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Customer Reviews

27 people who bought this rated it 4.04 out of 5

Mr Graham Davies
Canvey Island

19 Aug 2016

“Upgrade from PagePlus10. All except one thing is either as good or better. The exception is the Zoom menu where there are very limited options and it is not as accessible as in my earlier version”

Mrs Jayne Byrne

18 Aug 2016

“As usual a brilliant product from Serif and so easy to use.”

Mr Michael Cummins

17 Aug 2016

“i have only just installed and registered Pageplus X9 so I have not used it to create an PPX9 document yet. However, I have used the create from a PDF document, amend the document and re-save as a new PDF. Very slick - I like it.

Serif service on supply - excellent.”

Mr Peter Allen

8 Aug 2016

“Very disappointed that it appears that I cannot use mail merge how I require it to. For years I have used MS Publisher to produce address labels from an Access database (.mdb) which PP cannot use. I have read the help files and created a Serif database (.sdb) from an Excel.csv but this does not allow filtering and/or sorting of records. My database has over 100 records which typically I use as follows: at Christmas time I print a label for everyone and during the rest of the year I print labels either singly or in small groups for birthdays and anniversaries. To do the latter there is a field which is used to select the record if it contains a specified character (filtering). There are other fields used to sort the database (sorting). If it is actually possible to achieve what I require please advise me how to do it.”


2 Aug 2016

“I have always loved PagePlus and this new version, X9, doesn't disappoint. It’s very stable and putting together anything is quick and easy. So much so, that I am using this instead of another well-known program as PagePlus suits my workflow better.
Highly recommended”

Danny D

20 Jun 2016

“We've used PagePlus for several years and have found it a tremendous value. Our main focus is newsletters, pamphlets, and general advertising in printed form. Our original efforts were through Microsoft and Adobe software. Eventually, we switched to PagePlus because we felt Serif exhibited a far greater concern for flexibility, pricing, and user friendliness.

We have absolutely no problems running any Serif software. PagePlus X9 has been no exception. While we consider PagePlus X9 to be user friendly enough for a true novice, it certainly has the depth to satisfy those who use it on a daily basis.

PagePlus X9 has added many subtle changes that we strongly applaud: session printing selection retention, text layout refinements, etc. If you are serious about desktop publishing but either cannot or will not pay tall dollars for good desktop publishing software, we believe PagePlus is the only reasonable choice.

No, this is not an advertisement. It is a clear public statement that we applaud Serif for providing that in which other software producers seem quite disinterested. Thank you!”

Mr Vinson Tan

14 Jun 2016

“A very nice product and the X9 does deliver what i needed even IF the buggy pre-flight which always shows i have a problem is always there ... I hope somebody should fix this.”

Mr Edward Vollans

22 May 2016

“Very impressed.”

Mr Ed Johnson

13 May 2016

“Absolutely unusable. The tutorials show frivolous features (e.g., gradients for background photos), while failing to demonstrate essentials (e.g., how to add captions or expand a photo across two columns without disappearing). I tried using Serif's online support, but it wouldn't allow me to post a question.

About 30 years ago I started using PageMaker and Quark Express. I hoped PagePlus might be somewhat as usable, but it's not. I'm ready to give up and order InDesign.”

Mr David Copp

7 May 2016

“Improvement on X8”

Mrs Lorraine Atkins

3 May 2016

“I've liked and used PagePlus for years. The latest update to PagePlus9 is no exception. The interface, layout and buttons are all familiar and easy to use.”

Mrs Marjory Ormsby

28 Apr 2016

“Serif produce a very sophisticated very well featured desk top publishing programme. It is also user friendly and intuitive, compared to a market leader that I have also used. It may seem a bit daunting coming to it for the first time, because of the seemingly vast number of things it can do, but the basics are simple - certain features Toggle on and off. Click and Drag on shapes, tables, frames, and to highlight text. There are good context menus, and that very useful tool the undo button. I have been using Serif page since about iteration 3 I think, so have expanded my competence with the growth of the programme. I use it for all my general correspondence, having made templates for my letter heads and envelopes. Using templates is brilliant way of making items such as brochures, and I have modified them for many yeas to send personalised greetings, and event programmes. Its the best available in the price range and probably beyond. Use the tutorials it comes with and experiment, its really fun and rewarding. It has developed well into the professional range now so I hope it does not neglect its personal user base. I think it would be fair to say “Adobe InDesign -watch your tail feathers!””

Mr Eddy Bryan

22 Apr 2016

“Am very impressed with this latest version of PagePlus X9 from Serif stables: it's quickly loaded, fast in response, and much easier to use than other similar products. Furthermore, the help features (off and online) are just great... for simple folk like me!”

Mr J Blake

22 Apr 2016

“easy to use and good results.”

Mr Steve Davies

10 Apr 2016

“I have used a number of Serif products for a long time and find them excellent pieces of software which do exactly what they're supposed to do. PagePlus X9 is typical and has the advantage of a common user interface with other Serif products. It produces brilliant results, as do the other products. I'm not sure that the upgrade to X9 is a massive improvement on X8 and even less sure that it's worth the cost of upgrade. One real problem is more general in that Serif is heavily biased to sales and has a particular problem in that the upgrade prices in no way reflect customer loyalty to the brand. This was highlighted recently when, a couple of weeks after upgrading to PagePlus X9 and WebPlus X8 I received an email from Serif offering me both products at a reduced price - very annoying.”

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