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Customer Reviews

176 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.39 out of 5

Mr Christopher Malcolm

12 Nov 2015

“I am unable to give a good review, there is an element missing from swatches. I have been with you right from the beginning following the improvements up to X4. To be fair I have not gone through the program fully but I am yet to discover any real improvement.”

Mr Lee McGeorge

11 Nov 2015

“Great product.
I used a previous version of Pageplus (almost ten years ago) that I abandoned because the program frequently crashed when overworked. For years I've been using Adobe InDesign but the ever increasing cost of InDesign forced me to look again at Pageplus.
There was a learning curve over a few hours transitioning from InDesign to Pageplus X8 and several times I was slowed down by needing to Google how to do things, but within a few days I had it and my workflow greatly improved.
I'm happy to say that Pageplus is now every bit the equal to InDesign but at a fraction of the cost.”

Mr Neil Watson

5 Nov 2015

“Despite touting the improved PDF handling, PP still (after how ever many releases it has supported them!) still struggles with some files, reporting them as incompatible...
An example of a problem can be seen by printing a page with a pop-up window from Chrome (eg details of a Hertz rental vehicle) to PDF: the file just isn't understood and the pop-up window is corrupted.

A bit underwhelmed really...”

Mr Brian Vicary

4 Nov 2015

“I've been using Serif products for many years now and PagePlus X8 doesn't disappoint. It's easy, quick and full of great features! Many moons ago I used to use MS Publisher. It got the job done, but it was lumbering and the file sizes it produced were unbelievable. I changed to PagePlus 5 and never looked back. I have compared PP to Publisher from time to time over the years, just in case Microsoft had improved it, but I have never found anything to tempt me back.”

Mr Barrie Alford

3 Nov 2015

“All your software is excellent. Though I am still using PagePlus X4 for the small freely distributed christian books & tracts that I use (no commercial use). To build a better product must have been difficult for you. Have temporarily loaded PagePlus X8 on a smaller p/c (win 8.1) to become familiar with its features pre a p/c change later. Though when first loaded PagePlus X8 the hintline being unticked left the impression of missing but much needed tools, my apology for this error.
Hope this review is pleasing to yourselves, I am aware that much time & care is needed in such a quality product with its clean face & nice desk top appearance.
With all Best wishes from Barrie.”

Mr Brian Finney

3 Nov 2015

“PagePlusX8 is excellent in all the features tried so far. but the outstandingly useful feature is the ability to fully edit and adjust pictures that are within the text. This eliminates the need to remove, edit, then recover pictures when separate full colour and grayscale versions of documents are needed.”

Miss Merrilyn Macaulay
Western Isles

3 Nov 2015

“It's much too soon to comment adequately because I am in the middle of a long publishing job (60 page magazine) and look for consistency and reliability rather than all your fancy templates and tiddley bits. Picture handling seems reasonably good. I have been using Microsoft Publisher for years, since lovely Adobe PageMaker was stopped, and have found it, though suitable for what I need, so unreliable that I was desperate to find something better and Googled you. So far I am pleased but it is still early days so my review so far must be hesitant. I hope the eventual response will be "excellent" but I can't yet tell.”

Ms Deborah Nyberg

31 Oct 2015

“The program freezes and crashes frequently. I have a new computer, so I don't think it is the hardware that is the problem, although it gives me a message about the graphic settings when I open the PagePlus8 program. I have checked my settings and it doesn't seem as though I can change them to reflect the settings the program requires. My resolution is set to the highest.

Otherwise, I am very happy with the product

If it wasn't for the freezing and crashing, I would give it a higher rating.”

Mr Derek Green

31 Oct 2015

“So far so good not fully explored it yet.”

Mrs C Twentyman

30 Oct 2015

“Have not yet had time to use it much but so far I have found this upgrade quite an improvement on PagePlusx6. I am a fan of Serif products. Very user friendly compared to Microsoft Publisher. Certainly gives very satifactory results for a non professional user wanting to achieve professional results at a very competitive price.

However it did take rather longer than usual to arrive in the post.”

Mr John McManus

30 Oct 2015

“Best PagePlus version so far, easy to operate and understand, excels in usar friendly and instructions, positive actions”

Mrs Brenda Eberhardt

30 Oct 2015

“Program is great as always but I would be much happier if it was available in a Mac version. When oh when will this happen? Only then will I give it 5 stars.”

Mr Ian Cole
Arnac La Poste

30 Oct 2015

“I have been using PagePlus since PagePlus1 and have always been amazed at the power of the products, their ease of use and value for money. PagePlus x8 doesn't deviate from from this and remains great value for money.”

Mr Charles Woodley

26 Oct 2015

“I have been using PagePlus since Ver. 6 (maybe before?) and will continue to do so, although not happy about policy of Serif requiring user to purchase every update in order to get discount on subsequent new version. Best & most versatile product of this type for the $$. Used program to transcribe WWII diary with variable letter spacing, font & line sizes, miscellaneous marks & drawings. Each page was a great match to the original. Elements can be saved off printed area & reused on other pages. Great convenience.

Still has the same bug as previous versions:
1) Create document with internal hyperlinks (bookmarks) as well as external hyperlinks & save in *.ppp format.
2) From this *.ppp file publish as *.pdf . Hyperlinks are preserved.
3) Import/Open this *.pdf into PagePlux X8, edit and save/publish as *.PDF or #*.pdf. Bookmarks & hyperlinks are shown but only external links work.”

Mr Maciej Wiankowski

26 Oct 2015

“+ Everything that other software provides too
+ some extra tools making resulting in faster and easier work

- Won't export images over 64megapixels
- Supports only a small bunch of other software formats.

Over all great software for good price. I use it for a professional job. Highly recommended.”

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