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Customer Reviews

169 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.48 out of 5

Mr Mukesh C Patel

16 Jan 2015

“Included and provided features and options content works great to give right and need results ultimately. To work on it does have limitless provisions on to get work done. It does most of the work where you don't have to look for help around. One of the best package deals to count on. Works wonder as required. Most of the time it saves on everything. All it provides is good needed help every time to come. Help you get work done in time.”

Mr J Meanwell

14 Jan 2015

“Works fine except that the 64 bit version still does not work with scanner - presumable no driver.”

Mr Donald Butt

12 Jan 2015

“Innovative, easy to use and streets ahead of the competition.
I could say that for a like for like product the prices is fantastic but in all honesty there is not another programme out there of this quality for anywhere near what you pay Serif. A very efficient customer service base is also provided by Serif.”

Mr P Birdseye

12 Jan 2015

“I find Serif DrawPlus an excellent product for the price and have been using the previous versions of the programme for many years.”

Mr Clive K Lewis

11 Jan 2015

“I'm an elderly chap, subject to which there are still things I would like but being on a somewhat limited income sometimes (most!) I have to wait. When I received info regarding the reduced price on Draw-Plus X6 I had to do a retake. Couldn't believe it, such a package of 'goodies', for such an unbelievable price? Since receiving the same I am having so much fun, I can't thank you enough. Thank your team for such a wonderful gift, and long may you reign. Belated Seasonal Greetings to you all. Kindest regards Clive K Lewis”

Mr Stewart Reid

11 Jan 2015

“I Have found that DrawPlusX6 is very easy to use. Even without looking at the manual Iam very impressed with the sort of graphics that I can produce, and iam not an expert by any stretch of the imagination.”

Mr William Mero

10 Jan 2015

“Very buggy. The joint tool dose not work in key frame animation. Poor help menu. Photo Shop Elements 9 is a better program.”

Mr John McMain

10 Jan 2015

“I have always been a fan of serif drawplus, and think it is good all round drawing software for young and old,as it is easy to get to know how to use it.With the many tutorials you can learn at your own pace.One thing I would like to see is a smudge tool and a warp brush as in serif photoplus .Thank you for giving me hours of pleasure getting to know and use you software,and keep up the good work.”

Mr James Thompson

8 Jan 2015

“Improvement in user quality.
As always a quality prodoct”

shalika pareek

6 Jan 2015

“I'm absolutely in love with this software. I've been trying for YEARS to help end the tyranny of adobe products.
It would be great help if we could have a feature that helps us create seamless patterns!! And change colors of an artwork like in the illustrator software to provide variations.
It has a long way to go to become the preferred software in a professional set up but it has some awesome feature that even illustrator can beat.”

Mr Trevor Leadbitter

4 Jan 2015

“Very easy to use and achieve very good results. If you are used to other Serif software the work area is very similar so many actions are intuitive”

Mr Neil Watson

3 Jan 2015

“I have found DrawPlus X6 intuitive and easy to learn. I particularly like how easily it is to scale drawings and show dimensions.”

Mr Carl Smith

2 Jan 2015

“Started with DPX4 and now I'm up to DPX6 - what can I say, it - along with all the Serif products - is a great drawing program and well within my budget; equal to Adobe, but at a price "poor starving artist" can afford...

Serif keeps their software products updated on a regular basis, which means whatever "X" program in the Serif line you have, your program will work for years to come...

The only "downside" to this...? Learning how to use the program efficiently before it is upgraded to the next "X" level...!

I am still learning to use DPX6, so it will be a while before I upgrade to the next level - DPX7...”

Mr Dan Abrams
Litchfield Park

2 Jan 2015

“I have used a few drawing programs over the years and I like this one a lot. It is very intuitive and easy to be creative with. I use it primarily for signage in my store and for creating Facebook pages. I strongly recommend it for beginners, but our son who is a graphic artist has also used it and has found it to be a powerful, well designed tool.”

Mr John Akers

27 Dec 2014

“Drawplus is the ideal drawing tool. An amazingly easy to use, low-cost drawing tool with a user-friendly interface. I have hundreds of programs but have always come back to Serif for an affordable and dependable program that doesn't required a Masters Degree to use. Within an hour you can be designing professional templates, icons, logos or whatever your imagination desires.

I would recommend signing up for newsletters from Serif. you will receive some amazing discounts.

I own Drawplus X6, Panorama X4, the new LiteCam HD and others. i will always keep my Serif programs handy for the next project.”

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