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Mr John Lines

14 Jan 2015

“I have been using most versions of Page Plus for many years purely for amateur home use. Serif have of course been adding extra 'goodies' for each version a must buy of course!!!! However x8 is about as good as it gets for my purposes, particularly scanning from my wireless connected printer which previous versions would not. It does every thing I want, but I am unable to comment or recommend it for professional use although I can't think of any extras that anyone would want.”

Mr John Cocks

13 Jan 2015

“The book was smaller than I anticipated but it has excellent, clear and concise tutorials that only take a short time to complete. This provides a very good foundation and gets you off to a good start when using the software.”

Mr Robert Harvey

11 Jan 2015

“Upgraded the software because I have moved to Windows 8.

This is probably the best of Serif's offerings, although the original reason I bought it was for importing PDFs, which is no longer a unique selling point, and it still has trouble with some PDF features which is dissapointing after all these revisions. But it does what I need well enough.

The tools for proper DTP are very good, with text flow and linked boxes, and make for a very well laid out document in the hands of an expert, and a mess in the hands of an amateur. I think that Tables of Contents and Indexes are still too difficult.

Despite all the revsions and updates the programme itself looks very similar, and the improvements have been relatively minor. To some extent it started from a good place, so is still good enough, but with the advances in computing power and memory available I would have liked to see more innovation for something I have had to pay for over and over again.

I really dislike the need to make a registration phone call having given you money and recieved a licence code. It is merely a gimmick for tying to sell us more stuff, and quite objectionable.”

Mrs Adriana Slager
Tolna megye

8 Jan 2015

“I used InDesign for many years. For financial reasons I searched the internet for something else and after trying some other programs, I found PagePlus X8.
I really like it! It has many functions, but it is still not hard to learn. And this for a really good price. The tutorials are very good and when I need some help, I find it.
The forum users and the staff are also really wanting to help.
There are just two things I would really love to have in an update or a future version:
1. Hungarian language support
2. running headers.”

Mr Michael Abbott

6 Jan 2015

“Have used Serif Page Plus since almost B/W days version 3. The upgrades sometimes have been disappointing with very little changing or encouraging to purchase hence skipped a couple. I have just loaded PPX8 on Win7 64 and looking forward to get more out of the package with the layering modes which I think will be very interesting. I have done an Epub of a document and whilst it works fine on my IPad 2 we are finding it does not render correctly on a Galaxy Android, so some experimenting to done here. I have given it just 4 stars but only because of the small problem re Android. Five stars to the team at Serif for excellent after sales service.”

Mr Milton Smith

4 Jan 2015

“It is a great product I use it everyday. All it needs is a "Nudge" button to move images and text boxes in tiny increments.”

Mr David Godfray

31 Dec 2014

“What great software I have been using Page Plus for a great number of years and now using X8 it's so easy t use a great interface I use it most days to make posters and Birthday and Christmas cards I like the mail merge features so I can make personalised cards with the persons name on it well done to Serif yet again for this great software keep up the good work David”


30 Dec 2014

“I have used PagePlus through many versions for years on the PC and found its features to be both powerful but easy to use. I must admit that I did convert to a MacBook Pro for a few years as my main computer and did miss my Serif products. When I saw Windows 8 I decided to get back to my roots and dust off my Serif collection.

In the couple of years I had been using other software Serif had been busy updating their range, adding powerful features, super charging the interface, and generally adding even more value. I now have PagePlus x8 installed on a Toshiba laptop running Windows 8.1 and it is defiantly the best yet. The software loaded all my old saved documents with the minimum of fuss, so that was a big plus. The new interface looks and works great and the base-line feature makes my projects look a lot more professional. I don't know if the move from x7 would be worth the extra cash, based on the feature list, but the jump from x4 as been a real bargain.”


27 Dec 2014

“I've really enjoyed designing latest book project with PagePlus.
Baseline grid and alignment is precise and way better than in MS Publisher. PhotoLab is handy, useful, quite powerful and fits my needs. While I haven't explored or even used plenty of other useful features I can clearly see myself using PagePlus in the future.

The only downside for me is the missing option to choose dark color scheme. While books have normally white background, it's much easier to focus on the content if you have dark workspace around. It's better for the eyes as well... I would give 4.5/5 rating if I could, just because of this - that's how much dark workspace is important to me.

I've created more than a dozen books with MS Publisher and I can say PagePlus excels in every aspect. If you're using MS Publisher try PagePlus. You sure won't regret it and most likely you'll be using PagePlus ever since ... it's just better.

My skill level with book design is semi-pro and I don't have much relevant experiences with InDesign or other desktop publishing products.

Overall great product and recommended.

Thank you Serif - just add dark color scheme please.”

Mr Sanford Ohren

22 Dec 2014

“Seems like an excellent product. I was so pleased that it was able to import a Newsletter format from a totally different Apple product with near perfect results. The tools are fantastic (far more powerful 5han Microsoft Publisher).

My main complaint is the skimpy instructions. A novice user needs much more guidance. The User Guide helps some, but there are so, so many more elements that need explanation, definitions, and instructions, especially on how to use the hundreds of available tools. I'm "getting there" through lots of trial and error, but wish there was more help available to speed the learning curve.

Another problem is system speed and computer resources usage: this is a MASSIVE program that really taxes my computer. It loads slowly, saves slowly, and can crash other programs or Windows itself if I have much more open when in use. My system is a respectful Win 7 Home & Office with 4G memory and a 3.12G dual processor, but resources usage runs 90+% when PagePlus is running.”

Mr. Michael Pemberton

20 Dec 2014

“I have used a number of versions now of Page Plus, and this is the best in my opinion. It seems to work more quickly, and whilst retaining all the familiar layout tools and working space, still enables one to create documents as needed. The print dialogue seems to have been improved as well. I cannot say how it performs with complex poster designs, etc., but I see no reason why it should not deliver brilliantly.”

Mr Steve Leach

12 Dec 2014

“I am (was) a long time user of Adobe InDesign, and while looking for software to replace it, came across PagePlus X8. It does everything I need, is quick to load, has proven reliable, easy to learn and is amazing value for the money. I like it so much I subsequently bought WebPlus, PhotoPlus and MoviePlus. The Serif Community Forum is helpful and friendly, and answers to questions are usually provided in minutes. I am extremely happy with PagePlus and Serif as well.”

Mr James F Poole

9 Dec 2014

“I don't know how to review the product at this stage. I use LaTeX for publishing, but tried Serif hoping for a better image handling experience. So far, I'm bewildered by the master page/template setup, and the tutorials, while charming, are not very helpful. And my publications are heavy with endnotes, and when I tried to insert endnotes, things soon went seriously awry. Importing my existing publications resulted in... well, a mess really. It looked easier to start over from scratch, if I ever figured out the page setup, than to try to fix the garbled imports.

I gave the product a 3 because the tutorials don't really show you how to do a document of any real complexity; they mostly point to things that are obvious from the menu. So, I think that could be improved.

But I'm sure, in the right hands, and for the right kind of publication, Serif Page Plus is a good product. But, I'm thinking it's maybe not for me.”

Mr Thomas Coxon

30 Nov 2014

“Just installed X8 to test it & loaded the master file (generated by X6 from an original created in X4) for the current production version of my website (over 100 pages). No errors. Generated it to disc - no errors (apart from some coding errors that X8 picked up on). Opened the HTML files and although I still need to check everything on every page, on preliminary checking it looks just fine.
The only down side that I've seen is that the HTML page size seems to have increased by about 7%.
Anticipating there would be a fair bit of work to do, I had planned to migrate the site over to X8 in the new year, along with implementing pages designed for mobiles. I'm now thinking of migrating the site to X8 & HTML 5 a whole lot earlier than that!!
To say that I'm impressed with X8, doesn't even come close!!!”

Mr bill lupton

12 Nov 2014

“I have been using every version of pageplus , Currently using 6 as I tried 7 and didn't like it and removed it. Unlike a previous reviewer who bought it and is dissapointed that she did not wait I borrowed it and tried X7. I have just recently bought 8 and am awaiting delivery, as I live in Ireland it takes anything up to 10 days to get a delivery from the UK, I have to say that the Serif after sales back up is second to none, they are the most helpful staff I have come across. One thing I did not like was when registering via phone was the sales pitch, I complained to the CEO Got a full apology and a bonus upgrade for free as compensation, that's why I will always buy their upgrades and give Serif 10/10”

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