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Customer Reviews

96 people who bought this rated it 4.53 out of 5

Mr Chris Wilson

4 Jun 2015

“Well; it's always been a good dtp program since I first bought the 3.0 version 'way back in whenever-it-was. It's cost me a good deal in updates since then for various go-faster stripes, but I suppose it's still worth it. Probably due to me mis-keying something, but the insistence on 10-pt space after paras is irritating.”

Mr John Moloney
Elkhorn, Nebraska

30 May 2015

“I started with X4 and appreciated its price, learning curve, capabilities and ease of use. My first use was for creating my school classroom science website. Serif has been able to improve on every edition since that time. Serif has also managed to not dig into the computer users pocket book like some of the competition has done (and is still doing and will continue to do so through "subscriptions" that eventually exceed outright purchase).

X8 has many remarkable features, not the least of which is the Base Line Grid. Awesome on the fly, global line and paragraph spacing. And Serif's adherence to the new EPUB 3 standard makes web page design, cross-platform creation a breeze.

Dealing with color tweaks in pages, for me, meant using web tools to figure out color values in images to make other parts of the schemes take on a similar look. Now X8 takes over that task (important if you happen to be in the great outdoors without wireless access. With the addition of the "clarity" feature within the product, you can put a little extra "zap" into pictures.

While I haven't explored things completely to this point, the additional PDF features and improvements are not nothing short of amazing and can't wait to try them out.”

Mr John Leonard

28 May 2015

“Haven't used Pageplus since x6 so took awhile to get into x8. But it was worth doing so. Some things are different in x8 then x6 mainly more choices. So more learning! (i'm 71 okay.) But already I'm realising the potential of x8. Guess you have to practice and remember. Ask me later in about six months what I think!
Better any other other similar programme I've tried.LOADS of help on line a manual.”

Mr Carey Harborne

28 May 2015

“Installed X8 a couple of weeks ago, not overly used it as yet. Familiar with older versions over the n years, have always looked it. Compared with Microsoft Publisher is more complex to use. However, it has many more features, templates (not a great fan of templates unless in a searing rush) and good technical support. Have often recommended Serif software when teaching, but schools have this narrow minded view about industry standards. In the next breath will complain about lack of money, yet will purchase far more expensive brands. Have come across a couple of schools with common sense though.

PagePlus in the right hands can give very professional looking publications far beyond the previously mention DTP.

So all out there who like to produce publications on a DTP, this is for you.”

Mr James Melvin

28 May 2015

“Excellent programme. DWISOTB!”

Mr Michael Goward

28 May 2015

“I have used Page Plus for many years,having been recommended by another long term user. It has always suited my purposes and the upgrades have always enhanced the product.”

David France
Udon Thani

28 May 2015

“I have just started a small business and I have found PP X8 to be an invaluable tool. It makes business card, leaflet / flyer design so easy.
Great product IMO.”

Mr Nick C

27 May 2015

“Page Plus X8 is a very good product. I have owned Serif products for over 8 yrs now and they consistently improve with each new version they put on the market and Page Plus X8 is no exception. Great tools to edit and create most anything you can imagine. I especially like the way it can convert PDF's and allow them to be edited. A great product with a good pricing. Tech support always answers if you call and they make sure your problem is solved.”

Mr A Brooks

26 May 2015

“I have used pageplus for a number of years but mostly for cards and the like. However pageplus 8 is such and advance I think I will be using it for most of my rojects instead of libre office. wonderful product”

Mrs Dianna Hart

23 May 2015

“So far, I have been able to o what I need in order to produce my documents. However, I am attempting to create a booklet and can't figure out how to collate the pages for front and back printing.

Can you help?”

Mr Douglas Carroll

21 May 2015

“PP X8 is a wonderful upgrade to an already super product. The inclusion of all the extras make it very easy to stay in the same program to acomplish you task.”

Mrs Philippa Highnam

21 May 2015

“The templates are excellent and enable me to create professional looking multi-page brochures in-house. I also like the ability to edit photos within the package.”

Mrs Lynn Fuller

18 May 2015

“Love Page Plus X8! Produces professional documents and brochures with a system that is easy to operate!”

Mr Alan Watson

18 May 2015

“Excellent package, straightforward & easy to use. Great templates to assist in assembling documents”

Mr william dixon

15 May 2015

“Been using PagePlus for just a couple of weeks after using Microsoft Publisher for years. PagePlus has been a mostly effortless changeover - the tutorials have helped quite a bit.
The Serif web site itself, however, is difficult for me; I've to find a way to purchase more Assets - I'm assuming they're available.
I am very happy and quite satisfied with PagePlus; it is such a step up from Publisher.”

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