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214 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.01 out of 5

Mr Elton Ritter
Broken Arrow

12 Jun 2014

“Very impressed with the program! It is easy to learn and understand. The video instructions are extremely helpful.”

Mr Paul Vincent

27 Apr 2014

“Although I have only used PagePlusX7 a few times to date, it is already showing that many of the excellent features of previous versions have been refined and small but significant additions have made this a very easy to use DTP software package. I particularly like the direct access to PhotoPlus and the Cut Out studio.”

Mr matt Hobbs

4 Feb 2014

“Bought serif as replacement for publisher, getting to use it ok, one thing I can't seem to do is reduce space between lines of print in text box even when reducing print size, therefore not able to fit in as much information in same space,( I was reproducing and updating a advert previously done on publisher), I am sure you can but I didn't manage it, or to find instructions that I understood to do it, I will add,I am no comp wiz, some features I have found very good though, guide lines for one. but took me ages to find borders! on the whole an affordable replacement, which gives the layman a professional finish, but can someone explain how to get more in the text box if pos”

Mr Ralph Andrea

4 Feb 2014

“Serif continues to put out new improved ease of use additions. In both Web and Page software. Each addition I have used improves upon the prior software.

I started using Serif with Page Plus 2 and am now using Page Plus X7.
But I must admit, the Page Plus 2 does more in today's market than many of the competing units.

Web 5 was and still is a fantastic piece of software, I would have been happy to keep it, in spite of the new additions on Web 6 and 7”

Dr Rodney Merrill
Astoria, OR

4 Feb 2014

“PagePlus X7 is a great product for a great price. It is easy to use and produces great results. I am not impressed with the number of templates provided. And I wish there was more compatibility with Publisher files format.”

Serif Says:

Hi there,

Did you know that there are many more templates available online? There's a small selection for free, and many more in our template store. See addresses below:

Free templates

Our template stores

Thanks - David

Mr Raymond Shelton

3 Feb 2014

“Given my limited skills as a graphic artist, and having used the new Page Plus only once so far, I found it relatively easy to select and adapt a template for my use. I especially liked the ability to select components ahead of time and have them available as the document took shape. I look forward to much more as I go forward. Until then I am satisfied with my purchase.”

Mr Peter Ike

2 Feb 2014

“Absolutely Fantastic”

Mr Byron Bell

30 Jan 2014

“I did my training with QuarkExpress and Adobe Indesign but since I found out about PagePlus X6 and now PagePlus X7 there is no giong back to my previous desktop publishing software. For me PagePlus X7 is one step above the rest. Such a powerfull program and yet so easy to use. I would recomend it any-day to up and coming designer and pro. With it well thought out work flow it cut your work in half.”

Mr Neil Spowart

29 Jan 2014

“fantastic simple but powerful dtp package, have used on a number of occasions.”

Mr Derek Swallow

29 Jan 2014

“I have used most of the Page Plus editions but I am just getting used to Page Plus X7. I think that I certainly will find several new items that hitherto have not been found on the earlier editions.”

Mr Alex Barrett

27 Jan 2014

“Generally pleased. I'd like to see a direct import of InDesign files, as going via pdf doesn't work too well.”

Mr Mark Simpson

25 Jan 2014

“I purchased Page Plus X7 to replace my old page plus 10 which was becoming limited. I found it really easy to transition between the two programmes. The new facilities in Page Plus X7 bring the software bang up to date enabling PDF files to be edited and now I can publish Ebooks direct from my pc.

I love using Serif software, and this package continues to support my faith in the product. Simple to use tools and almost intuitive to use.”

Mr Thomas Atkinson

25 Jan 2014

“Easy to use, and minor but appreciable improvements over X5. Could do with an interface refresh to lift it out of the Office 2003 era.”

Mrs Bonnie Greenman
Central Lake

25 Jan 2014

“I really like this product. Sometimes I don't see much of a difference
from one program to the next. I am not very sophisticated in my use
but this is really different and easier to use.”

Mr P H

25 Jan 2014

“I just finished my first document with Page Plus X7. I'd never used the software in any version before. I wish there were better clip art, but I have to say I was pleased with the document I created. I was able to convert an old document from PDF and edit and update it.”

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