WebPlus X7

Design your ideal website without limitations

Everything you need to create the perfect website

Building the ideal website is easier than you think. Create an unlimited number of sites and pages, design bespoke web graphics and banners and add interactive gadgets, photos and videos – all with simple drag and drop tools. Take advantage of the most up to date technology that handles all the coding for you. WebPlus X7 is the fastest and easiest way to create a feature-rich website that your visitors will love.

Compact and efficient code

No monthly fees

Design without limitations

Choose any host

Royalty free assets

Easy features, flexible websites

Design web pages exactly how you want them, without any coding experience. Simply choose a pre-designed template that is fully customisable and royalty-free. Drag and drop ready-made intelligent navigation bars, add your own colour schemes, buttons and images onto the page and insert your own text, it’s simple!

More accomplished designers will love creating their own layouts with a host of incredibly flexible tools and advanced features. You can even add your own code for a truly bespoke and optimised website. WebPlus X7 gives you the power and flexibility to design an unlimited number of web pages the way you want, with no restrictions!

A versatile website that’s lightning quick

Ensure your website is fast, efficient and versatile with HTML5; the latest way to code websites. WebPlus X7 publishes HTML5 code automatically for more compact code and an efficient website. Your site is also highly compatible with mobile and tablet devices and can be easily updated with the latest add ons – all for the best possible experience when customers are browsing your site.

WebPlus X7 supports 64-bit computers, so you can enjoy designing a flexible and feature rich website with lightning speed. It doesn’t matter how big your website ends up, design an unlimited number of pages, with intricate features that won’t slow you down.

Help your customers find you

A good quality website will help promote your business, showcase your services and bring in more customers. WebPlus X7 is packed with features to help, including fully customisable forms (feedback, contact us and sign up forms), E-commerce capabilities and a Google Map feature to put your business on the map.

Ensure your site is fully optimised with the handy Site Manager which highlights any text formatting, navigation and other potential issues with your website. Google Analytics is another great tool to assess page popularity and to see how your customers are using your website and tweak it if you need to.

Eye catching images, videos and more

It’s so easy to add engaging media to your site. Simply drag and drop photos anywhere on your page or create an interactive and smooth slider gallery. Stream images from sites like Flickr and even edit photos in a dedicated studio without leaving WebPlus.

With WebPlus X7 it’s easy to showcase video content. The new video player* allows you to share your own MP4 videos while you can fully customise the size and style of your player. You can also include YouTube and Vimeo videos so that all of your media is under one roof.

Add amazing content with ease

It doesn’t matter if you’re a design pro or a complete beginner, WebPlus X7 allows you to add creative content to your website and help you stand out and shine.

Use the Assets tab to drag and drop pre-designed objects ranging from buttons, navigation bars, graphics and background images. Design with dedicated drawing tools, a selection of dynamic QuickShapes, stylish effects and a huge range of fantastic colour schemes to create impressive and unique designs.

Get online fast

Once you’re happy and ready to share your site, WebPlus X7 makes it easy to optimise, export and get your website online in a couple of clicks. The Site Checker scans and highlights any formatting issues, broken links and possible problems which might affect your site’s performance online. You can also use the one click preview feature to see how your shiny new website appears and functions online before exporting.

Upload your site to the host of your choice, or use Serif’s own easy web hosting. We’ve got a range of great packages to suit every business, club or personal need.

Stay sociable online

There’s no denying the effect social media will have on your business, club or charity. And it’s never been easier to add social widgets to your website. Simply drag Facebook, Twitter and other gadgets onto your page to encourage visitors to start liking and following your content straight away! It’s all really easy to do with no programming or behind the scenes set up required.

You can even drag and drop a blog or forum onto your website wherever you wish and encourage customer engagement like never before.

So what are you waiting for?

WebPlus X7 offers the next generation of web design for everyone to enjoy. Design everything from scratch including an unlimited number of pages, graphics, logos and other features or use a ready-made template that you can fully customise to suit your business, charity or club. Build your website and your customer base the way you want with WebPlus X7.

What the press say about WebPlus

“Serif WebPlus X6 wins our Gold Award because of its range of tools, the quality of the included graphics and templates , and the ease with which it lets you add external features and services.”

“This software makes website construction and maintenance a cinch.”

“Whether your new to building websites or a more experienced designer you'll find WebPlus X6 a useful tool.”

“…it does a fantastic job of balancing ease-of-use with excellent output.”

All reviews based on WebPlus X6

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re 100% sure you’ll love any purchase you make from Serif, but if you’re not completely satisfied, simply return your product within thirty days (seven days if you downloaded) and we promise you a full refund.

*Please note, the video player within WebPlus X7 is provided by Flowplayer The size, style, colour and buttons are all fully customisable within WebPlus X7. However, the video player contains Flowplayer branding. An additional fee is payable to Flowplayer to remove the Flowplayer logo and link from the video player.