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Customer Reviews

83 people who bought this rated it 4.53 out of 5

Mrs Philippa Highnam

21 May 2015

“The templates are excellent and enable me to create professional looking multi-page brochures in-house. I also like the ability to edit photos within the package.”

Mrs Lynn Fuller

18 May 2015

“Love Page Plus X8! Produces professional documents and brochures with a system that is easy to operate!”

Mr Alan Watson

18 May 2015

“Excellent package, straightforward & easy to use. Great templates to assist in assembling documents”

Mr william dixon

15 May 2015

“Been using PagePlus for just a couple of weeks after using Microsoft Publisher for years. PagePlus has been a mostly effortless changeover - the tutorials have helped quite a bit.
The Serif web site itself, however, is difficult for me; I've to find a way to purchase more Assets - I'm assuming they're available.
I am very happy and quite satisfied with PagePlus; it is such a step up from Publisher.”

Mr Joseph Lane
St Petersburg, FL

13 May 2015

“Serif PagePlus X8 (PP-X8) is a wonderfully forgiving desk top publisher. I do one HOA newsletter a month--not enough to exhaust every feature PP-X8 has to offer but so many, I have trouble remembering them all one publication to the next. The good news, however, is that it’s so easy to use, its documentation so concise, you can generate GREAT looking output with so little effort, it should be illegal. Considering everything else on the market, you can’t go wrong with PagePlus X8.”

Roland Faux

12 May 2015

“As usual, Serif have come up with an excellent product, easy to use yet powerful enough to be useful.
X8 isn't so different to X7 that you've got to learn it all again. They just keep adding excellent additional features.
I always recommend it to friends, family and work colleagues as the best, all round DTP program.
There's always new things to find out and new ways to do things.
Thank You Serif”

Miss Joan Margau

9 May 2015

“Productivity is not always fast and easy, but it is with PagePlusX8.
I have been using Serif PagePlus software for five years starting with PagePlusX5, to X6 and now X8.

PagePlusX8 is everything you dream of. Producing clean and sophisticated work. Being inspired with new ideas from already well designed templates. Placing the pictures used for that particular design into the asset menu, instead of finding a picture each time from a file folder.

The Asset Menu lets you to use individual components of the template. Graphics, pictures, picture frames, page content and backgrounds. Just drag it from the asset menu onto the document. I find myself in control of my design, and I am more creative.

Also in the Assets Menu is a Browse button. You can choose any design from the entire collection of templates in X8. This makes a big difference.

PagePlusX8 in one word; outstanding.”

Ms Demetrai Johnson

29 Apr 2015

“I'm enjoying my PagePlus x8. I know I have a lot to learn; however, it allowed me to do what I wanted to do.”

Ms Chris Daum

27 Apr 2015

“I had been doing our newsletters in Microsoft Publisher, and the files kept becoming corrupted (and I was running out of time). We did some research and purchased PagePlus X8. I didn't find the tutorials or blogs to be of much use, but it's pretty intuitive and I was able to figure it out. In a short period of time I had our spring newsletter done and ready to hand to the printer.

I'm looking forward to using it in the future; Publisher was difficult and archaic, and this is much more modern and easier to use.”

Mr Peter Blystone
Staten Island

27 Apr 2015

“I am very happy with this latest version of PagePlus. Even with all the new features, its interface is enough like those of previous versions that the user who had one or more of those versions does not need to learn the program from scratch. I'm a self-publisher of books, and I look forward to laying out many future projects using this software.

My only complaint is the lack of support for those of us intending to use it to lay out printed books. The BookPlus feature isn't even mentioned in the user guide, and I have yet to try it out and see what advantages, if any, it has over laying out an entire book as one "story." I wish that such things as tutorials and templates were provided for us book-producers. It hardly seems prudent to purchase such a powerful program, then use it only for such trivial things as flyers and brochures. Please, more support for producing books with PagePlus!”

A. Walsh

23 Apr 2015

“Really like the usability of PagePlus X8. It's seems much easier that InDesign and any another product Adobe has put out. It's easier on the eyes and I really like the guidelines to show me the way. As a newbie, I leave the "tips" on all the time to warn me when I'm out of bounds.

So far, very very pleased with my purchase. Only reason it's not getting 5 stars is that I haven't submitted it to the publisher yet so I don't know if it will fulfill the need completely. But otherwise, it's fantastic.”

Mr Conrad Stephens

22 Apr 2015

“I am using it to finish my autobiography as the software I was using was hard to use to include pictures etc. along with the text. So far it is working very well with no problems. It has far more features than I need but it is worth every penny I spent for it.”

Ms Carol Homer

20 Apr 2015

“I recently was engaged to do a layout design for a gentleman who bought a printing business but knows nothing about it. He and his client liked what I did so much, the printer has been coming back to me repeatedly to do other projects for him on the side. I tried InDesign .... but went back to my old stand-by that I'm familiar with. Serif is so user friendly - so much so I don't lose my focus on the projects trying to figure out what secret little blocks in black can do or cannot do. I've been using Serif PagePlus programs for such a long time, I have a library of them all. Why I went to InDesign is beyond me. Serif is so much better.”

Mr Mark Scudder

20 Apr 2015

“Haven't been using this version long, but I have been using PagePlus since version one (Free version on the front cover of a popular computing mag !) and it continues to deliver. I used Mathtype with it during a computer science degree, which required a great deal of diagrams, math, tables etc, and through it all PagePlus was faultless, generating several small books on various subject areas, that I continue to add too today. PagePlus was capable of creating fairly complex graphics, with a bit of thought and careful use of layering. Master pages are useful for continuity in style, and Ver 8, extends this, which is a good idea. For my own use, some kind of reference management would have been really useful, but perhaps a later version. Images are also well managed, and basic editing is easy. I also found I could easily cut/paste from the following programs, which add considerable power to the DTP process, Photoshop, Turbocad, Excel, Mathtype and Maple. PagePlus formed the core around which these other programmes were used to create my publications, through PagePlus, the only limit is my imagination.”

Paula Johnson

18 Apr 2015

“Webplus x8 is absolutely brilliant. So easy to use. There are loads of resources that you're spoiled for choice
Just one complaint - I got the whole thing done and just needed one more thing - some way for customers to leave reviews of my products. Nothing. You can pop a forum in, you can have a "Shout-box" - but there is no specific item that enables a review of a product.
I've had to buy a little program that adds on, from another company, that's difficult to understand if you're not savvy with your internet hosting site (I was already registered with one so didn't use Serif's).
This would have got 5 stars but for that one thing. The ease of actually pitting the site together was remarkable but it was spoiled by having to get, for my ability, super technical with an add-on.”

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