DrawPlus X6

Draw, design, edit and create

Use intuitive vector drawing tools, flexible shapes and natural media brushes to create bespoke designs, logos, technical drawings, animations and so much more. DrawPlus X6 is the perfect platform to express your creativity.

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Create picture perfect drawings

Create picture perfect drawings

DrawPlus X6 offers the complete drawing and editing experience. Simple vector drawing tools help you create custom lines, shapes and curves, with advanced tools for targeted drawing, merging and blending. And because the final image is a vector drawing, you can easily rescale artwork without losing quality.

DrawPlus X6 brings your design visions to life with intricate shapes, colours and effects. There are new tools for drawing arcs and triangles plus a new Stencils Tab offering a wide selection of ready-made templates that are perfect for adding impact across all your designs.

Bring your designs to life

Bring your designs to life

Putting together great looking drawings and artwork is only half the fun; DrawPlus X6 also offers a variety of creative ways to bring your ideas to life. It’s so easy to see your drawings in stunning 3D with the Instant 3D tool, apply lighting and surface effects and create eye-catching documents and logos with artistic text and frames. For more technical drawings, connector tools and perspective planes give you the freedom to create flowcharts, scaled floor layouts and isometric drawings.

Want your text to stand out? No problem. Experiment with classic filter effects like outline or drop shadow and, for the first time, set text to flow around objects.

Anyone can achieve professional looking results

Achieve professional looking results

Easy-to-use features help you achieve precise results. Whether you’re drawing, painting, tracing or editing, accurate colour management options, that support CMYK and RGB documents, ensure you’ll achieve colour consistency across all the media you design for.

Build up designs with layers that you can edit individually, apply non-destructible Graphic Styles, that won’t permanently change your original work, and use the special multi-level Solo Mode to isolate and work on specific elements of the same image.

Plus there are creative options like Blend Modes; which allow you to control how objects interact and the new Palette Creator, which automatically generates a palette of colours from an image.

Develop your photo editing skills

Develop your photo editing skills

As a complete design package, DrawPlus X6 makes it easy to include images in your drawings or plans and improve them with professional-quality effects. The comprehensive PhotoLab, Cutout and AutoTrace studios allow you to enhance images, perform accurate photo cut-outs and instantly turn photos into vector artwork.

Apply non-destructive adjustments to sharpen up your images plus remove red eye and blemishes – there’s no need to switch to a separate photo editor! DrawPlus supports multiple files types such as JPEG, PNG and GIF as well as Adobe® Photoshop® files.

Painting techniques straight to your digital brush

Authentic painting techniques

DrawPlus X6 includes a wide selection of watercolour, pastel, charcoal and other realistic-looking brushes. Photo-quality spray brushes allow you to add paint splats, glitter, flowers and many more decorative effects.

Plus with support for graphics tablets and a built-in Pressure Studio for controlling the sensitivity of brush strokes, your digital art skills will feel more realistic.

Create stand-out web graphics and animations

Striking web graphics and animations

Give your websites that professional touch with striking web graphics and animations – easy to create in DrawPlus X6. Create pixel-perfect web buttons with rollover graphics that are HTML embedded as well as Flash banners that will instantly grab the attention of your visitors.

Want to create high quality animations or even movies? Use keyframe or stop frame methods to capture movement frame-by-frame. When you’re happy with your animation, DrawPlus X6 makes it easy to export it as a SWF, MOV, AVI or WMV video file.

Share your designs and artwork

Share your designs and artwork

DrawPlus X6 has a built-in export optimiser and supports over 18 export file formats meaning you achieve the highest-quality output however you choose to showcase your designs.

Want to get your artwork professionally printed? PDF import, editing and export means you can prepare your artwork and have it ready-to-go in minutes!

DrawPlus X6 supports PDF/X1, 1a and, for the first time, PDF/X-3: a file type required by some professional printers.

Drawing software that’s so easy-to-use

Drawing software that’s so easy-to-use

  • Quick starter: Get started with a wide range of templates for posters and greeting cards.
  • Ignite your creativity: Over 4000 ready-made pieces of vector art and sample designs to get you started.
  • So easy-to-use: Enjoy a quick and simple interface and customisable tabs to suit the way you work.
  • Faster than ever: Native support for 32 and 64-bit computers gives you the fastest design experience yet.
  • Edit existing documents: Open and edit existing PDFs, EPS, SVG and AutoCad files.

How does DrawPlus X6 compare?

Illustrator CS6
CorelDRAW X6 Graphics Suite Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 9 Serif
DrawPlus X6
Optimized for 64-bit processors yes yes no yes
End-to-end CMYK document support yes yes no yes
PDF/X export yes yes no yes
Targeted drawing modes (inside/in front/ behind) yes no no yes
Pressure Studio for calibrating graphics tablets no no no yes
Create keyframe and stopframe animations no no Stopframe only yes
Context sensitive on-screen how-to no yes no yes

Serif believes the information in the comparison to be reasonably reliable but does not guarantee its accuracy. Consumers are solely responsible for verifying the claims. If there are any inaccuracies please contact us.

What the press say about DrawPlus

“Masses of sophisticated tools for working in a broad range of graphic design disciplines – and it still manages to be intuitive and quick to use.”

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“An ideal option for illustrators who want to get into vector art – simple, affordable and powerful.”

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