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Customer Reviews

150 people who bought this rated it 4.41 out of 5

Ms Gilda Green
North Vancouver

12 Oct 2015

“It has a lot of great features. Unfortunately, as a DTP program for lengthy text including many tables and graphics, I'm finding it very difficult to use. I have many ideas for more ease of use if interested.”

Mr John Gordon

7 Oct 2015

“As a long term user of PagePlus (first with the starter edition then PP11), I have updated from time to time and have found each version good and user friendly, but I think that the improvements to PPX8 are a step ahead of previous changes. Many are detailed on the web site but there are detailed tweaks which are not described which enhance the ease of use of the program.”

Mr John Clendenning

6 Oct 2015

“X8 is a definite worthwhile upgrade. I cheered when I saw hyphenation turned off by default. I've been with Page Plus since version 2. Not X2, but 2. And it's steadily gotten better. X8 is better than X7. I do a variety of projects with Page Plus and the versatility is what I value most. X8 extends that versatility. Well done Serif.”

Mr Scott Turner

30 Sep 2015

“I've now gone through at least three versions of PP and they've all been good. I've also dealt with other page layout applications and one Serif PP is one of the easiest to use. I only wish it had text arrows that kept track of the flow of text from page to page like Quark - that feature would truly set PP apart.
For the most part I use PP to layout 11x14 spreads, double sided, full color with tables of contents ranging from 10 to around 70 pages. I also write full technical manuals with 8.5x11 double sided with around 200 pages. PP handles each of the projects with ease.
Inserting text, tables, graphics, jpg, etc. into PP is easy, quick and efficient.
Bottom line - PP is my go to program for page layout.
I would rate it 5 stars if it had a text flow feature.”

Mr James Mullinaux

30 Sep 2015

“PagePlus X8 suits my publishing needs perfectly. It has loads of great features and everything works exactly as it should. I am very happy with it. Highly recommended!”

Mr Daniel Allen
Okayama Naka-ku

30 Sep 2015

“This is the best desktop publishing software I have ever used on Windows.

I would like to see it do a better job at recognizing text in PDF files.”

Mr Stephen Sadler
Ottery St Mary

27 Sep 2015

“I have found the product easy to use. However, the main reason why I paid for pageplus X8 rather than use the free version was that I wanted to save my design work as a pdf for publication as this is what is required by the printer. I am designing several pop up panels (80cm wide and 200cm high). I have been able to design them with ease but unable to save them as pdfs ... an error shows up and saves them as a blank document. I have managed to save them as pdfs but only in an A4 format meaning the panels I have designed appear as strips down the middle with a lot of white on both sides. I assume it is probably something I have done wrong but I have followed the guidelines in the help menu and it doesn't seem to make any difference. If I could save the work as pdfs I would be able to rate the product excellent rather than just good”

Jean Pierre Laferriere

25 Sep 2015

“I am very please with this program. Easy to learn with great results.”

Mr Michael Grey

24 Sep 2015

“I was doubtful that PPX8 would make my
job any easier .
To my surprise it has been well above expectations!
I am proud to be a user of a company
that actually incorporates new and needed
features in it's
product line
Great Job!!”

Mr Charles Struble

22 Sep 2015

“This program is exactly what I was looking for. Simple, versatile, and fast. Thanks, guys...”

Mr P Mellor

21 Sep 2015

“Page plus X8 is a dream to work with, it is so easy to use and is a vast improvement on Page Plus X7. There is just one minor problem at the moment and I hope that it will be fixed soon; and that is the asset manager, it is a little flawed at the moment, I have found my way it in making up my own asset packs, but it is somewhat tedious, you have to make sure that the storage area for the asset pack is large enough i.e. the drive you are storing it too, and then only do one asset pack at a time, close down the asset manager and then re-open it to do the next asset pack (that is to say if you are working with a few asset packs at any one time). But that asside do not be put off it is a brilliant piece of software.”

Mr Ken Townsend

19 Sep 2015

“So far I have not used it much, as I have been on holiday, But what I have seen so far looks great.”

Mr Richard(buddy) Brown
Baton Rouge

19 Sep 2015

“I now have been trying PagePlus X8 for a while and find that it is a useful program for my purposes. However, I was told that it would import Microsoft Publisher files; IT WON'T, or at least I cannot figure out how to do it. Otherwise, it is a good product.”

Mr Daniel Vander Meer
Grand Rapids

16 Sep 2015

“As Director of Communications for my church, I winced at the thought of paying $600 per year just to use the Adobe suite I had used for 20 years at my previous employ. I found to my relief that the Serif software is in many cases superior for the work we do. The team has been very helpful, personable and generous with pricing. I am able to be a good steward of church funds thanks to this wonderful suite of software from Serif. And we own it...we are not just renting it as would have been the case with Adobe.”

Mr Derek Swallow

15 Sep 2015

“I have had many versions of Page Plus and have always thought very highly of them, but this version surpasses them all. It is so easy to use and set up. It is quite marvellous. Thank you to all the programmers at Serif. You have made my job so much easier!”

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