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322 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.58 out of 5

Mr Michael Ough

11 Feb 2013

“Compared to its previous incarnations, Serif's DrawPlus has come on in leaps and bounds and now, at Version X5, is giving its rivals something to think about.

The first improvement over X4 is the coloured tabs used to distinguish different projects open in the workspace. This is of significant benefit to those who have a number of projects on the go in a work session. Before X5 made its debut, it was very easy to close the wrong project and lose work that had taken, maybe, hours to craft. Not anymore. The coloured tabs allow the user to see that different projects are open.

The next improvement is that settings for drawing scales are saved whenever DrawPlus is closed. Before, they had to be set manually each time the program was opened. No more. If you work in one particular drawing scale as I do, it is a godsend not having to reset for each new project.

Generally, the workspace has a more intuitive feel to it than previously and the layout is better, too. The developers at Serif have clearly listened to users of DrawPlus and incorporated their ideas, suggestions and requests into the latest version.”

Mr George Derdziak

11 Feb 2013

“Great software to sketch product designs - no need to use a CAD program for one of products works great”

Mr R Rogers

6 Feb 2013

“I'm an avid fan! I use the Drawplus x5 software on on daily basis in my welding /fabrication business. Its become a vital tool for me fabricating mining compoments.A great program easy to use, I gladly recommend its use.”

Ms Marva Whitaker

5 Feb 2013

“It's a lot more difficult to use than I thought it would be. My only other experience with Serif has been with their Page Plus software - and Page Plus is super intuitive. Draw Plus - not so much. I've had difficulty using it to create designs, and even more difficulty with the finished designs because it doesn't seem to create formats that are compatible with anything.”

Ms Nan Sherrill Smith

5 Feb 2013

“I was in a car wreck recently and haven't had much time to learn DrawX5, but I did realize that it has a stable format, is versatile and is supplied with lots of goodies plus a fairly complete manual and very nice on-line support from several sources.

The test for me will be user friendliness and comprehensive functionality that either equals or beats DrawX5. I got a new tablet, smart phone and DrawPlus X5 all in the same month. I am rolling in clover!”

Mr Derek Nudd
Portsmouth, Hants

5 Feb 2013

“Generally competent - I can do everything I need to. Editing objects could be easier.”

Mr Ian Frost
Stonehouse Drive

5 Feb 2013

“Absolute rubbish. never again”

Serif Says:

Hi Ian, we're sorry you didn't like our product. Can you be any more specific about what you didn't like? We always love customer feedback. Regards, Serif

David Foxfire
Granite City

5 Feb 2013

“Draw Plus is my not-so-secret tool in creating my web comic. Not only is laying out the pages (and letters, sound effects and even perspective work) much faster than doing it in Illustrator, you will also have your next best friend in Auto-trace. From Pencils to Inks in less than five clicks!

Draw Plus has five times the power of Illustrator with only a fifth of the price. I cannot recommend it enough.”

Dave K
Fitzwilliam, NH

31 Jan 2013

“I've used this program to create both logos and some web graphics. Real easy to use and the interface is very intuitive. There are so few great drawing programs out there without spending a small fortune. This is offers the "Best bang for the buck" and countless features that you typically see in the more expensive programs. All the standards are there, brushes, pencil, fills, etc. A favorite option you don't see in other drawing programs is the 3D planes tool to instantly obtain top, side views of an object and the Instand 3D tool which makes any object in the workspace 3D with just one click! Doesn't get easier than that!”

Dr Evan Debloois
North Ogden

30 Jan 2013

“I use DrawPlus X5 to produce map overlays for publication locally. I find that it is a great tool allowing total control of the mapping information. It is also indespensible for producing the line drawings I use in a wide variety of workshop projects from doghouses to basement finishing. I am particularly impressed with the X5 version for meeting my needs in a graphics design package.”

Mr nigel Oram

28 Jan 2013

“A great product - I was looking to produce a diagram for putting together a dipsly stand and this software was absolutely perfect - I have used PagePlus for many years and DrawPlus is a very welcome addition to our design software.

Congratulations on yet another superb product.”

Miss Sasha Virjee

22 Jan 2013

“I was very excited to use this new program, but quickly realized that it was more about design than drawing (or rather there's only so much you can do to enhance drawing, so they added a lot of design tools).

It's very fun to play with, and I appreciate how well labeled the tools are. The pencil and pen tools work just as I'd expect, and I'm having fun experimenting with the Freeform Paint tool.

However my one and biggest complaint is that whenever I use the brush tool, make my stroke, and then pick up my pen, the stroke changes! I lose the curves I make. It smooths them out, yes, but sometimes it drastically alters the shape. Since they are vectors, yes it is easy to go back in and fix, but why should I have to when the shape I originally drew was exactly what I wanted?”

Mr Christopher Face

21 Jan 2013

“For a number of years I have been using Serif programmes to enable me to enhance my job as a sailing instructor and produce handouts for pupils. I also design posters for various voluntary groups.
I have used Page Plus, Photo Plus and Draw Plus. I still retain all the old programs on my computer and use them in their various modes as they each have their own characteristics. Draw Plus 8 may not have what Draw Plus 5 or 6 has, and so on.
Draw Plus X5 though is something else. First, Draw Plus X5 will work with Windows 7 on my laptop, also Draw Plus X5 works in a way that none of the other programmes even comes near to achieving. I am very pleased that I have stayed with Serif over the years.”

Mr R Cooke
Macclesfield, Cheshire

21 Jan 2013

“Drawplus X5 is an excellent application for all your drawing requirements be they rough technical drawings, sketches, logo design or whatever graphic need you have. It produces brilliant results and has a variety of easy to use tools which make life easier when creating illustrations.”

Mr Greg Smith
Winchelsea Beach

21 Jan 2013

“I use this program primarily to create characters and objects for CrazyTalk animator. Drawplus enables you to capture images from many sources, and edit them as a keyframe animation. I also use WebPlus X6 and find it pretty useful for editing graphics within my website. VValue for money it cannot be beaten.”

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