Student discounts on Serif Software

As your child uses Serif graphics software in school, they are entitled to a discounted home copy of the Serif Student suite at just £45 (plus £3.95 P&P), saving £350 from the retail price.

Serif Student Suite

The Serif Student Suite includes the latest titles:

  • DrawPlus X8 Animation & vector graphics
  • MoviePlus X6 Digital Edition Video editing
  • WebPlus X8 Multimedia web creation
  • PhotoPlus X8 Image editing
  • PagePlus X9 Desktop publishing
  • CraftArtist 2 Collages & crafts

NB. Only students in licensed Serif schools are eligible for the scheme, at a maximum of one copy per pupil.

All programs are full copies of the software, so students can easily transfer project work between home and school. And as they own the licence, when they leave school they can continue using Serif to apply their skills beyond the classroom.