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Compare PhotoPlus Essentials to PhotoPlus X5

If you need professional editing tools like a RAW studio and HDR Merge or features like 16-bits per channel editing and filtered layers, consider PhotoPlus X5. See how it compares:

  PhotoPlus Essentials PhotoPlus X5
Photo Fix
Easily perform common image corrections and adjustments
Display your photos on a Google map of the world
Filter Gallery
Preview and apply practical filters such as depth of field or transform photos into works of art
Adjust Curves and Levels
Take control of your photo’s histogram with freeform RGB curve editing and manage light and dark points
On-Screen How To Guides
Cutout studio for Extracting Objects
Filter Layers
Create Frame-by-Frame Animations
Customisable Keyboard Shortcuts
RAW Studio
Edit popular RAW file formats
HDR Photo Merge
Merge photos with different exposure settings
Individual RGB colour channel editing
High Colour Support
Open and edit 64-bit images (16 bits per channel)
True Grey Scale
Work on your Photos in a true 8 or 16 bit grey scale; Convert photos to Black & White and add effects that create classic, timeless masterpieces
True 16 bits per channel editing
Many edits are available in a mode that supports 281 trillion colours
ICC Colour Profiling

This list is not exhaustive, there are yet more features available in PhotoPlus X5 beyond the many found in PhotoPlus Essentials.