs. The process can be long and drawn out. Draw Plus allows me to do what I need to complete projects in less time and quality results that equal more expensive commercial grade programs.”

Mr Ray Jeffrey
sheerness on sea

26 Feb 2013

“Easy to use,simple tools and creates professional and stunning results.”

Mr Patrick Bagnall

26 Feb 2013

“Serif Draw Plus X5 is a user friendly design package.

Whether you need to design a new logo or letter head for example, you can create a professional looking design quite simply. there are easy to follow instructions and excellent templates you can use to create the effect your looking for.

I would recommend this software to any amateur or professional person. ”

Mr Gordon Deller

26 Feb 2013

“I have still alot to learn, but drawplus x5 is the most exsighting, progam, and to me alot more files could be added. I have enjoyed looking into new areas in this program, serif is to the best.”

Sandra Hamilton Hoover
Stephens City

25 Feb 2013

“DrawPlus X5 is easy to use and easy to understand and your end project will have all the punch power you need to get your artwork noticed. I use DrawPlus nearly every day and I'm now using DrawPlus to create chart patterns for crochet and knit projects. DrawPlus can handle everything I throw at it and it still begs to do more. It is an outstanding program from an equally outstanding company. DrawPlus is most definitely a five-star program and I highly recommend it. --- Sandra Hamilton Hoover, Driftwood Enterprises”

Mr Tom Johnson
Palm Bay

19 Feb 2013

“DrawPlus X5 has exceeded my expectations of what I needed to enhance my web pages and also producing fliers for our organization. It was a lot easier to learn how to navigate and produce the artwork needed, than I expected. If you maintain a web site, or several web sites as I do, I highly recommend you try this, you will love it!”

Mr Bill Howden

19 Feb 2013

“I am impressed with the capability yet simplicity of DrawPlus. I was looking for a somewhat powerful drawing tool, to complement my Visio and Photoshop toolset(s). DrawPlus hits the mark.”

Mr Brian Callahan
Sioux Falls

18 Feb 2013

I have been using DrawPlusX4 for a while. I started with the free demo version and liked it so much that I desired the full functionality of the real deal so I purchased it. This was a good decision on my part to be sure. I wanted something that was like all of the much more expensive and difficult drawing programs, but provided the same robust arsenal of tools and capabilities. With DrawPlusX5 that is exactly what I got. The program is very intuitive and easy to learn. The tutorials are great and you honestly can start painting and drawing within seconds of installation! If you are looking for a easy to use and massively powerful creative drawing and painting art tool- look no further- The Serif DrawPlusX5 is what you are looking for at a great price.
I currently use X4 on my Fujitsu T730 Tablet PC, and use X5 on my desktop with a Waccom Bamboo tablet.”

Mr Jim Baird

13 Feb 2013

“Outstandig for creating unusual graphics. Really makes my web pages come alive!”

Mr Thomas Hoffman

12 Feb 2013

“Serifs' Draw x5 is a FABULOUS product.
We use this program daily to produce our art work.
it, and all of the Serif products run seamlessly together making 'work', not so much like work.
Thank You Serif for such an AWESOME product.”

Mr D Boots
Ellwood City

12 Feb 2013

“The product is easy to use. I like the convert photo to oil painting. Ialso use it to create backdrops for movies I create in Serif Movie Plus 6. Not an airtist yet but working on that.”

Mr Russell Gavel

12 Feb 2013

“DrawPlus X5 is doing every thing that I need it to do and it is easy to use.”

Mr shaquan henry

12 Feb 2013


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