What the press say about PagePlus

PagePlus continues to be well received by its users, journalists and tech bloggers. See what people have been saying about this fantastic design and publishing program!

“You can throw a design together in a few minutes using the templates, or you can take your time and create a truly unique design.”

PC Plus

“PagePlus continues to set high standards for home-publishing, bridging the gap between the hobbyist and small business that needs to produce professional-level publications at a low cost.”

Computer Active

“…the wealth of tools it puts at your fingertips makes this one of the best Desktop Publishing packages that we’ve seen.”

PC Site

“It's our recommended choice for home and small business DTP use, and gives the expensive industry standard juggernauts a real run for their money.”

PC Utilities

“This application allows you to do so much, yet it’s still easy to use, which is why we consider PagePlus to be the best desktop publishing software available.”

Top Ten Reviews (Gold Award #1 desktop publishing software)

“…the program has built up huge power over its long history, especially in terms of dedicated workspaces for story editing, logo design, photo handling, cut-out creation, book production and even basic 3D.”

PC Pro (Recommended award)

Best Desktop Publishing Software for Business Professionals. Best Desktop Publishing Software for Graphic Designers. Best Desktop Publishing Software for Personal Projects.

About.com (2010 Reader’s Choice Awards)

“An invaluable tool for creating professional publications easily.”

Micro Mart (Editor’s Choice award)

“The software supports nearly every imaginable output option, including four color separations, press-ready PDFs, double-sided printing, and Web publishing.”


Reviews based on PagePlus X5 & X6