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We are no longer offering this product as a free download. The full version is available to purchase here.

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Powerful movie editing for free

  • Import and export files including WMV and AVI
  • Simple drag and drop tools
  • Cut and trim with ease
  • Edit your very own home movies
  • Enjoy editing effects and tools
  • So easy to use
“MoviePlus is an ideal software package for beginners, but if you’re not a beginner don’t write it off; it’s also capable of some unexpectedly sophisticated results.” *

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Flexible import options

Flexible import options

Import multiple file types from a variety of video cameras and edit with ease.

Simple editing tools

Simple editing tools

Add pan, zoom and transitions to give your movies a professional finish.

Great export and publish options

Great export and publish options

Enjoy multiple export options and save movies for viewing online or sending via email.

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* Review refers to MoviePlus X5