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Customer Reviews

143 people who bought this rated it 4.43 out of 5

Jean Pierre Laferriere

25 Sep 2015

“I am very please with this program. Easy to learn with great results.”

Mr Michael Grey

24 Sep 2015

“I was doubtful that PPX8 would make my
job any easier .
To my surprise it has been well above expectations!
I am proud to be a user of a company
that actually incorporates new and needed
features in it's
product line
Great Job!!”

Mr Charles Struble

22 Sep 2015

“This program is exactly what I was looking for. Simple, versatile, and fast. Thanks, guys...”

Mr P Mellor

21 Sep 2015

“Page plus X8 is a dream to work with, it is so easy to use and is a vast improvement on Page Plus X7. There is just one minor problem at the moment and I hope that it will be fixed soon; and that is the asset manager, it is a little flawed at the moment, I have found my way it in making up my own asset packs, but it is somewhat tedious, you have to make sure that the storage area for the asset pack is large enough i.e. the drive you are storing it too, and then only do one asset pack at a time, close down the asset manager and then re-open it to do the next asset pack (that is to say if you are working with a few asset packs at any one time). But that asside do not be put off it is a brilliant piece of software.”

Mr Ken Townsend

19 Sep 2015

“So far I have not used it much, as I have been on holiday, But what I have seen so far looks great.”

Mr Richard(buddy) Brown
Baton Rouge

19 Sep 2015

“I now have been trying PagePlus X8 for a while and find that it is a useful program for my purposes. However, I was told that it would import Microsoft Publisher files; IT WON'T, or at least I cannot figure out how to do it. Otherwise, it is a good product.”

Mr Daniel Vander Meer
Grand Rapids

16 Sep 2015

“As Director of Communications for my church, I winced at the thought of paying $600 per year just to use the Adobe suite I had used for 20 years at my previous employ. I found to my relief that the Serif software is in many cases superior for the work we do. The team has been very helpful, personable and generous with pricing. I am able to be a good steward of church funds thanks to this wonderful suite of software from Serif. And we own it...we are not just renting it as would have been the case with Adobe.”

Mr Derek Swallow

15 Sep 2015

“I have had many versions of Page Plus and have always thought very highly of them, but this version surpasses them all. It is so easy to use and set up. It is quite marvellous. Thank you to all the programmers at Serif. You have made my job so much easier!”

Mr Alan Hannaford

10 Sep 2015

“Nice programme I think I will eventually get to grips with it,
just need to spend a bit more time experimenting”

Mr Colin Hazelton

8 Sep 2015

“Although I have only used X8 fore a short time I have found it impossible to print only one sheet when developing a project, or is that just lack of information Colin.”

Serif Says:

Thanks for your feedback. You should be able to print only one sheet if you need to, but without knowing more it is difficult to say why it isn't working for you.

Our Community Help site will be able to help you - feel free to ask a question there:

Mr Howard Fisher

8 Sep 2015

“Excellent product. East to learn and not complicated. Does everything that much more expensive DTP packages do. What is there not to like?”

Mr Victor Rizzardi

6 Sep 2015

“I started using Adobe Pagemaker over twenty years ago, my last update to version 6.5. I consider myself an advanced user and still do several projects each month, mostly single page printouts or small flyers. Last month I decided to upgrade my Desk Top Publishing software. Adobe's InDesign was eliminated because of their subscription only approach. After reviewing the handful of credible replacements, Serif's PagePlus X8 was selected.

After two weeks of heavy use I can say I am very excited about this product. It has taken awhile to learn X8 as I am trying to duplicate everything I did with Pagemaker. So far PagePlus has been able to do everything I wanted and more.

I will definitely recommend this to anyone looking for Desk Top publishing software.”

Mr Trevor Beswick

25 Aug 2015

“Not a lot different to X7 for the things I use it for but I like it very much. There is a problem however. Under windows 10 it won't access my Samsung Mono Laser Printer. I have to publish as a pdf and print from that. Incidentally, when I went back to X7 that wouldn't do it either.”

Ms Lucille D. Fernandes

24 Aug 2015

“I like this package. It's easy to use and the quality of the finished product is obvious. I would love to see more fonts - especially a good Underwood font - but beyond that, I'm pretty pleased.”

Mr Terry Knapton

21 Aug 2015

“I have had very little time to explore your Page Plus X8, basically just over an hour, in which managed to sort out some copy/paste onto pages for some small magazine publishing. l will do some more exploring ,just got back from hols. But very good up to now, easy to work with”

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