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Customer Reviews

18 people who bought this rated it 4.28 out of 5

Mr David Copp

7 May 2016

“Improvement on X8”

Mrs Lorraine Atkins

3 May 2016

“I've liked and used PagePlus for years. The latest update to PagePlus9 is no exception. The interface, layout and buttons are all familiar and easy to use.”

Mrs Marjory Ormsby

28 Apr 2016

“Serif produce a very sophisticated very well featured desk top publishing programme. It is also user friendly and intuitive, compared to a market leader that I have also used. It may seem a bit daunting coming to it for the first time, because of the seemingly vast number of things it can do, but the basics are simple - certain features Toggle on and off. Click and Drag on shapes, tables, frames, and to highlight text. There are good context menus, and that very useful tool the undo button. I have been using Serif page since about iteration 3 I think, so have expanded my competence with the growth of the programme. I use it for all my general correspondence, having made templates for my letter heads and envelopes. Using templates is brilliant way of making items such as brochures, and I have modified them for many yeas to send personalised greetings, and event programmes. Its the best available in the price range and probably beyond. Use the tutorials it comes with and experiment, its really fun and rewarding. It has developed well into the professional range now so I hope it does not neglect its personal user base. I think it would be fair to say “Adobe InDesign -watch your tail feathers!””

Mr Eddy Bryan

22 Apr 2016

“Am very impressed with this latest version of PagePlus X9 from Serif stables: it's quickly loaded, fast in response, and much easier to use than other similar products. Furthermore, the help features (off and online) are just great... for simple folk like me!”

Mr J Blake

22 Apr 2016

“easy to use and good results.”

Mr Steve Davies

10 Apr 2016

“I have used a number of Serif products for a long time and find them excellent pieces of software which do exactly what they're supposed to do. PagePlus X9 is typical and has the advantage of a common user interface with other Serif products. It produces brilliant results, as do the other products. I'm not sure that the upgrade to X9 is a massive improvement on X8 and even less sure that it's worth the cost of upgrade. One real problem is more general in that Serif is heavily biased to sales and has a particular problem in that the upgrade prices in no way reflect customer loyalty to the brand. This was highlighted recently when, a couple of weeks after upgrading to PagePlus X9 and WebPlus X8 I received an email from Serif offering me both products at a reduced price - very annoying.”

Mrs Janet Hopson

31 Mar 2016

“I've been using Serif software, particularly Pageplus for many years, almost I think, from the very early days and I have always found it very easy to use, both as a home user and for business. It is very intuitive and carries out dtp tasks almost without you asking it to, yes it's THAT good!
I have recently introduced my 7 year old granddaughter to it, making calendars and cards and she loves it, as I've said it is so easy to use.
Having said that I used it in my job to produce high quality professional documents, magazines and flyers with stunning results. Page plus covers all the bases,it's brilliant software, does everything I need and more. I have not found any other programme that even comes close to it.”


30 Mar 2016

“I really wanted to use this product for creating my fixed epub ebook. The program has great features and is easy to use. but, when I export my ebook as fixed epub and view in my kindle, the background has a black border that I cannot get rid of and the table of contents will not work.

I have given up at this point. I watched numerous youtube videos, read pageplus x9 user guide, and went to the forum but, there are no tutorial on how to use the new fixed ebub feature and table of contents.

Also, the preflight (a feature that tells you what to fix before exporting) is buggy. For example, I will fix an issue then when I export my ebook the same issue will reappear for me to fix.

maybe I will come back when these bugs are fixed. I will need to get a refund if this issue is not resolved.”

Mrs Karyl Rees

30 Mar 2016

“Just updated from a much older version and find it even easier to use. I especially like the included clipart and the instant guidelines. Also pleased that auto-hyphenation is not the default!”

Ms. Margaret Khan
Smiths Green

26 Mar 2016

“I haven't had a lot of time to spend using Page plus 9, but what time I have spend has been productive.”


15 Mar 2016

“PagePlus X9 exceeds our expectations!
Its a very powerful tool for almost every kind of business.
Every piece of this software is polished.

If you are looking for a good quality product - stop searching and get your copy of PagePlus X9 from Serif.

You will NOT regret.”

Mr Norbert Cs.
East Grinstead

19 Feb 2016

“It's the coolest software ever.”

Mr Harry Rigby

6 Feb 2016

“I had been using Microsoft Publisher 2010 to produce a newsletter for the 1,200 members of the Cinema Theatre Association [UK]. It usually runs to 28, 32 or 36 pages. We went from spot colour to full colour a couple of years ago. Unfortunately Microsoft removed support for spot colour and CMYK in Publisher 2013 and 2016 and our printers require a CMYK pdf.
I bought Serif Page Plus X8 but soon upgraded to X9. I haven’t used many of the extra features of X9 yet so this review should apply equally well to X9 and X8. I find that many things are very similar to Microsoft Publisher; some things are better but some other things are not as user friendly. In particular I like:
• The ability to change margins and column blinds in a text frame simply by dragging.
• Quick button/key to toggle clean design mode.
• Tabs for things like transform, character, paragraph, style, font – it’s like having a dialog box open all the time.
• The ability to have favourite fonts at the top of the list.
• Cross references and table of contents, which are absent in MS Publisher.
• Layers look useful although I haven’t used them yet.
• The on-line community help pages.
In particular I dislike:
• The shortcut keys are mostly different from Microsoft. I know they can be customised. The menu layout is not as convenient as Microsoft’s ribbons – although this may be because I am so used to it.
• Some things take several steps whereas Microsoft often has a single step, For example, to paste unformatted text you have to first go to Paste Special whereas Microsoft has a dedicated button on the right-click context menu. I found several other things like this.
• Putting fancy borders around text frames and changing their colour is not as easy as Border Art in Publisher – although it may be much more flexible.
• Dictionaries are in a different format so I could not import my existing custom dictionary. However it is a simple matter to import this into a text frame in Page Plus, run the spelling checker and click ADD for every word.
I'm sure I will find other likes and dislikes as I use it but I will stick with it because IMHO the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and the learning curve.”

Mrs Suzanne Davies

27 Jan 2016

“The x9 page Plus programme keeps closing down every time I try to do 'edit in logo studio' and also when I try to browse assets. I only purchased this because x6 was not compatible with windows 10 and so far am not impressed. It needs a fix!!!”

Mr Jeffrey Glazer

1 Jan 2016

“This review is for PagePlus X8.

God, I wanted to love this program. I currently do a 36-page full-color theater program 5 times per year. I use Adobe InDesign CS6. I want others to be able to take over, but the cost of Indesign CC is prohibitive. In looking for alternatives I stumbled across PagePlus. It showed great potential, and I set up my most recent program with it. Everything looked great.

Then I went to preflight the job. There was a massive problem with imported PDFs - and of course most of the advertising comes in as PDF. Converting to JPG made things work, but it is too cumbersome to use.

I had to go back to InDesign to finish the project.

Sorry, Serif. It's close, but no cigar. Fix the PDF import problem and I will try again.”

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