PagePlus X8

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5 people who bought this rated it 4.8 out of 5

Joe Phillips
Deadbrook Lane

4 Sep 2014

“We have been using Serif Page Plus since the release of X3. Page plus has rapidly become one of our prized possessions, allowing our company to creating marketing material professionally without the need to outsource. The software is simple to use for beginners, whilst also providing many tools that will keep the advanced user astonished with its overall capabilities.
Thanks for all your support,

Redashe Limited.”

Mr John Taberner

21 Aug 2014

“I have actually used PagePlus since version one many years ago when it was a complete package, (DrawPlus, PhotoPlus, LogoPlus and PagePlus all-in-one).

Since that time i have used almost every version of PagePlus produced.

The program is EASY to use. I have given the older versions to my grand daughter to use who has used it for school projects as well as Christmas gifts like fridge magnets and calendars.

If there was anything that could be better it is the old templates and graphics as these are not included in the newer versions. Otherwise it is THE BEST program on the market today. (My opinion of course)”


10 Aug 2014

“Very impressed with the product. Although I could get similar results from DrawPlus X6, and therefore don't strictly need it, this package makes set-up and layout quicker.

I am annoyed that I bought X7 two weeks before the release of X8 though!
I know I only paid half price in your 'World Cup' promotion, but I would rather have paid half price with my eyes open. Or maybe I would have waited and paid full price for X8.”

Mr Genghis McSchroot

6 Aug 2014

“That's it. PagePlus X8 is now officially THE BEST!

A very good programme has become 'numero uno'.

Why? Because it now offers a BASELINE GRID facility. The one 'killer feature' it lacked. The instant I saw this I upgraded.

If you need page design software, get it. With X8 you've no excuse for wasting your hard-earned lolly on big brands or overpriced pretenders.”

Maciej D.

5 Aug 2014

“Very good, functional program. Unfortunately, the lower rating for the lack of Polish language version and a high price to upgrade from the previous version.”