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Mr bill lupton

12 Nov 2014

“I have been using every version of pageplus , Currently using 6 as I tried 7 and didn't like it and removed it. Unlike a previous reviewer who bought it and is dissapointed that she did not wait I borrowed it and tried X7. I have just recently bought 8 and am awaiting delivery, as I live in Ireland it takes anything up to 10 days to get a delivery from the UK, I have to say that the Serif after sales back up is second to none, they are the most helpful staff I have come across. One thing I did not like was when registering via phone was the sales pitch, I complained to the CEO Got a full apology and a bonus upgrade for free as compensation, that's why I will always buy their upgrades and give Serif 10/10”

Mr Rob Collinson

11 Nov 2014

“I recently added PagePlus X8 to my collection of Serif titles. (Draw X6, Photo X4, etc). I'm not an artist but I produce music artwork for publishers and for the last eight years I've been “designing” CD packaging (On-body design, booklet and tray-card) for a small recording company specialising in Brass Bands. I purchased Xara Xtreme 5 to help me with that in the early days, but it's beginning to show its age and the upgrade price was a trifle “steep”. I already had DrawPlus which I tended to use as a starting point for fancy text and effects. These elements would be then combined in the Xara product. I needed something that would give me a multi-page set up where text would flow correctly to the next appropriate page. PagePlus X8 gives me that, and because it's from the same stable as Draw and Photo, communication between the products is very good. Both Draw and Page open the PDF templates I need so getting things the correct size and shape is easy, and the layout guides in PagePlus makes assembly easy. I'm just completing a CD project, so the true test will be the PDF output and whether the files are fully compliant at the manufacturing plant. Fingers crossed! I know that I only use a fraction of the capability of my Serif titles. So far I've not been disappointed.”

Mr Nelson Bowker
Kingswood, Maidstone

12 Oct 2014

“I too have used every version since 1.
I find pageplus simpler to use with a scanner than photoplus, as sizing pictures is so easy!
My quibbles with X8 are
1) I was editing a multipage document, and could not find the multipage icon hidden bottom right for several days - the help talked about a hintline toolbar, but with no indication of what/where it was. I eventually found out on the forum.
The fact that multiline appears under the view tab as well was the trouble-I kept hitting impass when i was told go to view, and select multiview would give a drop down list, while it in fact just put in a tick, the help ignored this
2) I expect to get used to the more flexible grouping, but wish I could still use the selection system where a selection box picked up everything inside it!

Showing all pages in the left side is a joy - one can move/interchange or delete pages here to change the main document”

Mrs Marjory Ormsby

10 Oct 2014

“I have just upgraded to Page Plus X7 and first impressions are good. I like the Choice of workspace option, and the additional features added to the Tables facility. I am not fond of the new way of adding gradients, I have yet to get to grips with how to make the multiple colour gradients that were presets in previous versions, and having to reinvent them each time is not efficient, however the 'Tint' slider is a terrific addition. I use this software for numerous productions from ordinary correspondence (I have made several personalized templates) to graphics to be included in my personal movies .. just love it!!!”

Mr Michael Franklin

8 Oct 2014

“Over a long period now - with successive versions of Page Plus - I have treasured it. Not for business but for many other activities. I used it to build a monthly 12-page A5 parish magazine for six years, and am currently writing and laying out a booklet that will present the history of deep sea fishing for thousands who visit Grimsby's Fishing Heritage Museum. Many other uses: greeting cards, A4 posters for charity and other events, building a multi-photo page for my diary, daily use for many of its facilities including the image cut-out studio. I divide my life between England and the United States and Page Plus is equally precious in both.”

Mr Pieter Joziasse

7 Oct 2014

“PagePlus X8 is all one expects from Serif as an evolving DTP.

One gripe, why have you altered the 'Paste Icon' ? It looks very similar to the 'Copy' Icon. Could you not have left the original icon in the options for us old timers to fall back on ?”

Mr Alwyn Binns

4 Oct 2014

“A good publisher application but I find it very frustrating that replacing a Contents List requires that all the previous settings such as title, page numbering and heading styles need to be re-selected EVERY time. Why do they not default to last used?”

Mr John Keeble

3 Oct 2014

“The PagePlus series of programs have been very good -- but X8 is more than just the best. It offers an incredible array of options for layouts up to, and including, complex magazine-style pages.

I use it for everything from name cards to graphics for videos and high-impact magazine-style publications. It is easy, powerful and versatile. All for a price I once dreamed about when I was using PageMaker and Quark. It even quickly made my ebook.”

Mr Peter Brewer

2 Oct 2014

“As usual an excellent product. Have only used it for very basic DTP work but I'm sure it has potential”

Mr David Garstin

2 Oct 2014

“Dissapointed with X8 to the extent I returned it for a refund.
The program itself is good but for my purposes it did not offer anything that was not in X7.

It still lacks proper handling of tables - they do not auto flow in the same way that a text frame will. I know there are difficulties with this format but was sold the program on the promise that they had been improved.

It will import text from Word but fails to retain the format. I need to import reports from other sources and it is important that the format is retained.

It will import pdf files and it might help when importing text documents that there was an option to first convert them to pdf format.

This is a good program for desktop publishing and is great value.”

Mrs Cindy Proctor

2 Oct 2014

“As a complete novice to all things hi tech, I was a bit afraid of buying X8. I have for years used an earlier free version of page plus just for newsletters and small booklets. But now there is so much to look at an experiment with, I think I can launch out into larger projects. X8 is practical, and exciting to use. There is much to learn but once that is done everything else is easy. Everything that is needed to create masterpieces is there. I will have no difficulty in recommending this product to any one.”

Mr Shaun Linnell

2 Oct 2014

“I love this product. I am a professional designer for the movie and music industry. I love Serif products because they are more intuitive and have more functionality than Adobe programs for a fraction of the price.”

Mr Anton J Jansen

2 Oct 2014

“I've been using the whole Serif range since the beginning of time, and my experiences have only been good.
Regarding PagePlus X8, I cannot believe how easily the program works. The layout of the interface is logical and I never need to go on a discovery to try and find something. It simply makes my writing a whole lot easier, and I don't think twice recommending it to other people.
However, I do find one shortcoming among the templates: as I mainly write for Create Space, it's always a hassle to get the settings right for printing. So, I really would appreciate a few standard book templates for something like Create Space, Lulu etc.

What strikes me most is the fact that smart companies usually cheat you out of your money with amazing presentations in the media, but they never tell you about the hell you have to go through achieving similar results. Serif delivers all the time - if they can do it, so can you.”

Ms Robin Michael

30 Sep 2014

“I absolutely love the Serif Company! Customer service is the BEST!!

I recently purchased Page Plus X8 and while it is an excellent top notch program, it was lacking in click art. For many people that will not be a problem but for me it was. I was thankful for the friendly workers that assisted me in a refund. Hopefully, in the future, they will add click art to their arsenal of great products; Meanwhile I am stuck with Broderbund's Print Shop Pro Publisher and their laundry list of issues!”

Joe Phillips
Deadbrook Lane

4 Sep 2014

“We have been using Serif Page Plus since the release of X3. Page plus has rapidly become one of our prized possessions, allowing our company to creating marketing material professionally without the need to outsource. The software is simple to use for beginners, whilst also providing many tools that will keep the advanced user astonished with its overall capabilities.
Thanks for all your support,

Redashe Limited.”

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