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Customer Reviews

122 people who bought this rated it 4.54 out of 5

Mr Juan Hernandez

18 Aug 2015

“Great product and easy to use. The only thing that I would change is to add more calendar and family tree templates.”

Mr Terry Beaumont

12 Aug 2015

“The one or two documents I have produced so far have convinced me Page Plus X8 is a good package well worth the money.”

Mr Peter Turner

10 Aug 2015

“so far so good as the saying goes this product will be severely tested in September when I start back at the university when I will be using this for my course, I will certainly update as the term goes. PPX7 got my Foundation Degree Distinction, I am banking on that PPX8 will help me achieve a similar grade.”

Mr Arthur Baker

7 Aug 2015

“So far quite disappointing and not worth the upgrade. I am now still using X6. X8 has not improved the automatic making of books.
The Image Collection is quite useless and looks like extracts from someone's personal photo album. Surely you could do better than that.
It took several attempts and then 2 hours to download and if only I could find it on my computer I would delete the 8MB”

M Krause

7 Aug 2015

“I am still learning the software, but have used it to design some awesome posters and brochures. My one big wish is that I could save in more formats like eps that are compatible with other programs.”

Mr Richard Hindle

6 Aug 2015

“The system is very good, however for the occasional user, like myself, I found the system cumbersome and the Instruction Manuals difficult to understand at times.

It would be better if you could duplicate the sheet rather than using the master sheet, which requires clicking onto each box to "Promote from Master Page".”

Mr Brian Alexander

4 Aug 2015

“Excellent product and easy to use.
My 9 year old granddaughter finds it easy and uses it a lot.”

Mr Colin Perkins

3 Aug 2015

“this version of PagePlus seems very much better than X7. It is more stable and accepts my scanner's output. Also pictures can be edited using third party software, which to me is a great bouns.”

Ms Mary Jo Burke

31 Jul 2015

“I've mostly been using PagePlus X8 for label on products of different sizes and shapes. I was able to easily create them. I didn't get the manual, but have used Microsoft Publisher in the past, so it was not hard to figure out the different features.I haven't explored all the bells and whistles because I haven't needed them, but those I used were easy to figure out.

I would give the product 5 stars except for one odd thing that happened with printing the labels. I had no trouble with tiling 8 or 10 labels per page, but I had one label with several assets which would not print properly 2 to a page. One of the labels printed just fine, but the second one had some of the text, graphics and even half a photo missing. Fortunately I could do a work-around by using the stationery template and printing one label as a letterhead at the top of the page,then turning the paper around and printing the second label as a letterhead at the bottom of the page.

I liked the free version of Page Plus, but it lacked the main feature I really needed, the ability to save in multiple formats. I will be building another website soon and will be interested in seeing how compatible this program is with the Internet.”

Mr Neil Martin

30 Jul 2015

“Pageplus X8 is an excellent product. I have found nothing better or more flexible to use for mixing together text and complex graphics.
The range of graphics that it can handle is very impressive and it handles all of them with ease. I have produced several books where text has to be mixed on the page with music. Sometimes full scores but mainly snippets and quotes and it has produced outstanding results every time.”

Mr John Chilver

29 Jul 2015

“I have used Page Plus for many years to create my business stationery and image docs, X8 continues the high performance.
The best thing about Page Plus is it allows you to control your design without the restrictions found in similar software.
I'm very glad I chose Page Plus X8.”

Mr Per Kjellqvist

26 Jul 2015

“I have only been using PagePlus X8 for a few months for a few drawings so far. I am moving from Corel Draw which I am using less and less for each new drawing I make in PagePlus.
I find PP very easy to use. I really love the scale drawing options, i.e. I can say that 1cm = 1m and then draw a building to exact size by just entering all dimensions in meters.
I can't really give more specifics at this time other than that I find PP very complete, precise, and easy to use. Your licensing and prices are also very good. I would even like the new Microsoft model used for Office365 with a software subscription.”

Mr Cyril Soan

25 Jul 2015

“Much the same as previous editions. The new functions are not used very much, in my case. The zoom bar, if that's it's name is now on the bottom and not as easy to use as were the zoom and boxes used for different sized views, that were used previously.”

Mr garry chidgey

16 Jul 2015

“I purchased the serif essentials package. and I liked the package very much. serif subsequently offered me an upgrade package at a wonderful price. I immediately accepted and upgraded to serif page plus 8. I am so glad I did this as the product is fantastic. I am still learning as I go along. the tutorials are very useful. thank you serif”

Mr Raymond Banbury

14 Jul 2015

“I have found it very interesting and well layer out”

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