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Enjoy our famous desktop publisher that over 95% of our customers would recommend! Watch our short video as we guide you through some of the great new and improved features in PagePlus X8.

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PagePlus Feature Comparison (PDF)

Precise text and layout control

When designing brochures, newsletters and magazines, adding a professional finish to your text really does make all the difference. The new Baseline Grid in PagePlus takes care of your layouts for you, ensuring that all your text is aligned across different columns and frames, even if your text is different sizes. Text columns and frame margins can automatically flip sides too, so facing pages are mirrored for a consistent and professional look.

Your digital documents, exactly as you want them

PagePlus X8 supports the new EPUB 3 standard to ensure that your layouts stay exactly as you want them on modern devices, great for publishing business eBooks, brochures and menus. Choose from a variety of blank templates and preview how they will look on iPad®, Kindle, Nexus and other devices to make sure that your customers and members view your digital documents exactly as intended.

Achieve anything you want with PDFs

PagePlus X8 gives you the most comprehensive PDF options ever! Not only can you create, save and fully edit PDF files, you can also insert a PDF as an image, which keeps all the graphics, text and layout as the creator intended. This is particularly useful if you need to place someone else’s adverts in your publications and want to keep layouts intact.

Complete photo editing

Brand new additions to the PhotoLab ensure you can edit imagery without ever having to leave PagePlus X8. The new Vibrance, Split Tone and Clarity filters give you greater control over colour, light and contrast, while the Tilt Shift adds creative blurring and miniaturising effects to your editing toolkit. In addition you can repair classic photos with the newly added Clone Tool to brush over marks and creases and remove unwanted objects. A new Gradient Mask also lets you add more depth and style to your pictures.

Amazing colour control

Rapid colour changes

It doesn’t matter how long or complex your publication is, you can now replace specific colours across your entire publication in a couple of clicks and access 84 brand new Pantone® colours too.

Colours exactly as you want them

Pick colours from any image you import to build up a bespoke colour palette and maintain colour consistency throughout your documents. PagePlus also now features CMYK colours even on filter effects such as drop shadows, which are great for single colour print runs.

Auto correct and hyperlink enhancements

Take advantage of multi-word autocorrect and style hyperlinks however you choose, perfect for eBooks and interactive newsletters.

Your workspace looks better than ever

New high DPI support means your workspace is clearer and easier to view on larger high-resolution screens.

Flexible image importing

A new gallery pop-up allows you to insert multiple images in the order you want for greater efficiency.

Professional graphic design filters

Enjoy a selection of new filter effects including the Trail effect that allows you to add retro motion blurs to your graphics and images.

Stylish new tables and calendars

Choose from a comprehensive gallery of fully customisable table and calendar styles.

64-bit scanning support

You can now scan imagery even when you’re using a 64-bit system, with support for 64-bit scanning software.

Money-Back Guarantee

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