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Simple document design

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3 people who bought this rated it 5 out of 5

Mr Mohammed Ali Kabani

17 Dec 2015

“I am engaged in professional printing & signage business for more than 8 years. I have been using PagePlus since its version X3. Last year I bought subscription for Adobe Creative Suite, and since it was annual subscription I could not quit inbetwen. So far I have paid 10 times monthly subscription than One time Pageplus price. Additionally I spent money and time to learn Adobe CC. Still in last 12 months, I have not been able to DESIGN ONE COMPLETE PROJECT using Adobe CC, whereas I am designing 8-12 projects every single day on PAGEPLUS. Some of my projects have been over 40-50 wide signage and vehicle graphics, and these have been effectively executed and completed with PagePlus.
Bottom line, PAGEPLUS is very very easy to use, has many tools that the CC provides or other suites provide, only easier to use on PP. With newer version promising exports in EPS files and more advanced PDF imports/exports I am willing to to buy the newer version soonest possible.
I recommend PP over other big name Creative and Graphic Suites.
Thanks Serif for this wonderful product of yours.”

Mr Randall Sandefur
Columbia, Tennessee US

15 Dec 2015

“I upgraded to PagePlus X9, while starting a music CD Digipak design project for some friends of mine.
I downloaded the CD publisher's template opened it in PagePlus X9 and went to work.
The software is very intuitive and the help file system is comprehensively organized, plus easy to reference, when needed.

Same as the other reviewer, I have full access to much of Adobe's software library, but, when it comes to 'getting the job done', I typically have less of a learning curve and more confidence in using the Serif software competing product.
This software is easy to navigate, I rely heavily on keeping the layers well organized and my frustration level remains low (while designing), which translates to a benefit of increased creativity and productivity throughout each project.
PagePlus X9 is very stable on the Win10 OS and the final results are nothing less than professional.

The final output PDF format, available in PagePlus X9, exceeded what the CD publishing CD requirements currently are.
I hope to soon be able to share a copy of the final results, that my friends and I achieved on their CD and CD Digipak design, while using this software. It simply speaks volumes for what the Serif team has been able to achieve to date, with this powerful software!

My friends/clients are ecstatic, that their CD looks as good as their music sounds and that makes me feel great!”

Mr Kurt Melander
Panama City

26 Nov 2015

“While I have access to both InDesign CC and Serif PagePlus X8, I find myself using PagePlus the majority of the time. The primary reason is native use of PDF format, why InDesign doesn't do this when PDF is an Adobe created specification is beyond me, but working with PDF coming into and out of PPx8 is indeed a huge time saver. I was pleasantly surprised at how much more intuitive PPx8 was than InDesign, for I was able to create similar designs faster in PPx8 than I could with InDesign CC. InDesign CC is an amazing program as well, but the learning curve to take full advantage of the most powerful features is extremely long in comparison to PPx8. In terms of value and Price vs. features, PPx8 wins hands down over InDesign - I've been a VERY happy user of PPx8 and look forward to upgrading to PPx9.”