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46 people who bought this rated it 4.57 out of 5

Ms Jo Dismukes

24 Mar 2015

“Love PagePlus x8!!”

Mr Peter Juniper

24 Mar 2015

“A good upgrade”

Mr Lyle Pilon

24 Mar 2015

“I have been using Serif product for approx 5 years and I find that all of their programs are very user friendly; starting with a very simple installation. The power of each of their individual programs is multiplied with each specific application. Every application looks and functions in a similar manner so once you've learned one, the learning curve is very small as you add each additional module.

The value represented is incredible, especially when compared to any of the adobe products. Serif is much easier to use and will produce a similar end product. What you get for the money represents an amazing value. Simply put awesome product with good support and lots of bang for your buck. Thanks!”

Mr Alan Beverley

23 Mar 2015

“I have not had it long enough to explore it in any great depth but it seems intuitive and appears to be as good at its predecessors. However, I will give it four stars as this review is more than a little premature but past versions have been very good.”

Mr Geoff Houlding
bishops castle

23 Mar 2015

“Very pleased with PagePlus x8 it does all I was told it would do and much more .
And very helpful staff witch do every thing to help I have bought my soft ware off serif for a long time and would not think of going any were else .”

Mr Adrian Yates

23 Mar 2015

“I have had pageplus for years and it does a very good job, it is flexible and easy to use and I think very good value for the price.
The new Pageplus 8 is well worth buying and I can recommend it.”

Mr R Hampshire

23 Mar 2015

“There are desktop publishing suites of software better than PagePlus but I rate this product 5 stars on value for money. Equivalent products are several times more expensive without being very much more productive in their use.”

Mr John Wakefield

23 Mar 2015

“I wanted to love this product so much... the interface is easy to use and truly inspires creativity. For small jobs it is an intuitive delight to use, and especially importing and working on a pdf file... magnificent!

But there are too many bugs for me to rely on PagePlus for large, complex jobs (in my case with 50+ interlinked text boxes it would randomly change line spacing from my fixed settings to automatic, and the program felt more 'unwieldy' the larger my complicated document became).

I certainly havent given up on it though. And for intricate projects of less than twenty pages I wouldnt hesitate to go back to it. It is a joy to use. My hope is that through updates the problems will be ironed out.

If you have only small jobs or simple large jobs, then I would definitely recommend PagePlus x8, it can not only do the job but also inspire you to do a BETTER job!”

Mrs Donna Croff
Altamonte Spring

20 Mar 2015

“I am extremely happy with Serif Page Plus X8. It does everything I want it to do. The guide book is excellent. And the tech support is amazing. So helpful!”

Mr Tiago Silva

25 Feb 2015

“I've used different publishing software over the time, and I am not a professional, I am a self learning and I work a lot with publishing software. PagePlus X8 is easy to use and extremely complete, with huge flexibility, for me is the best publishing software available.”

Mr John Lines

14 Jan 2015

“I have been using most versions of Page Plus for many years purely for amateur home use. Serif have of course been adding extra 'goodies' for each version a must buy of course!!!! However x8 is about as good as it gets for my purposes, particularly scanning from my wireless connected printer which previous versions would not. It does every thing I want, but I am unable to comment or recommend it for professional use although I can't think of any extras that anyone would want.”

Mr John Cocks

13 Jan 2015

“The book was smaller than I anticipated but it has excellent, clear and concise tutorials that only take a short time to complete. This provides a very good foundation and gets you off to a good start when using the software.”

Mr Robert Harvey

11 Jan 2015

“Upgraded the software because I have moved to Windows 8.

This is probably the best of Serif's offerings, although the original reason I bought it was for importing PDFs, which is no longer a unique selling point, and it still has trouble with some PDF features which is dissapointing after all these revisions. But it does what I need well enough.

The tools for proper DTP are very good, with text flow and linked boxes, and make for a very well laid out document in the hands of an expert, and a mess in the hands of an amateur. I think that Tables of Contents and Indexes are still too difficult.

Despite all the revsions and updates the programme itself looks very similar, and the improvements have been relatively minor. To some extent it started from a good place, so is still good enough, but with the advances in computing power and memory available I would have liked to see more innovation for something I have had to pay for over and over again.

I really dislike the need to make a registration phone call having given you money and recieved a licence code. It is merely a gimmick for tying to sell us more stuff, and quite objectionable.”

Mrs Adriana Slager
Tolna megye

8 Jan 2015

“I used InDesign for many years. For financial reasons I searched the internet for something else and after trying some other programs, I found PagePlus X8.
I really like it! It has many functions, but it is still not hard to learn. And this for a really good price. The tutorials are very good and when I need some help, I find it.
The forum users and the staff are also really wanting to help.
There are just two things I would really love to have in an update or a future version:
1. Hungarian language support
2. running headers.”

Mr Michael Abbott

6 Jan 2015

“Have used Serif Page Plus since almost B/W days version 3. The upgrades sometimes have been disappointing with very little changing or encouraging to purchase hence skipped a couple. I have just loaded PPX8 on Win7 64 and looking forward to get more out of the package with the layering modes which I think will be very interesting. I have done an Epub of a document and whilst it works fine on my IPad 2 we are finding it does not render correctly on a Galaxy Android, so some experimenting to done here. I have given it just 4 stars but only because of the small problem re Android. Five stars to the team at Serif for excellent after sales service.”

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