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Ms Carol Homer

20 Apr 2015

“I recently was engaged to do a layout design for a gentleman who bought a printing business but knows nothing about it. He and his client liked what I did so much, the printer has been coming back to me repeatedly to do other projects for him on the side. I tried InDesign .... but went back to my old stand-by that I'm familiar with. Serif is so user friendly - so much so I don't lose my focus on the projects trying to figure out what secret little blocks in black can do or cannot do. I've been using Serif PagePlus programs for such a long time, I have a library of them all. Why I went to InDesign is beyond me. Serif is so much better.”

Mr Mark Scudder

20 Apr 2015

“Haven't been using this version long, but I have been using PagePlus since version one (Free version on the front cover of a popular computing mag !) and it continues to deliver. I used Mathtype with it during a computer science degree, which required a great deal of diagrams, math, tables etc, and through it all PagePlus was faultless, generating several small books on various subject areas, that I continue to add too today. PagePlus was capable of creating fairly complex graphics, with a bit of thought and careful use of layering. Master pages are useful for continuity in style, and Ver 8, extends this, which is a good idea. For my own use, some kind of reference management would have been really useful, but perhaps a later version. Images are also well managed, and basic editing is easy. I also found I could easily cut/paste from the following programs, which add considerable power to the DTP process, Photoshop, Turbocad, Excel, Mathtype and Maple. PagePlus formed the core around which these other programmes were used to create my publications, through PagePlus, the only limit is my imagination.”

Paula Johnson

18 Apr 2015

“Webplus x8 is absolutely brilliant. So easy to use. There are loads of resources that you're spoiled for choice
Just one complaint - I got the whole thing done and just needed one more thing - some way for customers to leave reviews of my products. Nothing. You can pop a forum in, you can have a "Shout-box" - but there is no specific item that enables a review of a product.
I've had to buy a little program that adds on, from another company, that's difficult to understand if you're not savvy with your internet hosting site (I was already registered with one so didn't use Serif's).
This would have got 5 stars but for that one thing. The ease of actually pitting the site together was remarkable but it was spoiled by having to get, for my ability, super technical with an add-on.”

Ms Lula Smith

16 Apr 2015

“The reason I gave Serif x8 such a low score is because I could have continued to use Serif x7 as there doesn't seem to be anything new in the upgrade. I wasted money on this one. I have been using Serif products for many years, but failed to see the improvement in this product that warranted an upgrade.”

Mr James Smith

16 Apr 2015

“This is a fantastic programme. I had the basic page plus and was asked to upgrade and so glad I did, so much more for the little to pay for the upgrade. Lots of useful features.”

Mr Faan Blom

16 Apr 2015

“Just started. Excellent and easy transition from X7”

Mr William Smith

12 Apr 2015

“A great DTP package which offers all the tools that are needed for producing great looking documents. Has the added benefit of have image editing built in. Compared to many similar packages it is fairly easy to get to grips with and learn the basics.

My only gripe with Serif software (I use WebPlus as well) is that it is slow to load and open documents. But my laptop is a few years old so on a newer machine things might be better.”

Mr Ian Farrell

10 Apr 2015

“This is an improvement from the previous version”

Ms Deborah Ward

9 Apr 2015

“Overall, our small company is very happy with PagePlus X8. We were able to supplement our documentation set with easy-to-read, graphic friendly quick start guides in a matter of days. PagePlus X8 supports both advanced functions, such as layers, and simple functions, like bulleted lists.

PagePlusX8 is easier to use than other high-end packages, like InDesign. If you have only used "home"-based packages like Printmaster, there is a learning curve.

We cannot give the package a 5-star review because the software crashed when we attempted to use the table feature. We were in a time crunch and worked around the table problem by setting up multiple columns instead.

I would recommend the product to anyone looking for a powerful page layout program at a reasonable price. Just stay away from the table features for now....”

Mr Kilaya Ciriello

6 Apr 2015

“I loved X7 and this version seems to the same plus more power, more key functions. This software is perfect for an independent self-publisher like myself.”

Mr Jerry Herr
Ocean Park

4 Apr 2015

“So far it is fine. I am learning how to make the changes to the templates and produce some real estate fliers, postcards, and info sheets for my partner. working good.”

Mr Mike Brown

2 Apr 2015

“Wow! What a great software program. So easy to learn. It blows the competition out of the water. I've used other Apple and PC products for years, but they can't compare to the simplicity and ease of PagePlus X8. If you want to produce eye catching marketing materials, signs, books etc. then this is the program for you. The price is great and the software is AWESOME! Great customer service and tutorials. You won't be disappointed in purchasing PagePlus X8.”

Dr Peter Olsen

1 Apr 2015

“Not a huge difference between this version and the previous version other than superior  handling of pdf documents and images. Still a superb desktop publishing software at great price.”

Mr Kim Naish

1 Apr 2015

“very good”

Mr Dennis Replogle
Lake Wales

28 Mar 2015

“Easy to use, makes great copy and has templates for everything I need to do for my group's newsletters. Always receive compliments because they look like professional printing not just copy paper put-together articles.”

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